Imani Duckett

Quick Fact sof Imani Duckett

Imani Duckett is an American actress who shot to prominence in the year 2020 after playing the part of Luna in the film Open. She is well known to the general public for her work in the entertainment industry.


The complete form of her given name is Imani Guy Duckett. Imani was born in New York, New York, on March 28, 1999. She was born under the sign of the Ram, Aries, and she is an American citizen. Imani was born and was reared in the United States of America by her parents, Terrence Duckett and Jasmine Guy.

Guy with her daughter Imani Duckett.
Image Source: Jasmine Guy’s Instagram @iamjasmineguy

Imani’s mother is Jasmine Guy and her father is Terrence Duckett. She didn’t have to strive in any manner to have a happy upbringing, get a decent education, or lead a successful life because she comes from a family that has been prosperous for a long time. You may also like to know about Andrew Jacked.

Educational Qualification of Imani Duckett

Imani Duckett has yet to give detailed information on her educational background or her pursuit of further education, despite the fact that her family has been thrust into the public eye for some time.

Duckett is posing for the photo.
Image Source: Imani Duckett’s Instagram @imani.guy.d

However, it is logical to presume that she attended a top high school and college given the rank and money of her mother. But we are aware of her areas of concentration.

What is the Net Worth of Imani Duckett?

Regarding Imani’s entire net worth or salary, there hasn’t been a recent update. She currently resides in America with her parents and leads an opulent lifestyle, on the other hand.

Duckett with her cat.
Image Source: Imani Duckett’s Instagram @imani.guy.d

Jasmine, her mother, has also accrued a $4 million total net worth. Open’s Imani Duckett has received one credit on IMDb for her performance. She also has one personal credit for the television documentary program Unsung Hollywood. Like Imani Duckett, Nicole Pena Pretelini and Iman Tayla Shumpert Jr. are well-known celebrity daughters.

Who is the Mother of Imani Duckett?

Jasmine Guy is an American actress, singer, and director who is also a dancer. Dina in the 1988 movie School Daze and Whitley Gilbert-Wayne in the NBC Bill Cosby spinoff A Different World are two of her most well-known performances. She gained a significant lot of fame from these two roles.

Jasmine Guy is posing for the photo.
Image Source: Jasmine Guy’s Instagram @iamjasmineguy

She was born in Boston, Massachusetts, in the United States, on March 10, 1962, and has a birthday on that date. The Reverend William Guy, her father, and Jaye Rudolph, her mother, are both employed in the religious sector. She moved to New York City at the age of 17 to attend the Alvin Ailey American Dancing Center for her dance training after finishing her secondary studies at North Atlanta High School.

Who is the Father of Imani Duckett?

From the United States of America, a well-known person by the name of Terrence Duckett was born. He has American citizenship as a result of the fact that he was born in the country in the year 1962. The details of his birth day, including the precise hour, are still unknown.

On any social media network, Terrence has not yet shared any information about his parents. American citizens gave birth to and raised Terrence Duckett there. Along with that, he used to spend the majority of his time in his hometown with his friends.

High-achieving ex-husband Jasmine finished his primary and secondary school in his hometown. After that, he went to a prestigious college and graduated with a bachelor’s degree there. Additionally, he has already acquired a highly valued degree from the University of Lowa, where he is currently continuing his higher education.

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Who is the Husband of Imani Duckett?

Imani Duckett, despite being well-known, likes to maintain a low profile. Although there is no proof that the gorgeous actress Imani is dating or associated with anyone else, there is also no evidence that she is unmarried.

Imani Duckett prefers to keep a low profile.
Image Source: Imani Duckett’s Instagram @imani.guy.d

Either she is single at the moment and focusing on her career, or she is attempting to hide her relationship status from the public.

Parents of Imani Duckett

Jasmine Guy is not dating anyone right now. In August 1998, she was married to Terrence Duckett. The couple welcomed a daughter called Imani on March 28, 1999. They seemed to be having a good relationship, but they were unable to keep it going for too long.

Jasmine Guy with her ex-husband Terrence Duckett.
Image Source: Viza ca magazine’s Instagram @vizacamagazine

This couple filed for divorce on April 8, 2008, after ten years of marriage, citing irreconcilable differences as the reason. She divorced and currently resides in Atlanta, where she and her daughter spent the most of their formative years.

Controversies surrounding Imani Duckett

Imani Duckett is a person who is not frequently the focus of rumors and has not yet been associated with any controversy that has received public attention. She also tries to keep as much of her personal life out of the spotlight as she can, which helps explain why reports about her aren’t often true.

Body measurements and social media

Imani Duckett is an attractive actress who is 167 cm (5 feet 6 inches) tall and has wonderful black eyes that match well with her black hair.

Imani Duckett is posing for the photo.
Image Source: Imani Duckett’s Instagram @imani.guy.d

Contrary to what has been said previously, Imani Duckett is one of those people who rarely discusses a wide range of topics in public. She has largely kept her personal life a secret. She also doesn’t have a single verified Instagram profile using her name. Imani has always shared a lot of intimate details regarding her daily activities.  You may also like to know about Carin Kingsland.