Jamel Herring

Quick Facts:

Full Name Jamel William Herring
Nick Name Semper Fi
Age 36 years old
Height 5 feet 10 inches (178cm)
Weight 64 kgs
Horoscope Scorpio
Date Of Birth 30th October 1985
Birth Place Rockville Centre, New York, United States.
Religion NA
Nationality American
Ethnicity Afro-American
Hair Colour Black
Eye Colour Black
Skin Colour Black
Marital Status Married
Wife Jennifer Dickerson-Herring
Kids Karen Herring, Stephen Herring, Ariyanah Herring (Death 2009), Jamel Herring Jr., Jazmyne Herring, and Justice herring
Father’s Name Michael Herring
Mother’s Name Jeannie Herring
Siblings Unknown
High School Longwood Central School District
University Longwood Central School District.
Graduated Year NA
Profession Mixed Martial Artist
Division Lightweight, Super featherweight
Net Worth $1.5 million
Salary NA
Social Media FacebookInstagramTwitter
Last Update August, 2022

American boxer Jamel Herring, also known as Semper Fi, competes professionally. He is one of the fighters who left a lasting legacy of encouragement for everyone.

Herring saw many highs and lows in life, yet he never let his passion for boxing go; he truly is a unique individual.

Jamel is among the best boxers in the world in terms of commitment, power, and speed. Since May 2019, he has been the WBO junior lightweight champion.

In addition to this, Jamel is the 2016 All Marine Boxing Hall of Fame inductee. The professional wrestler has won numerous accolades up to this point.

Highlights On Jamel Herring Married Life

The legendary boxer Jamel is very content with his romantic life. He has been happily married to Jennifer Dickerson-Herring for some time. She is a beautiful woman.

Dating- Marriage

Childhood pals Jamel and Jennifer, his ex-girlfriend who is now his wife, are close. They have spent more than 20 years together as a pair.

Jamel and his sweetheart decided to be married after being together for a very long time, embarking on a new chapter in their relationship.

On September 26, 2015, they vowed to be the best husband and wife to one another.

Since then, whether it’s been a happy or sad day, Jamel and Jennifer have been each other’s biggest supporters.

How Many Children Does Jamel Herring Have?

In 2004, Jamel had the opportunity to talk about his first fatherhood-related experience. It was the moment Kamren Herring, his child, entered the world.

Later, in 2007, he and Jennifer experienced luck when Stephen Herring was born.

Ariyanah Herring was born in 2009, Jamel Herring Jr. in 2010, Jazmyne Herring was born in 2013, and Justice Herring was born in 2017.

Unfortunately, Ariyanah, Jamel’s daughter, passed away the same year that she was born. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome was identified as the departed person’s condition (SIDS).

Jamel Herring Daughter’s Death

With every breath, Jamel Herring thinks about his late daughter, Ariyanah. She was a true godsend and pillar of support for the entire family, but especially for the boxer.

Despite the fact that Ariyanah was still a baby, she was showered with love, blessings, and optimism. But until August 2009, the young soul was unable to experience the same feelings.

Jamel Herring holding his late daughter, Ariyanah, in 2009.(Source=Instagram)

Every time Jamel thinks back to his daughter, he still dwells.

Similarly, those times weren’t joyful; they were full of grief, regret, false hope, and other negative emotions.

Imagine the situation of the powerful parent who tried virtually everything to revive his daughter but was unable.

The boxer sprinted to Jennifer in May 2009 as soon as he heard her scream. Jamel attempted CPR on the deceased Ariyanah since she was found to be out of breath.

They finally contacted an ambulance after several failed tries. His memories of the hospital chairs and his crazy thoughts still give him the chills.

Jamel also breaks down anytime he remembers the doctor saying,

“I’m sorry to say we lost her, but we do.” SIDS had caused her death.

The fighter then experienced excruciating pain.

Impact On Jamel Herring

Following the passing of his daughter Ariyanah, Jamel grieved for a very long period. He frequently held himself accountable and regretted his failure to intervene on her behalf.

It was the last thing he could do for the deceased soul, though.

Jamel also stopped training since he used to spend days staring up at the ceiling. He lamented for over a year. The boxer lost contact with a lot of family members as well as his Marine comrades.

However, Jamel eventually saw that his daughter would not appreciate him being the same. Additionally, the late Ariyanah would have been devastated to see his father give up on everything.

So, on July 27, 2012, the boxer summoned his composure and arrived at the London Olympics as the team captain for the United States of America. Coincidentally, it was also the third anniversary of Ariyanah’s passing.

Childhood,Family And Education

Every 30th of October, Jamel Herring blows out his birthday candles. Jamel William Herring was his given name when he was born in Rockville Centre, New York, in 1985.

The boxer is 35 years old as of the time this article was written. His zodiac sign is Scorpio because he was born in October.

Family And Early Childhood

Father Michael Herring and mother Jeannie Herring gave birth to the boxing champion, Jamel. The boxer is very private about his family, so it is impossible to find any information on his parents.

According to the article, Jamel’s mother remarried a different man.

The decision to emphasize Jamel’s youth was wise. Additionally, he avoided engaging in any negative influences like drug use.

Detail On Jamel Herring’s Education

Jamel attended the Longwood Central School District in order to pursue higher education, to talk about his educational background. It is situated in Suffolk County, New York, in Brookhaven Town.

Jamel obtained his advanced degree from the Longwood Central School District as well.

What is the Physical Measurement of Jamel Herring

As for Jamel’s physical attributes, he is fair-tall. The boxer is 5 feet, 10 inches tall at the pillar (178cm). And 64 kilograms is his listed weight.

Jamel’s chest, waist, and hip measurements are likewise kept a secret.

Jamel Herring Other Info

Jamel is an American citizen by virtue of his American birth. He is also of Afro-American descent.

How was the Networth of Jamel Herring

Naturally, the world champion is wealthy. He makes money through competing in several championships. He makes millions of dollars because he is one of the top ten junior lightweights competing today.

Jamel Herring reportedly has a net worth of $1.5 million.

The fighting commission also offers a sizeable sum per battle, along with bonuses. Within the organization, they do, however, frequently allow the fighters’ earnings to decline.

Additionally, he makes money by endorsing brands like Adidas.


Jamel is a millionaire and has a ton of automobiles for trips. He also leads a lavish lifestyle in his enormous estate.

Unfortunately, there is no official disclosure of the specifics of his personal property.

Jamel Herring Journey As Marine Cops

In 2005, Jamel joined the United Nations Marine Corps. Fallujah was his first area of operation. He dabbled in his boxing once his term was through.

Jamel participated in the All Marine Corps boxing team competition in January 2006. He even competed against Jesse Vargas, a previous world champion.

Jamel nevertheless travelled to Al Taqaddum in 2007 to perform his Marine Corps obligations. And he soon came back in 2008. While a Marine, the boxer competed in various national tournaments.

Professional Boxing Career

On December 8th, 2012, Jamel entered the professional ring. For the finest training and job opportunities, he even moved from Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, to Cincinnati, Ohio.

By battling Masayuki Ito in May 2019, Jamel had won the WBO junior lightweight championship.

Jamel also has a history of winning the majority of his fights. As of the time the article was written, he had won 22 out of a possible 24 fights.

Awards And Recognition

Jamel has made his mark on the World Championship. The winner took part in many tournaments while he was still a member of the United Nations Marine Corps.

Jamel, for instance, placed second at the 2010 World Military Games. And at the Armed Forces Championships, he won the gold medal (2011 and 2012).

Jamel is also a 2012 U.S. Olympian. Since 1992, he was the first Marine in active service to be eligible for the tournament.

Social Media

Facebook: jamelherring

Social media: Jamel Herring

Twitter: JamelHerring

Unknown Facts About Jamel Herring

  1. Jamel Herring’s reach is 70 inches (178 cm).
  2. His fighting weight class is Super Featherweight and Lightweight.
  3. Jamel’s stage name is Semper Fi. It is the Latin phrase that always means loyal or always faithful.
  4. The Semper Fi (Jamel Herring) is ranked as the world’s fourth-best active junior lightweight as of November 2020. It was evaluated by The Ring and the Transnational Boxing Rankings Board.
  5. Plus, BoxRec ranked Jamel at the ninth position in terms of the world’s best active junior lightweight.
  6. Jamel’s stance is Southpaw.
  7. As of 31st December 2020, Jamel has about 32.3k followers on his Instagram account. And he has shared 762 posts.
  8. Plus, 6.8k people follow him on Facebook.
  9. Similarly, Jamel has about 19.7k followers on his Twitter as of writing the article.

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