Jayne Posner

Quick Facts

Full Name Jayne Posner
Birth Name Jayne Posner
Profession Former School Teacher/ Celebrity Ex-Wife
Nationality American
Ethnicity white
Birth Country United States
Gender Identity Female
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Divorced
Spouse Neil Diamond (m.1963-div.1969)
No Of Children 2
Height 172 cm
Networth 500000
Education Studied at Abraham Lincoln High school
Religion Christianity

Jayne Posner rose to prominence after marrying a famous singer-songwriter, actor, and composer. He is none other than Neil Diamond, who won millions of hearts through his outstanding songs. Besides this, Jayne is a former school teacher.

The celebrity’s wife was born in the United States. She likes to keep her personal life hidden from the public view. Hence, she has been quiet about her actual age and the identities of her family. Furthermore, she studied at Abraham Lincoln High school.


Jayne Posner was born in the United States of America. She has, however, given very little information to the media. She has not revealed her exact birth date in the media. As a result, her zodiac ios is also a fact to learn. Jayne is a Christian, according to her religious beliefs. She was also born into a Caucasian family. Aside from that, there is no information available about her family history. Her father’s and mother’s names and other family details are still being researched. We will inform you about her family history in the near future.

Moving on to her educational background, Jayne graduated from Abraham Lincoln High School. Furthermore, her other academic credentials remain a closely guarded secret in the media. We will notify you once a thorough review has been completed.

Celebrity Ex-Wife: Jayne Posner

Jayne is most known as the first wife of Neil Diamond, as Neil Leslie Diamond, a prominent musician, singer, and songwriter.

Jayne Posner is the first wife of Neil Diamond, an American singer, songwriter, and musician.
Photographer: Getty Images

Neil, an 80-year-old best-selling artist, has been active since 1962. He has sold over 100 million records worldwide. Sweet Caroline, I Am…I Said, Forever in Blue Jeans, and more classic Diamond tunes include Neil has also appeared in films and television shows such as Mannix, The Jazz Singer, and Saving Silverman.

 Professional Life

Posner may now be engaged in professional activity, from which she may be earning a good living. She is likely to be involved in other business ventures that she has not disclosed publicly.

Jayne is best known as Neil Diamond’s first wife, as Neil Leslie Diamond, a well-known musician, singer, and songwriter. Neil, a best-selling artist of 80 years, has been active since 1962. Furthermore, Neil has sold more than 100 million albums worldwide. Sweet Caroline, I Am…I Said, Forever in Blue Jeans, and many more are among Diamond’s hit songs.

Neil Diamond and Jayne Posner Divorced

Jayne Posner was happily married to her high school boyfriend, Neil Diamond. They had been together for a long time before marrying. However, the first meeting between the two has remained a mystery.

Jayne Posner and Neil Diamond divorced on November 25, 1969.
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After a few years of dating, the couple elevated their relationship from girlfriend to husband and wife in the presence of their loved ones in 1963. Neil and Jayne had two gorgeous kids, Marjorie Diamond and Elyn Diamond, from their marriage. Unfortunately, their love did not continue, and they divorced on November 25, 1969, after separating in 1967. Posner and Diamond are not together, although their children see their father frequently.

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Following the Divorce

Jayne Posner had not been engaged or married since the divorce. She has also kept herself away from the spotlight.

Neil, on the other hand, married two other women. Diamond married production assistant Marcia Murphey on December 5, 1969, after a few days of divorce.


From 1969 through 1995, Neil Diamond was married to his second wife, Marcia Murphey.
Photographer: Getty Images

Jesse Diamond and Micah Diamond were Neil and Marcia’s two kids. However, like his previous marriage, his second marriage did not last a lifetime. In March 1995, the couple divorced.

Diamond lost half of his fortune, totaling $150 million (€107.9 million), as a result of the divorce. It is still one of the most costly divorce settlements in Hollywood history, surpassing those of Steven Spielberg, Michael Douglas, and Paul McCartney.

On April 12, 2012, the Sweet Caroline singer married actress Katie McNeil in Los Angeles. McNeil and Diamond were previously engaged on September 7, 2011.

The husband-wife couple has had a strong bond since their wedding day. However, the couple has yet to have children. They have been having a good marriage.

What is Jayne Posners net worth?

Jayne Posner, a celebrity wife, has a net worth of around $500 thousand. Haleigh Hughes, on the other hand, has a net worth of $300,000. She may have made a substantial sum of money as a former schoolteacher.

Posner may currently be engaged in professional activity, from which she may be earning a substantial sum of money. She is most likely involved in other businesses that she has not publicly revealed.

Her ex-husband, Neil, on the other hand, has a stunning net worth of $200 million. His entire riches came from his job as a singer and composer. He also owns a $7.25 million Malibu Beach home with five bedrooms, a Jacuzzi, a balcony, and a pool.

What is Jayne Height and Weight?

In terms of body measurements, the former schoolteacher and celebrity wife has a healthy and well-shaped body. However, she has kept a low profile in the media and her personal information private from the media. Jayne has beautiful dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. Aside from that, no accurate information reveals her body shape and size. We will notify you once she has revealed her body measurements in the media.