Hyein (NewJeans)

Quick Facts

Real Name Lee Hye-in (이혜인).
Also Known as Hyein NewJeans.
U.Jeong (유정).
Grace Lee.
Occupation Singer, Model, Dancer, Social Media Influencer, Content Creator, and Entrepreneur.
Age (as of 2022) 14 Years Old.
Birthdate April 21, 2008 (Monday).
Birthplace Incheon, South Korea.
Current Residence Seoul, South Korea.
Zodiac Sign Taurus.
Net Worth USD 1.5 million (approx.)
Qualification High School Graduate.
Alma mater Wannabe Academy.
Ethnicity Mixed (Asian).
Nationality South Korean.
Religion Christian.
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Hyein (NewJeans) is a well-known South Korean singer, model, dancer, social media influencer, content producer, and entrepreneur from Incheon, South Korea. Her real name is Lee Hye-in, and she was born on April 21, 2008, when she was 14 years old. This stunning young lady is well-known around the nation for her incredible singing and modeling abilities. She has also worked as a model for a variety of well-known companies and publications.

Hyein also worked with various well-known talent agencies in addition to this. Lee Hye-in reportedly used to be a part of the South Korean girl group USSO.GIRL for young children. She made her debut in the South Korean girl group NewJeans in August 2022.

Who is Hyein, a member of NewJeans?

On August 1st, 2022, this stunning singer, then 14 years old, joined the South Korean girl band NewJeans, which propelled her into the spotlight. Lee Hye-in is not just a social media influencer and model, but also a singer. She got her start in modeling at an early age.

Hyein is the member of Hyein(Source: Instagram)

She was formerly a member of the young female group USSO.GIRL in addition to this. In USSO.GIRL, she appeared from 2017 to 2018. She is currently concentrating on her modeling and acting careers. She gained recognition in August 2022 after admitting that she is a huge fan of BTS and TXT.


Hyein NewJeans was reportedly born and raised in Incheon, South Korea. Let me inform you that she was born on April 21, 2008, a Monday. Her zodiac sign at birth is Taurus. She is a practicing Christian. Her true birth name, according to the claims, is Lee Hye-in.

Young image of Hyein(Source: Instagram)

She is well known for her roles as Grace Lee and U.Jeong. Every year on April 21st, she celebrates her birthday. Lee Hye-in also has a high school diploma. Attending Wannabe Academy was her. She began her graduate studies in August 2022 at a reputable university. She has always been drawn to music and modeling.

Family & Parents

A well-established Christian family makes up Hyein NewJeans’s family. Her parents are from South Korea. Hye-in withholds all information about her parents and siblings, nevertheless. Her father reportedly owns and operates a business in South Korea.

Her mother looks after her online personas and accounts. Together with her brothers and cousins, Lee Hye-in was raised in Incheon. As soon as we learn more specifics about her family, we’ll let you know.

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Relationship Status

Lee Hye-personal in’s and romantic history are not properly documented. Lee Hye-in is reported to be unmarried (as of August 2022).

She is also right now concentrating on her modeling and entertainment careers. Lee Hye-in enjoys socializing with her friends and coworkers. Additionally, she shared several photos on social media of herself with NewJeans members.

Professional life

Young Lee Hye-in got her start in modeling. She has modeled for numerous regional children’s businesses. She has also made appearances in some ads in addition to this. After joining the young girls’ band USSO.GIRL, Lee Hye-in gained notoriety.

Hyein with newjeans members(Source: Instagram)

She performed with this ensemble from 2017 to 2018 for a whole year. In August 2022, she reluctantly became a member of the NewJeans South Korean girl band. Let me inform you that ADOR founded the band NewJeans.

The group consists of five people: Lee Hye-in, Minji, Hanni, Haerin, and Danielle. She fulfills the role of singer for this ensemble. Lee Hye-in is not just a social media influencer and model, but also a singer.

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Net worth & Source of Income

This wonderful woman earns a living from her vocation. She also makes money through modeling and paid collaborations in addition to this. In addition to this, Lee Hye-in worked with other renowned talent agencies. Hyein NewJeans’ net worth is reportedly about $1.5 million (approx.).

Interesting Facts

  • Lee Hye-in is her complete name as of birth.
  • Since 2022, ADOR has been her manager.
  • From 2017 to 2018, Lee Hye-in also worked with Kids Planet.
  • She is well known for her roles as Grace Lee and U.Jeong.
  • She has around 43.9K followers on Instagram (as of August 2022).
  • On October 22, 2019, she posted her debut image to Instagram.
  • She first appeared in USSO.GIRL on November 7, 2017.
  • She started modeling at the age of eight.
  • Additionally, she worked with EBS Bonihani.
  • She has also been highlighted in Style Magazine Mallow and Lemon Tree Magazine.
  • Lee Hye-in entered the entertainment business in 2014 thanks to Jumbo Kids Model Selection.
  • Her favorite color is purple.
  • She enjoys eating the homemade food provided by her grandmother.
  • Strawberry cream cake and rice soup are two of her favorite foods.
  • She enjoys BTS a lot.
  • She likes to read Harry Potter books in her own time.


  1. Who is Hyein NewJeans?

    She is a Singer, Model, Dancer, Social Media Influencer, Content Creator, and Entrepreneur.

  2. How old is Hyein NewJeans?

    She is 14 years old (as of 2022).

  3. What is Hyein’s net worth?

    $1.5 million (approx.).

  4. Who is Hyein’s boyfriend?

    She does not share any data about her current partner.

  5. Why is Lee Hye-in famous?

    As a member of NewJeans.

  6. What is Hyein NewJeans‘s real name?

    Lee Hye-in (이혜인).

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