J. Brandon Rodriguez

Among many celebrity kids, J. Brandon Rodriguez is one of them who came to the limelight because of his association with a wealthy celebrity family. He is the son of entrepreneur and restaurateur Jimmy Rodriguez and his partner, Michael Michele Williams.

J. Brandon Rodriguez Individual Life

On December 21, 2004, J. Brandon Rodriguez was born to parents Michael Michele Williams and Jimmy Rodriguez. Following the birth of Brandon, the couple’s three-year romance came to an end, and Michele never got married. J Brandon Rodriguez will turn sixteen in 2022.

Jimmy Rodriguez and Michele Williams, his parents, first became romantically involved in 2003. Sadly, after having a son together, the couple split up in 2005.

J. Brandon Rodriguez, Jimmy, and mom Michele.
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Their breakup’s cause is still a mystery. After a month, Jimmy and his partner revealed the name of their son. Jimmy Rodriguez is the baby’s father, it has been announced.

However, there are rumors that Jimmy has a history of assaulting women. For instance, his previous union to Elaine Rodriguez ended in violence and was investigated by the authorities. Despite their separation, Michele and Jimmy are frequently seen spending time with their only kid, Brandon. You may also like to know about Majah Hype.

J. Brandon Rodriguez’s Wealth Statistics

J Brandon Rodriguez is not currently working on any projects. He is still basking in the pleasures his parents worked hard to get. Jimmy Rodriguez, Rodriguez’s father, is a New York-based restaurateur and businessman in the food industry.

The millionaire runs the renowned Don Coqui Restaurant in New Rochelle, which serves real Puerto Rican food. Jimmy started out by hawking goods from the continent.

Jimmy Rodriguez, Michele Williams.
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A well-known actress in both television and movies, J. Brandon’s mother. Many people fell in love with Michael Michele after seeing him in movies like How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days and Gossip Girl (2011). (2003).

Miss Williams joined the Hollywood fraternity in 1991, appearing in the films “New Jack City” and “Private Times” on television. The Following and The Blue Bloods are a couple of her other acting credits.

Short Bio of J. Brandon Rodriguez

On December 21, 2004, J. Brandon Rodriguez was born in New York City, USA. His parents Michael Michele and Jimmy Rodriguez only have the 16-year-old. The grandson of Theresa Williams and Jerry Williams is J. Brandon.

What is the Net Worth of J. Brandon Rodriguez?

Currently, J. Brandon Rodriguez is not engaged in any projects. He actually keeps enjoying the luxuries his parents have acquired. Jimmy Rodriguez, Rodriguez’s father, is a restaurateur and chef in New York.

J. Brandon Rodriguez

Selling Continental meals on the streets was how Jimmy first started his company.

J. Brandon Rodriguez with his mother ( Source: Pinterest)

The mother of J. Brandon is a well-known TV and movie actress. After appearing in movies like Gossip Girl (2011) and How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, Michael Michele became well-known (2003).

In 1991, Miss Williams made her acting debut in Hollywood, starring in the movies “New Jack City” and “Private Times” on television. The Blue Bloods and The Following are a couple of her other acting credits.