Jason Raich

Facts of Jason Raich

Full Name Jason Raich
Nationality American
Birth Country United States
Ethnicity Caucasian

Jason Raich is a Marketing consultant at Stay-at-home parent. He is currently residing in Beverly Hills. After he was charged with the crime of assaulting Canadian Asian lady Jennifer Chan, Jason came to the limelight.

How was Raich early and academic years?

The internet is devoid of any information regarding Jason. He hasn’t provided any information regarding his upbringing. Likewise, since he has not disclosed his date of birth, his zodiac sign is also being examined. The marketing consultant has to be a native of Beverly Hills, California. He appears to be of white ethnicity. Chen’s sibling claimed that he was Caucasian.

When asked about his educational history, he declined to say which educational facility he attended to obtain the expertise. Jason has kept his academic credentials a secret. He must have attended the neighborhood school in his hometown for his primary schooling.

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What is Raich Height, Weight, And Appearance?

Infamous Jason has not revealed his own physique measurements. There is no information on the actual body counts. He has gained a little weight and appears to be getting older.

The scanty picture of Jason that is online shows him to have white hair and a broad forehead. Although his eye color is unknown, he does wear spectacles.

Relationships | Family

About Jason, nothing reliable is known. He only gained notoriety as a result of his wrongdoings and criminal behavior with the Asian Canadian woman. In addition, he has kept his personal affairs quiet and has been effective in concealing all of his affiliations.

It is known, nevertheless, that he has two children who attend the same school as Chen’s child. His dating status and marital situation are still unknown.

Jennifer Chen – Victim

Jenniffer Chen while shooting the video
Source: biographymask

Asian woman from Canada named Jennifer Chen charged Jason with assault. In her 30s, Jennifer Chen. Her godson attends the same school as the marketing consultant’s children. There isn’t much information accessible on Jennifer because she hasn’t made it public.

Career and Professional Life

Jason Raich is currently employed as a marketing consultant at Stay-at-home parents in his native Beverly Hills, according to his LinkedIn profile. From 2010 through 2016, he held the positions of Social Envi’s founder and Head of Strategy. Similar to this, from 2004 to 2009, he spent five years as Manager and Social Media Marketing at Myspace. He also spent two years working at Intermix Media as a project manager.

There is nothing else known about him than this. He has maintained a secret profile and hasn’t let any of his private information peek through the curtain.

Controversial Assault

After being charged with assaulting a Canadian woman named Asia, Jason gained global attention. As a result, Jason, a resident of Beverly Hills, was held accountable for the occurrence. Asian Canadian woman Jennifer Chen, 30, hails from Canada.

He received criticism for running into her in a shopping center parking lot. An incident happened at The Balcony in Beverwil on September 15, 2021, around 4:25 p.m. Jennifer Chen attempted to get out of her car when it all began. He was constantly blowing his horn behind her as a result. At that point, she was going far too slowly for anyone to even consider giving up.

Jason is captured on camera yelling and walking toward her car. Even though he denied assaulting her, she later followed and recorded the man while her face was still bleeding. She claimed that as a result, she was troubling him.

When he arrived at the school, she joined her friend in confronting the suspect. The assaulter was recognized by the school staff as Jason Raich, who was 43 years old at the time of the event.

Arrest of Raich

In relation to the assault, Jason Riach has not yet been found.

According to reports, Chen reported the incident to the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD). “Call her as soon as a detective is appointed,” officials have promised.

Jennifer, on the other hand, is alleged to have experienced stress as a result of the incident. She said he suffered a concussion, a lip laceration, a toothache, and multiple broken tooth roots.

The assault happened so quickly that Chen had no idea what was happening. She asserted, however, that Riach cursed at her and yelled, “F***ing Asians.”

For his alleged transgressions, Chen is now requesting that Jason be handcuffed. She has also requested help from the larger Asian community.

Social Media

There are no social media accounts for Jason. No reliable accounts of him could be discovered. After his controversy, he may have deleted all of his social media accounts. He gained notoriety in the media and has faced a great deal of hostility from individuals all around the world. And He does, however, have a LinkedIn account. He has more than 500 contacts on LinkedIn. The URL to his LinkedIn profile is provided below.

It’s also unknown if his family uses social media because he hasn’t given any information about them. He is not well known for doing noble actions.

Similarly, the Asian girl from Canada does not have a legitimate social media account, either. Chen, however, created a Go Fund Me account to solicit support. Over 8,000 of the target 25K USD have already been raised by the profile. The video that Jennifer shot was uploaded to YouTube through Chen’s sibling’s youtube channel. The account has 26 subscribers and goes by the name Chen Michelle.

Racism Charges

Jason appears to have a problem with racism. He was purportedly charged with racism. Many have labeled the incident a “hate crime” against Asians. Riach might face a variety of charges if he is proven guilty.

Before hitting her, Riach allegedly yelled, “F***ing Asians.”

For his alleged transgressions, Chen is now requesting that Jason be handcuffed. She has also requested help from the larger Asian community.

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What is the Net worth of Raich?

Jason Raich has kept his exact net worth a secret. There is no information available regarding his earnings, possessions, or other details necessary to calculate his net worth. He probably does make a nice living, though. He drives a stylish gray automobile.

His professional work is his main source of revenue. He is a stay-at-home parent who works as a marketing consultant in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, the United States of America. He has also held managerial positions at a number of other places in the past. In addition, he founded social envi and oversaw its strategy. Despite his ups and downs, it can be considered that he leads a comfortable existence.

The Asian Canadian woman Jennifer Chen has likewise withheld information that may be used to estimate her personal worth. Her car ownership is all that is known. She keeps her employment and compensation a secret from the general public.