Jeff Cavaliere

Quick Facts

Birth Date June 28,1975
Full Name Jeff Cavaliere
Profession Fitness Expert/Trainer
Nationality American
Birth Country United States
Gender Identity Male
Sexual Orientation Straight
Horoscope Cancer
Marital Status Married
No Of Children 2
Height 172 cm
Weight 85 kg
Networth 7000000
Education University of Connecticut
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Twitter Link Twitter Link
Insta Link Insta Link

Among the top social media fitness gurus, Jeff Cavaliere is a name we must mention on our list. He is an American fitness expert and personal trainer best known for his YouTube channel, AthleanX. Jeff is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist by the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA).

As of September 2020, Cavaliere’s channel has over 10 million subscribers. Also, he is a former head physical therapist for the New York Mets. Fans are curious to know about his personal life, so we present to you some of the lesser-known facts about Jeff.


Jeff went to The University of Connecticut and got two degrees there. He got his Bachelor of Applied Science in Physioneurobiology in 1997. In the same way, in 2000 he got a Master’s degree in physical therapy. He also has a certification from the NSCA. Jeff played on a few sports teams when he was in high school. He liked to play baseball and soccer, and he also liked to lift weights. In 2009, Cavaliere set up the Athlean X program.

About the family

Jeff was born in Connecticut, in the United States, on June 28, 1975. In 2020, he will be 45 years old. Cancer killed his mother when she was 57 years old. Jeff’s dad pushed him to play sports and be active.

Jeff was too skinny when he was younger to go to a public gym and work out. So, his dad set up a small gym in the basement of their house. Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger are the actors Cavaliere looks up to the most. Most of the time, he likes Stallone.

Jeff Cavaliere Married Life

The 47-year-old fitness coach and his wife of 12 years are very happy together. The couple has two cute boys who are twins. Jeff is well-known on social media, but he has kept his private life very quiet. On Cavaliere’s social media accounts, you can see pictures of his wife and kids.

Expert and coach in fitness Since 2008, Jeff Cavaliere has been married to his wife.
Instagram@athleanx is the source.

Jeff and his wife seem to have gotten married in 2008. Rarely is there any news about their wedding. The former physical therapist hasn’t even said what his wife and kids’ names are. Still, Jeff is showing his kids how to behave.

Maintenance of Privacy

As was already said, Cavaliere is very careful about talking about his family in public. But he gives us glimpses of his lovely wife and two handsome sons. He encourages them to go to the gym and live a healthy life.

Jeff Cavaliere and his twin sons are in the picture.
Instagram@athleanx is the source.

On May 11, 2020, for Mother’s Day, Jeff posted a picture of his wife and children. Cavaliere often praises his wife for the way she loves and supports him without expecting anything in return. The four people live in New York.


Jeff started his career as a physical therapist and personal trainer. In 2001, he got an opportunity to work with the popular baseball player Mark Johnson. He continued training Mark and other elite athletes for the next few years.
In 2006, the ‘New York Mets’ were looking for a new physical therapist. Mark Johnson suggested Jeff’s name. Jeff was excited to accept the offer, as working with his favorite baseball team was something that he had always wanted to do.
He was associated with the baseball team from 2006 to 2009, during which he also worked as the assistant strength coach of the team. Under his physical training, the baseball team won the 2006 ‘National League East Championship.’
When Jeff felt the need for starting his own company, he parted ways with the ‘New York Mets’ and founded the ‘ATHLEAN-X Training System.’ He started posting videos that he had created in 2006, on his ‘YouTube’ channel.

He soon became a world-renowned trainer and social-media star, with millions of subscribers on his ‘YouTube’ channel. He also became popular on other social-media platforms such as ‘Twitter’ and ‘Instagram.’

What is Jeff Cavaliere’s net worth?

The founder of AthleanX’s exact net worth is not known. Some sources say Cavaliere is worth $2 million, while others say he might be worth $8 million. From 2006 to 2009, he worked as a physical therapist and assistant strength coach for the New York Mets baseball team.

Let’s look at how Jeff makes money so we can figure out how much he is worth. Jeff’s YouTube channel, which has more than 10 million subscribers, brings in a huge $480,405 every month. Also, more than 1.65 billion people have watched videos on the AtleanX channel. Taking into account how much he makes each month, Cavaliere makes almost $5 million a year.

Jeff is also a personal trainer when he is not on YouTube. Through his company, he gives clients and bodybuilders tried-and-true supplements and nutrition plans. So, by 2020, Jeff Cavaliere will have at least $7 million in his bank account. He also has a great gym that he owns. Kristen Crowley and Brett Hoebel, who are both fitness trainers, also have a good amount of money.

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As an Author

Cavaliere shares what he knows about fitness through videos and his website, but he is also a well-known author. “Major League Insider Training Manual” is the name of the first book he wrote and published. The book is about how professional baseball players and those who want to be pros can get stronger and get in shape.

The next book is called “Teen Sports Nutrition Blueprint.” It talks about the worrying state of youth nutrition and childhood obesity. Jeff also writes for the magazine Men’s Fitness. Since 2004, he has been writing about fitness.


Dealing with weight and body issues has become a big problem in our society. Every day, more and more people die because they are too fat or too heavy. And this is where fitness experts can help. Jeff Cavaliere is one of those experts who help a lot of people get into the best shape they can.

Jeff Cavaliere used to be a physical therapist for the New York Mets. is the source.

The number of people who follow Cavaliere’s YouTube channel shows that people today are serious about fitness. Also, several clients have gotten their “perfect” bodies by following Jeff’s diet and workout plan.

What is the Height and weight of Jeff?

If you’ve seen any of Jeff’s videos on YouTube, you’ve seen how ripped he is. Even though he is 47 years old, he has kept a low body fat percentage.

Jeff Cavaliere is 1.72m tall, which is about 5 feet 8 inches. In the same way, he keeps his weight between 84 and 88.5 kg (185 and 195 lbs). Jeff does a lot of exercise and eats a strict diet that is high in protein and has all the nutrients he needs.

Jeff accused of using Fake Weights

Makeup artists, stylists, yoga teachers, and fitness experts are all Youtubers, and they all want to look good on camera. So, when they make videos, they try to change the way things happen. Cavaliere went through the same thing.

This is a video of Jeff deadlifting with a weight of 495 lbs.

Jeff has always been a big, strong man, even when he was young. He can be seen lifting heavier weights on his videos. But someone on YouTube has said that in his videos, he uses fake weights. Since 2014, many YouTubers have said he did it.

A channel called Scott Herman Fitness said that Jeff has been using fake weights. Jeff was doing deadlifts with a weight of 495lbs. on a certain video. Scott says that the weights change and that his form was wrong. In a similar way, Kenny KO made a video in which he accused Jeff of using fake weights.