Jackie Robinson

Quick Facts

Full Name Jack Roosevelt Robinson
Date of Birth January 31, 1919
Birth Place Cairo, Georgia, U.S.
Nick Name Dark Destroyer, The Colored Comet, Jack-Jack, Jackie the Robber, J-Rob
Religion Christianity
Nationality American
Ethnicity African American
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Death Date October 24, 1972 (aged 53)
Death Place Stamford, Connecticut, U.S.
Height 5’10” (1.8 meters)
Weight 205 lbs (98 kg)
Hair Color Grey
Eye Color Black
Father’s Name Jerry Robinson
Mother’s Name Mallie (McGriff) Robinson
Siblings Four; Mack Robinson, Edgar Robinson, Willa Mae Robinson, Frank Robinson
Education John Muir High School (Pasadena, California)
Pasadena Junior College
University of California
Washington STEAM Multilingual Academy
Marital Status Married
Wife Rachael Robinson (m. 1946)
Kids Three children; Jackie Robinson Jr. (1946–1971), Sharon Robinson (b. 1950), and David Robinson (b. 1952)
Profession Former baseball player
League Major League Baseball (MLB)
 Bats and Throws Right
Affiliations Kansas City Monarchs
Brooklyn Dodgers
Debut and Last Appearance Debut: 1945 (MLB) and 1947 (NL)
Last Appearance: 1956
MLB Statistics 141 home runs, .313 batting average, and 761 runs batted in
Net Worth $6 million
Last Update July, 2022

Jackie Robinson played professionally in Major League Baseball for a time (MLB). Jackie has accumulated a $6 million net worth via his profession as an athlete and since then.
Here, we’ll talk about the world in which he lived, his way of life, his income, and his overall net worth.

How much money does Jackie Robinson have? Income and Value

Jackie Robinson presently shows a $6 million net worth, according to the sources. Let’s take a look at his contracts and previous earnings.

On April 10, 1947, Robinson inked his first MLB contract with the Brooklyn Dodgers. The agreement, which gave Jackson a yearly payment of $5,000, is still on public display today.Indeed, Jackie began a magnificent legacy, one that even Martin Luther King Jr. acknowledged: “Jackie Robinson launched the Civil Rights Movement, not me.”

They did, in fact, auction off his contract in 2017 for up to $36 million. But going back to his wage days, Jackie’s highest career earnings were in 1952, when he made $39,750.

Robinson signs his baseball contract.

If we value that income in the present, it comes to $3,80,000. Thus, he has a total career income of $2,96,000 from salary alone.

Arena after Retirement

Before starting any of his post-retirement projects, Jackie held the distinction of being the first black employee of an American company. while he was Chock full o’Nuts’ vice president of people.

He also contributed to the NAACP’s $1 million Freedom Fund Drive during this time.

And He also spent some time to combat his health beside it. He then started working as a commentator for Major League Baseball Game of the Week broadcasts on ABC.He was the first person of colour to act in this situation as well.

The next year, Jackie was appointed general manager of the Continental Football League’s Brooklyn Dodgers. He did a good job of continuing it for a while before returning to his part-time pundit job.

He did, however, collaborate in Montreal Expos telecasts in 1972.

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Theatrical Appearances

Despite the fact that Jackie Robinson has only ever played himself on film once, many of these performances are made in his honour and to tell his narrative. We have included a list of some of his on-screen portrayers here.

  • Movie “The Jackie Robinson Story” was released in 1950. (portrayed by Jackie, himself)
  • “A Home Run for Love,” an ABC television special from 1978 (portrayal by John Lafayette)
  • The Court-Martial of Jackie Robinson, a 1990 TNT television film (portrayal by Andre Braugher)
  • The 2016 PBS film “Jackie Robinson” (voice-over by Jamie Foxx)
A Jackie House-based motion picture

The “Jackie Robinson House” is currently a historical site. In the Brooklyn neighbourhood of New York City, it is situated at 5224 Tilden Avenue.

To elaborate, Jackie purchased the brick duplex with two stories in 1947. In 1976, it was designated a landmark. The house’s façade shows a porch with a wooden railing and a metal awning.

Home of Jackie Robinson

Jackie initially paid monthly rent for the top two levels of 5224.According to the sources, Jackie’s six-acre property in Stamford, Connecticut, was by far his largest asset at the time of his death. They reportedly constructed it around 1995.

Help and Charity

Jackie Robinson has been speaking up for the black community and for equality since the beginning. Jackie’s bereaved wife established a charitable foundation in his honour after he went away.

Robinson Foundation for Justice

In 1973, Rachel Robinson, Jackie’s wife, established this nonprofit. By providing chances and scholarships to underprivileged students of colour, it seeks to support youth.

Jackie Robinson with his family

They provide a four-year curriculum as an example to help people develop their skill set. Well, the programmes include community service, worldwide travel, comprehensive leadership training, and professional mentoring.

This foundation has provided $26 million in direct financial help and $85 million in programme support to date. Additionally, they have given out 1,500 scholarships simply across the country.

A quick look at Jackie Robinson

He  had a modest household. Rachael Robinson, his wife, worked as a nurse. Regarding Rachael, she was the director of nursing at the Connecticut Mental Health Center as well as an assistant professor at the Yale School of Nursing.

  • Jackie Robinson Jr. (1946–1971), Sharon Robinson (b. 1950), and David Robinson were the couple’s three children (b. 1952).
  • The awards and recognition given to Jackie Robinson are listed below.
  • Appearance on three different postage stamps released by the USPS in 1982, 1999, and 2000.
  • Jackie Robinson Field is the name of a baseball stadium in Pasadena.
  • $325,000 Ralph Helmick, Stu Schecter, and John Outterbridge bronze sculpture
  • The “Jackie Robinson Award” has replaced the National and American League Rookie of the Year Awards.
  • All four major league baseball teams retired Jackie Robinson’s 42nd jersey number.
  • On April 15—known as “Jackie Robinson Day”—players are permitted to wear the number 42 in remembrance of Jackie Robinson.
  • At One Hudson Square, there is a Jackie Robinson Museum and Learning Center.
  • The NAACP’s Spingarn Medal awarded in Robinson’s honour
  • Ronald Reagan awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, and George W. Bush awarded the Congressional Gold Medal.
  • Jackie Robinson Ballpark replaced City Island Ballpark as the stadium’s moniker in Daytona Beach, Florida.
  • 4319 Jackie Robinson was given an asteroid in his honour.
  • His rookie season jersey brought $2.05 million when it was auctioned off.