Ilima-lei Macfarlane

Quick Facts

Full Name Ilima-Lei Macfarlane
Date Of Birth 1990, April 2
Place Of Birth Honolulu, Hawaii, United States
Nick/Pet Name The Iliminator
Religion Christian
Nationality American
Ethnic Belonging White
Father’s Name Walter Macfarlane
Mother’s Name Not Available
Number Of Siblings Not Available
Education San Diego State University
Zodiac Sign Aries
Age 32 Years Old
Height ‎5 ft 5 in (1.65 m)
Weight 125 lb (57 kg; 8.9 st)
Eye color Brown
Hair color Black
Shoe Size Unavailable
Body Measurement Unknown
Figure Atheltic
Marital Status Un-Married
Boyfriend Jason Tupuola-Aiono
Children None
Occupation Professional mixed martial artist
Net worth $100 thousand to 1 million (Approx.)
Salary $85,000
Active Years 2014 – Present
Pets Kope Macfarlane-Kunitomo
Current works Bellator MMA
Social Handle InstagramTwitter
Last Update July, 2022

Anything a woman wants to be, she can be. No amount of work will diminish her femininity. Ilima-lei Macfarlane can attest that this statement is now true.

American mixed martial artist Macfarlane competes currently in the flyweight category of Bellator MMA.

Ilima-lei Macfarlane‘s age, height, weight, biography, and net worth are all covered in detail in this article.

Ilima-lei Macfarlane | Body Measurements

Ilima was born on April 2, 1990, which makes her 32 years old as of 2021. Additionally, she is 5 feet 5 inches (1.65 m) tall and weighs roughly 125 lb (57 kg; 8.9 st).

The proportion of Macfarlane’s height to weight represents her athletic build. She has also developed core muscles while having a very low body fat percentage.

As a Brown belt in 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu and a combatant, maintaining a healthy, well-built body is essential. Additionally, her current physique is ideal for achieving the objectives she has set.

Ilima is a stunning and powerful MMA fighter with lovely brown eyes and thick, luxuriant hair. She also has lovely teeth and a seductive smile.

Ilima’s allure to the entire audience is not just due to her attractiveness. She is similarly talented, skilled, and knowledgeable inside the ring, not to mention that.

And She has a number of distinguishing qualities, including composure, drive, and zeal. She also has a strong willpower and is a front-runner like a true Aries.

The horse is Ilima’s Chinese zodiac animal.

The Early Life, Family, And Education of Ilima-lei Macfarlane

On April 2, 1990, Macfarlane was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, in the United States. Walter Macfarlane is the name of her father.

The fighter’s nationality is American because she was born to Americans. She is also a member of the native Hawaiian white ethnic group.

Macfarlane, Ilima-lei

The excellent warrior was raised in a devoted and considerate household. Her parents were equally as supportive of her.

In addition, she was raised in Honolulu, Hawaii, where she attended Punahou School and graduated in 2009. Ilima continued her education by studying anthropology at San Diego State University after that.


In 2013, the flyweight competitor earned her bachelor’s degree and decided to pursue further education. The MMA fighter additionally studied at SDSU for a Master of Arts in Liberal Studies with a focus on indigenous themes.

In her youth, Ilima kept busy by playing basketball. Her in-game goals, however, were put on hold due to a knee injury.

Despite receiving a student stipend from Menlo College to compete in wrestling, Macfarlane turned it down. The athlete wanted to shed a few extra pounds she had put on over the summer before graduating.So she signed up for a gym. She was fortunate enough to join Liz Carmouche’s MMA gym and become familiar with the MMA scene.

Her interest in and curiosity in mixed martial arts grew as a result. She continued the training at the San Diego Combat Academy as a result.

Ilima-lei Macfarlane | Career in Fighting

Series of Xplode Fights

Ilima began her amateur MMA career in 2014. Additionally, she was unbeaten in amateur competition. Throughout that year, this strong girl competed five times, primarily in the Xplode Fight Series.

In addition, Katie Castro was the opponent in the athlete’s first official professional match. For Xplode Fight Series, that is.

It only took Macfarlane ten seconds to win via technical knockout.

Following this unlicensed MMA fight, the California State Athletic Commission (CSAC) launched an inquiry into the venue’s unauthorized MMA activities.

The match’s video was repeatedly circulated online due to how popular the fight was. The video was dubbed “Soccer mom loses to MMA fighter” by many sources.

The video also became popular, receiving over a million views on YouTube. Additionally, it spoke on a few television news channels. Before her fight with Ilima, Katie had a 0-2 overall record.

MMA Bellator

Ilima signed a three-fight deal with Bellator MMA as a result of the meeting with Castro.

She competed in her debut match at Bellator 141 in August 2015. MacFarlane defeated Maria Rios in the match with a split decision.

After winning the first match, the athlete competed against Amber Tackett at Bellator. After that, Ilima prevailed in the opening round through armbar submission.

The fighter beat Rebecca Ruth in her ensuing match, winning once more. Similar results were obtained by Ilima in the following round using a standing rear-naked choke.

Macfarlane thought the win had reached new heights. She went on to win every match after that. The Hawaiian defeated Emily Ducote in their matchup by a margin of victory that was unanimous.

In the preliminary round, she also faced Jessica Middleton and won by submission with an armbar.

World Champion at Flyweight in Bellator

The Bellator Women’s Flyweight World Championship was introduced at Bellator 186 with a rematch between Emily Ducote and Ilima.

A successful armbar in the fifth round gave the rugged Hawaiian the victory and the main MMA championship.

Ilima then faced Alejandra Lara to make her first flyweight championship defense.

Ilima won the match by armbar in the third round.

In Honolulu, Hawaii, where Valérie Létourneau was raised, she assaulted her.Macfarlane also successfully defended her title. By defeating Létourneau in the third round, she accomplished this.

The MMA champion also fought fiercely against Veta Arteaga and Kate Jackson.

Due to the doctor’s stoppage in the third round, she prevailed via TKO. Moreover, everyone agreed to fight Kate.She signed a ten-fight, five-year extension lead contract with Bellator, according to Macfarlane.

The following bout for the undefeated boxer Ilima was in 2020 against Juliana Velasquez.

Ilima-lei Macfarlane Career Achievements

Ilima is the fighting jiu-jitsu champion. She has successfully defended four championships in Bellator MMA and is also the current flyweight champion of the organization.

Macfarlane ranks second in terms of submission victories. That is unique to Bellator MMA history.

She also shares a tie with Michael Chandler and Neiman Gracie on top of that. She also holds the record for the most victories in the history of the Bellator division and among women.

The world champion women’s flyweight in Bellator is currently Ilima. Macfarlane was also named the 2018 Breakthrough Fighter of the Year by

Ilima-lei Macfarlane: Employment, Salary, and Assets

Ilima-Lei, the current undefeated MMA empress, amassed name recognition, notoriety, and wealth throughout her professional mixed martial arts career.

She has a deal with Bellator MMA, which is thought to be her primary source of income.

Her career earnings to date have been $85,000.

Her exact financial worth and earnings as of 2022 are being examined. However, it is believed that the extraordinary athlete would earn between $100,000 and $1 million.

Ilima-lei Macfarlane: Personal, Marital, and Family Life

Father and children

Ilima-Lei Macfarlane, 28, and her fiance Jason Tupuola-Aiono are currently engaged. They intended to exchange vows on April 1st, 2020.

The wedding of Macfarlane and her future husband was scheduled to take place in Jamaica on a day that would have been as significant as a holiday for the Bellator champion.

The promising pair had a protracted break in the titleholder’s California hometown of San Diego.

However, a coronavirus epidemic put a stop to life in many American cities. Consequently, the idea of a huge wedding celebration didn’t seem as exciting.

Unlike Tarsis Humphreys on her Instagram. He is her fictitious boyfriend, spirit guide, and training companion, according to Ilima.A number of infant photos are also shared by the athlete. She even added this to one of them:

After this trip home, I’ve got baby fever, so don’t even look at me unless you want to be a stay-at-home dad.

Individual Life

She is a tough activist in Hawaii, where she was born and raised. Ilima performs Halau Hula Olana and keeps her Hawaiian heritage close to her heart.

Always striving for equality, Ilima. Macfarlane also wants to inspire young ladies via her “Iliminator Scholarship.”

It offers young native girls, aged 12 to 18, travel chances, cultural enrichment opportunities, and ethnic knowledge opportunities.

Macfarlane, Ilima

Macfarlane has personal objectives in addition to her philanthropic endeavors. She also wants to take care of herself following her session.

Ilima is also considering buying a house for her and her dog. She is also putting a lot of effort into starting her studentship program.

The majority of the flyweight competitor’s time is spent in the gym practicing for fights. She is a powerful woman with a down to earth personality as a result. She always has our support.

 Ilima-lei Macfarlane in social media

The MMA fighter is quite active across a variety of social media channels. As a result, Macfarlane has a sizable following on Instagram.

She identified herself as a pineapple princess in her Instagram bio. In addition, the athlete has made a connection between it and her scholarship program.

The unbeaten MMA champion recently shared numerous photos of herself and her fiancé, Jason.

She has also made a number of brand endorsements aside from that. The champion fighter similarly promotes them in her stream.

She despises ice baths, which is something we discovered on her feed. She penned,

There are a lot of options here. Being psychologically or physically unsound did not help me win the world championship. Ice baths, on the other hand, are not among the things I can perform. Only delivery strikes me as worse than this, but at least I’d be in warm water.

Her stream also contains some contentious posts.For instance, the picture in which she is puffing on a marijuana pre-roll. She also said that until she received one, she was unaware that cannabis rolls existed.

She doesn’t really know how to smoke them correctly, according to Macfarlane.In fact, it appeared as though she was promoting that item. Ilima also brought up discount codes.

The mixed martial arts fighter’s Twitter handle is @ilimanator, and her Instagram handle is @ilimanator.

Common Queries:

When does Ilima-lei Macfarlane fight next?

The MMA fighter played her last fight against Juliana Velasquez. Moreover, the match was her first and only loss in the entirety of her MMA career. Currently, her next fight date is not determined.

How good is Ilima-lei Macfarlane?

The athlete is an exceptional MMA fighter. Moreover, she has won 11 of her 12 professional fights at the Bellator event and Xplode Fight Series – Fire.

Likewise, she is the winner of the Bellator Women’s Flyweight World Championship. Macfarlane also won the inaugural EBI Women’s Flyweight Championship.

Lastly, she has outstanding winning records in Combat jiu-jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts.

Besides that, Ilima has received several honors for her excellent skills as a professional mixed martial artist and boxer. 

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