Jamison Pankey

Quick Facts

Birth Date October 14,2008
Full Name Jamison Pankey
Birth Name Jamison Pankey
Nationality American
Ethnicity Christian

Jamison Pankey is a celebrity child of Peter Gunz and his wife, Tara Wallace. Peter is an American Rapper who released several albums.

Similarly, Jamison’s mother, Tara, is also an American rapper and Reality Television Star. Jamison was born on the 14th of October, 2008, in the United States of America. His birth sign is Libra.

How was Pankey Early Years?

“Juice” is another name for Jamison. His parents still use this moniker. Together with his two younger brothers, he was born and raised in the USA. Among all of his brothers, he is the oldest. Jamison, Tara Wallace’s oldest child, is said to be the loveliest and most honorable of her children.

He comes from an established, well-educated family, so he doesn’t have to worry about getting a good education or being able to meet his basic necessities. He is having a fulfilling childhood.

Family Information

Jamison was born to famous parents Tara Wallace and Peter Gunz. They are both established rappers. Kaz Pankey and Gunner Ethan Pankey are Jamison’s brothers. Additionally, he shares two identical sisters with his stepmother, Cori and Bronx Gunz.

Tara Wallace, Jamison Pankey’s mother, and his two younger brothers. Image sourced from Instagram

According to Tara Wallace’s Instagram photos, Jamison, the famous kid, and two of his brothers are quite close. The oldest of all of his siblings, he is the oldest. He recently moved in with Tara Wallace, his mother.

How much is Pankey Net Worth?

Jamison Pankey is too young to begin a professional career at this time, so he doesn’t engage in any professional activities or job. He is totally dependent on his parents and is enjoying his childhood.

His fame currently pales in comparison to that of his parents. Due to their success and fortune, Tara and Peter have built a comfortable and secure life for themselves and their kids.

How much is Jamison parents Net Worth?

American rapper Peter Gunz is well-known and has amassed a respectable fortune through his work. He is among the wealthiest rappers in the country. His estimated net worth is $500,000 or such.

Due to her perseverance and commitment to Peter’s profession, he has earned such substantial wealth. She has received a lot of money, popularity, and success as a result of his work in the music business.

Tara Wallace, the mother of Jamison Wallace, is a well-known American actress and reality television star. She enjoys a respectable income thanks to her excellent work. Her net worth is thought to be in the neighborhood of $100,000.

She and her kids appear to reside in a lavish home. She hasn’t, however, disclosed any financial details.

Who is Jamison Father?

The well-known American rapper Peter Gunz. After releasing his debut album, “Make it Reign,” he achieved fame. in the hip-hop group “Lord Tariq and Peter Gunz.” In The Bronx, New York, in the United States, he was born on January 6, 1969.

Jamison Pankey with Peter Gunz, his father, in a park. Image sourced from Instagram

Peter Gunz goes by Othello as his solo rap alias, while his real name is Peter Pankey Sr. He has five kids in total—twin daughters from his second girlfriend, Amina Buddafly, and three boys from his first girlfriend, Tara Wallace.

Who is the Mother of Jamison?

Tara Wallace is a rapper and actress from the United States. Taranasha Wallace is her true name. She was born in Mississippi, USA, on September 20, 1976. She has also made an appearance on “Love and Hip Hop,” an American hip-hop program. Virgo is her zodiac sign.

Tara gained notoriety for her participation in the film “Melinda.” Three sons from her ex-boyfriend Peter Gunz are a blessing for her. Since she was a young girl, she has been interested in acting and music.

What is Jamison Education Level?

The specifics of Jamison’s education are unknown. He could be seeking a secondary degree. His academic background has not yet been made public knowledge.

But due of his mother Tara Wallace’s strictness with his education, he used to read for twenty minutes every day before going to school.

Jamison Pankey was examining a book from Junior Scholastic. Image sourced from Instagram

He comes from a respectable household, and both his mother and father have advanced degrees. In other words, he will have the opportunity to pursue an excellent education and a promising future.

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Is Jamison active on social media?

Young celebrity Jamison Pankey is well-known. He isn’t on any social networking sites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or others as a young person.

However, Jamison’s parents are active on several social media platforms, despite Jamison not having any accounts. On their social media platforms, they previously posted articles about their family.

Tara Wallace utilizes a variety of social networking sites. She spends the majority of her time on Instagram rather than any other social media platform. She has more than 1.3 million followers on Instagram, where she has 4,868 posts available, and she goes by the handle @iamtarawallace.

Additionally, Tara is active on Twitter. She has over 155.5K followers and 305 followings on her @iamtarawallace account. On her Social account, she primarily shares videos on skincare and images of her sons.

Relation Between Jamison’s Parents

For thirteen years, Tara Wallace and Peter Gunz were romantically involved. Up until Tara found out that Peter was having an affair with Amina Buddafly, their relationship was stable. Despite the fact that he was still married to Amina, Tara and Peter were rumored to be in a relationship.

The love triangle developed over the course of four seasons, with both women being pregnant at the same time. As a result of Buddafly moving on, the couple is now divorced. Raising her three sons has been Tara’s latest focus.

Social Media of Jamison’s Father

Peter Gunz, Jamison’s father, is active on a variety of social networking sites. Additionally, he spends more time on her Instagram than on other social media platforms. You can find him on Instagram under the handle @petergunz174, where he has over 884 thousand followers and 5,014 posts.

Peter is active on Twitter as well, though. She has over 192k followers and 465 followings on his account, @iamPeterGunz.

Tara Wallace Life After Divorce

Tara Wallace  a well-known American rapper and reality television star, is no longer dating. She might be concentrating on her boys’ careers. Peter, her ex-husband, appears to be seeing someone else, but Wallace is a proud single mother of two sons.

It was discovered that Tara is working as a manager in a well-known restaurant in the downtown meatpacking district to support her children after her divorce. She did not begin her profession in a reality show.

What is Pankey Height and Weight?

With his black hair, dark eyes, and round face, Jamison Pankey has a really charming appearance. He has personality traits with her mother.

His parents have not disclosed his height or weight because he is a child. He has a really healthy and fit appearance. Jamison regularly practices yoga and other forms of exercise that are appropriate for kids while they are with their parents.