Jalicia Nightengale

Jalicia Nightengale is an American model who is renowned for her distinctive appearance and color. She is also known as the funniest workaholic in the entire modeling world. She gained notoriety in the modeling competition “America’s Next Top Model,” which was held in Switzerland, as a black woman with brilliant blue eyes. The woman had to go through a real path of struggle, rejection, and ultimately acceptance. But today we’re going to learn about Jalicia Nightengale’s net worth.

Jalicia Nightengale, 29, was raised in Bridgetown, Barbados, where she was born. Grace Nightengale, her devoted mother, and her father, an artist, all played a part in her upbringing and helped her become the capable and diligent person she is today. The model graduated from high school with honors alongside her sister Janai Nightengale and brothers Adam Nightengale.

Quick Facts

Full Name Jalicia Nightengale
Date of Birth 1993
Birth Place United States of America
Nationality American
Occupation Model and Actress
Height 6 feet (1.82m/182cms)
Weight 60kgs (132lbs)
Net worth $800,000

Who is Jalicia Nightengale?

American Model and Actress Jalicia Nightengale(Source: Instagram)

It was challenging for Jalicia Nightengale to grow up in a typical black African family; in addition, she frequently came under harsh criticism for being unusual due to her appearance and crystal-like eyes. However, the woman turned the table. Jalicia rose to fame as a result of her distinctive blue eyes and dark complexion. In 2022, she began her career as an Instagram model with more than 82.6K followers.

What about her romantic situation? her husband?

Nightengale favors maintaining a quiet, non-public personal life. It is therefore unclear whether or not the model is attached romantically. Although the names of these guys have not been made public, it is rumored that she has had prior relationships with males. Jalicia Nightengale is the same way—she has never been married and has never had a kid.

Professional life

Jalicia started modeling when she and her ex-boyfriend relocated to Switzerland for his profession. After leaving high school and coming in Switzerland, she started her career as a professional model and entered the world of fashion. She started submitting her images to “America’s Next Top Model” in Switzerland. She was initially turned down, but after persevering, she was finally chosen. After being selected, she participated in the competition and moved on to the Swiss Fashion Television Model Search finals.

As a result, she gained celebrity very away and got the media’s attention. Later, she took a trip from Switzerland to the UK and then to France to study French. She is currently represented by personal model management company New Version Models. She actively supports the cause while also endorsing models with dark skin tones. Also She wants to dispel the notion that white is associated with beauty and black with ugliness.

Jalicia Nightengale has served as a model for companies like Montce Swim, Stein Lifestyles, and Change Fashion through her social media accounts. She has dabbled in acting as well, playing an Amazon warrior in the mythical “Themyscira” and the American superhero movie “Justice League,” which also stars Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Gal Gadot, Jason Momoa, Jeremy Irons, and Connie Nielsen. Additionally, she disclosed that she made a brief cameo appearance in the 2017 American epic space opera movie “Star Wars: The Last Jedi.” Jalicia Nightengale claimed in an interview that she intends to model up until the age of 30, at which point she intends to pursue an acting career.

How much money will Jalicia Nightengale have in 2022?

In addition to having a fantastic body and stunning crystal blue eyes, Jalicia has recently solidified herself as a supporter of the LGBT Community. Additionally, the woman has been working with modeling agencies and designers like Lauren Austin to test out their best-designed clothing line, City Angels. She was hired as the brand ambassador for Montce Swim by a well-known company as a result of her success on American Top Models.

Jalicia Nightengale Net Worth in 2022(Source: Instagram)

She has developed into a well-known figure who has also made appearances in acclaimed Hollywood films like Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Themyscria, and Justice League as an Amazon Warrior. Jalicia Nightengale’s projected net worth as of July 2022 is $800K, according recently updated data. An astounding sum given that the Justice League actress is currently in the eleventh year of her career.

She began her career at the age of 18 and has since worked with Scouts Models Agency and New Version Models. The woman made money and gained notoriety by acting as a brand model and boosting their sales. Currently, Jalicia is working with The Arts Club in London.

Annual Salary

Jalicia’s annual compensation typically ranges from $32,000 to $45,000. However, the lady bills between $15,000 and $25,000 based on the standing, contract, and reputation with the modeling agency. When Jalicia was employed by the Scouts Models Agency, her pay was $20,000.

Jalicia Nightengale Painted her Face in support of the LGBT Community(Source: Instagram)

Similar to this, the blue-eyed model who later became an actress made a respectable living. Her earnings from her parts in Star Wars and Justice League have ranged from $30K to $50K. Nightengale, a married woman, exchanged wedding vows with Che Hebson, a British musician, in 2012.

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