Ian Schinelli

Nobody thinks that Ian Schinelli is currently more well-known than the K-Pop group. He is not an actor or a celebrity, but he is one of the people whose name and private life are currently the most searched online. When his lover Jana Rae exposed him to the media, the American man first entered the spotlight.

American singer, songwriter, and TV actor Jana Rae has become increasingly well-known as a result of her partnerships. In a similar vein, she began dating Ian Schinelli in January 2022, which drew attention from the media to her personal issues. In the meantime, Ian works as a fitness trainer and is a father. Let’s learn more about his biography in depth.


Somewhere in the United States of America, Ian Schinelli was born in 1985. His age as of 2022 is therefore estimated to be 37 years old. He hasn’t talked much about his parents, siblings, or other aspects of his early life. Ian, on the other hand, is an American citizen who is of mixed Irish and American ancestry.


In his hometown of Nashville, Ian pursued his schooling all the way through. Although we were unable to locate the precise names and places of the institutions and universities he attended, Schinelli was recognized as a bright student during his time in school. According to some sources, the trainer did attend a private high school and earn his degree from a prestigious American university.

American Fitness Trainer Ian Schinelli.(Source=Instagram)

How did He Start Career?

Ian is a charming young man who is enthusiastic about working out. He grew up always concentrating on leading a better and healthier life for both himself and those around him. Ian relocated to New York after finishing his higher education as a result, where he began working out and creating material to motivate others to exercise.

However, he went on to become more well-known after his illicit liaison with singer and actress Jana Kramer came to light. However, the trainer continued to lead a life at the gym and never considered giving up his hobby. Now working as a full-time personal trainer, Ian works with both celebrities and regular people who visit his gym.

What is the Relationship status of Ian Schinelli?

Ian Schinelli was once married, but he hasn’t spoken to the public about his ex-wife. According to several internet newspapers, the Navy Seal soldier dated a woman for two years during which time she also became the mother of his adorable young kid. Following the completion of his divorce from his first wife, Ian obtained custody of his daughter. He currently fills the crucial duty of a father in raising his daughter.

Ian Schinelli and Jana Kramer.(Source=instagram)

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Who Is Ian Schinelli Dating Now?

In addition, Ian began dating Jana Kramer, a stunning American actress and country music singer, in the latter half of 2021. However, the couple didn’t announce their relationship until January 2022. This information was released directly by Jana via an Instagram post in which she stated, “Sometimes you just have to stop fighting and start listening to your heart. Who, in all honesty, knows what the future contains, but man, it sure is good to discover happiness along the way?

In the meantime, Jana was married to Mike Caussin, his ex-husband. Jolie Rae Caussin, a daughter, and Jace Joseph Caussin, a son, are both of her children. One of the factors influencing Ian and Jana’s relationship is also her kids. At a birthday celebration held at One Tree Hill Alum, 38, Ian and Jana both met.

Are Ian Schinelli and Jana Kramer Still Together?

In the past, Ian and Jana were an undeniably attractive couple. They both have wonderful personalities, and even their children adored their new parents, Jana and Ian. But after their six-month romance, things started to go wrong. Jana, Ian’s girlfriend, accused him of having an extramarital affair. The Navy seal, however, also made accusations against his ex-girlfriend, labelling her toxic and manipulative. There is no longer a relationship between Ian and Kramer. Both are experiencing severe heartbreak, which has caused their relationship to terminate.

In a recent interview, Ian said that his side of the tale refuted every accusation Jana had made against him. I gave Jana my all, he said. Opened Up. I Was Exponential. Gave Her every aspect of my present and past. I even admitted my errors and apologized to my ex-wife. But now that I’ve left her because of her incredibly toxic conduct, all of the secrets I shared with her are being used against me.

Social Media

Only his Instagram is now active for Ian Schinelli. With only 398 followers and 15 posts, the popular fitness expert has amassed more than 32.2K followers on Instagram under the handle @ianschinelli. He doesn’t have any social media accounts on Twitter or Facebook.

How was te Networth Value of Ian Schinelli?

At this time, Ian has not disclosed his sources of income. It is therefore exceedingly challenging to give a precise estimate of his net worth. However, according to a US average salary survey, Ian might make between $56,000 and $60,000 while working as a fitness trainer. Jana Kramer, his ex-girlfriend, is expected to have a $2 million net worth in 2022.

What is the Physical Measurement of Ian Schinelli?

Ian is a tall, good-looking man who exudes charm. The charming man is about 80 kg in weight and 5 feet 10 inches tall. He has not yet given the media his physique measurements. Schinelli, on the other hand, has hair that is a similar dark brown tint and a set of dark brown eyes.

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