Jeremy Lin

Quick Facts about Jeremy Lin

Full Name Jeremy Shu-How Lin
Birth Date August 23, 1988
Birth Place Torrance, California
Nick Name Linsanity, Lintasttic
Religion Christian
Nationality American
Ethnicity Taiwanese, Chinese
Education Harvard University
Horoscope Virgo
Father’s Name Gie-Ming Lin
Mother’s Name Shirley Lin
Siblings Two; Joseph Lin and Josh Lin
Age 33 Years Old
Height 6 ft 3 in
Weight 200 lb
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Build Athletic
Profession Basketball Player
Current Team Beijing Ducks
Position Point Guard
Active Years 2010-present
Marital Status Unmarried
Girlfriend None
Children None
Net Worth $36 million
Social Media InstagramTwitter
Merch JerseyT-ShirtTrading Cards
Last Update July, 2022

American-Taiwanese basketball player Jeremy Lin competes for the National Basketball Association (NBA).

In the 2011–12 season, the basketball player attracted a lot of notice when he helped the New York Knicks win. His victory sparked a flurry of interest from the public and the media, helping to create the “Linsanity” era.

The former Knicks player is presently a member of the Chinese Basketball Association’s Beijing Ducks (CBA). In addition, he made history by becoming the first Asian American to ever win a Championship championship. 2019 saw him triumph with the Toronto Raptors.

The CBA player, though, has had a very amazing basketball career. He was also named “Breakthrough Athlete of the Year” in the EPSY Awards due to his commitment and love for the sport.

Early Life, Family, And Education of Jeremy Lin

Gie-Ming Lin and Shirley Lin, two Taiwanese immigrants, gave birth to the former Warrior. He was raised in a Christian home in Palo Alto, California, and was born on August 23, 1988.

In the YMCA, his father Gie-Ming taught him and his two brothers how to play basketball.

Player for Havard and his parents

In addition, Lin’s mother established a national junior basketball league where he participated and developed a passion for the sport. She received criticism from others for allowing her sons to play too much, but she chose not to let it affect her

Josh and Joseph Lin are Lin’s two brothers. His younger brother Joseph is a basketball player exactly like him who plays for the Fubon Braves, while his older brother Josh is a board-certified pediatric dentist who enjoys playing basketball in his spare time.The former NBA player finished high school at Palo Alto High School, where he was recognized as Northern California Division II Player of the Year and first-team All-State.

He continued his schooling at Harvard University, where he earned a degree in economics while maintaining a 3.1 GPA.

Jeremy Lin height, weight, and age

The former Raptor is 6 feet 3 inches tall and weighs roughly 200 lbs, or 91 kg. His 32nd birthday was just observed on August 23, 2020.

Jeremy Lin: Career in Basketball

Career in College

The University of California, Los Angeles and Stanford University were among the colleges Lin originally intended to attend.

However, their lack of interest and inability to guarantee him a seat on the squad ultimately led him to chose Harvard University.Initially, Havard’s coach wasn’t overly excited to see Lin play, but after witnessing Lin perform at his peak during a game, Lin quickly rose to the position of top recruiter for Havard.

They also feared that Stanford, his chosen school, might award him a scholarship. Later, both UCLA and Standford expressed sorrow for missing the opportunity to sign such a great point guard.

Career In College At Harvard

The Taiwanese American player was the team’s physically weakest player during his rookie season, but after his sophomore year, he was named to the All-Ivy League Second Team.

He improved even more during his junior year, when he was the sole participant in the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball top ten rankings for his conference.

He was one of the 30 people nominated for the John R. Wooden Award while he was a senior and last year at Havard.

When the Ducks player defeated the Connecticut Huskies with a career-high 30 points and nine rebounds, he attracted a lot of attention.

Not to mention, he broke records all across Harvard, so it’s no wonder the university was fortunate to have such a dedicated athlete.

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Career in the Profession

To his disappointment, none of the teams picked the Ducks player in the 2010 selection. Later, he joined the Mavericks, and the general manager sent an invitation for him to participate in the NBA Summer League.

He received offers from the Dallas Mavericks, LA Lakers, and Golden State Warriors following the summer league.

With the Golden State Warriors as a player

The CBA player decided to accept a two-year contract with the Warriors, his hometown team, in order to play with them. It was unusual for an undrafted rookie to be welcomed into the team by the Warriors at a press conference.

He was welcomed with open arms because Asian Americans make up a significant portion of the Bay Area’s population.

Due to his representation of Asian culture and background in the NBA, the 32-year-old quickly gained a lot of favor with the Asian community. He also valued the love and respect of the populace extremely highly.

As a point guard, Lin didn’t get much opportunity to shine because the team already had two excellent point guards in Monta Ellis and Stephen Curry. He did, however, make his debut during Asian Heritage Night for the Warriors.

As the first Taiwanese American to play in the NBA, the athlete received a standing ovation from the crowd. The Warriors also thought about Lin as a potential backup for Curry, their star point guard.

career as a player with the New York Knicks

Lin developed as a player by boosting his strength and healthy weight from 91 to 96 kg during the off-season. Additionally, he made an attempt to adjust everything in order to better himself. The New York Knicks claimed him off waivers.

He began the 2011–12 campaign by competing in the D-League before being called up by the Knicks three days later. Coach Mike D’Antoni provided Lin with the opportunity to showcase his talent as the team was playing poorly out of desperation.

To their astonishment, he assisted the Knicks in overcoming setbacks and winning games against the LA Lakers and Washington Wizards.

Additionally, Lin ignited the “Linsanity” phenomenon with a storied game-winning three-pointer against the Toronto Raptors with just a fraction of a second left on the clock.

Former Knicks players corroborated D’Antonio’s 2016 revelation that some of them held grudges against Lin during the ‘Linsanity’ era.

Career as a player with the Houston Rockets

Lin’s tenure with the Rockets was not very noteworthy. First of all, he had trouble performing well for the club and missed games due to ailments and back pain.

He was jeered when he played the Knicks and trounced them by 22 points and nine assists.

But in two of the contests, he recorded 65 points, a season-high 34 points, 11 assists, and nine three-pointers. In addition, he scored 21 points during the game to win in New York.

He missed numerous games because of injury, but he later returned and assisted in the Cavaliers’ loss. The CBA player was traded to the LA Lakers after the season.

Career as a player with the Los Angeles Lakers

The Lakers were unable to make the best use of Lin. In addition, he found it difficult to blend in because the coach and he played basketball differently. Jeremy found it challenging to adjust to the coach’s offense.

Previously, the Knicks had Kobe Bryant.

As a result, the coach made the decision to sit him rather than allowing him to play. He was later reinstated to the starting lineup, though. As a result of an upper respiratory ailment, he missed a few games.

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With the Charlotte Hornets, Brooklyn Nets, and Atlanta Hawks during his playing career

The Hornets and the Californian agreed to a two-year, $4.3 million contract. With them for just one season, he had a season-high against Toronto.In addition, he received votes for the NBA Sixth Man of the Year Award, coming in seventh.

He was given the opportunity to play again by the Hornets, but he declined and opted to sign as an unrestricted free agency. The Brooklyn Nets then offered the basketball player a three-year, $36 million contract.

He missed a lot of games during his injury-plagued season with the Nets. Lin was acquired by the Atlanta Hawks in a trade, but he saw little action and was instead hired as a player’s mentor.

With the Toronto Raptors as a player

In 2019, the former Knicks player inked a contract with the Raptors. He initially had difficulty, and his injuries severely limited his play on the court.

And He became the first Asian American to win the championship when he did so with the Toronto Raptors in the inaugural NBA tournament hosted outside of the United States. He also made history by becoming the first Havard alumnus to play in the NBA championship game.

And He afterwards had no offers from other teams and in a speech intended to inspire, he lamented this. He admitted that he thought the NBA had given up on him.

Career as a player with the Beijing Ducks

Lin allegedly agreed to a $3 million contract with the Ducks in the CBA League in August of this year. The player had also expressed interest in playing elsewhere, including in Israel, Russia, and the European League.

In addition, he contributed 25 points and nine assists to his team’s victory over the Tianjin Gold Lions.

He started the CBA All-Star Game and was a finalist for CBA Defensive Player of the Year at the end of the regular season. In the Ducks and CBA, Lin has been a highly valued player.

The basketball-reference website has Jeremy Lin’s career statistics available for viewing.

Racism | Jeremy Lin

Throughout his basketball career, the player has encountered racism and challenges related to his Asian ancestry.

He has received taunts such as “Wonton Soup,” “Open Your Eyes,” “Go Back To China,” and many others throughout his time at Harvard.

On top of that, he has been derogatorily referred to as “Chink” in numerous media outlets. A well-known boxer made an attempt to discredit his success during the “Linsanity Period,” claiming that his hype was solely caused by the fact that he is Asian and not by his own hard work.

After receiving criticism from the Asian American community, ESPN ran an article with the heading “Chink in the Armor” and issued an apology. His underrecruitment in the NBA may have been caused by racial profiling, according to an editor of The Times.

Jeremy Lin: The Period of Linsanity

The popularity of the Taiwanese American Player increased during the Linsanity era. The moment he hit a three-pointer for the Knicks and helped them win with just a few seconds left in the game marked the beginning of a cultural phenomenon.

Sales of the former Knicks player’s jersey skyrocketed, and it quickly overtook all others as the team’s best-selling jersey. The Madison Square Garden became more well-known, which increased its market value.

Jeremy Lin with dreads

NBA games in China also attracted a comparatively greater audience. He later became the first team athlete from New York to be featured on two Sports Illustrated covers.

There were also refreshments and food in his honor. Additionally, a documentary called “Linsanity” was shown at a number of film festivals. The “Lin-Sanity” taste was even introduced by Ben and Jerry’s ice cream.

Dreads by Jeremy Lin

With his hair, Lin explores a lot of territory. He alters it frequently. He even tried getting dreads.

Lin believed that wearing dreadlocks was a way to respect African-American culture. After seeing his native Taiwanese culture being taken in America, he wanted to pay tribute to the culture that made his hometown his home.

Jeremy Lin – Love Life and Relationships

The former NBA player, as of 2020, is single and not known to have been linked with anybody. While he was in the Knicks, he was alleged to have dated Kim Kardashian, which he has denied.

Reportedly a Taiwanese fan also shared that she and Lin are married, but the player was confused since he didn’t even know her.

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Jeremy Lin | Net Worth And Salary

As of 2020, the player is worth $36 million and makes roughly $15 million.

He would’ve been worth more, but he declined many sponsorship and deals during the Linsanity time citing that his main objective is to play the game of basketball and that making sales and money is secondary.

Despite that, he has promoted businesses like Volvo, Nike, Steiner, and Adidas during his entire career. His affiliation with Nike terminated in 2014, and he presently represents Adidas.

Jeremy Lin | Social Media Presence

The former NBA player has approximately 2 million followers on Instagram. He appears to be pretty busy and shares a lot of nice images of his family and friends. Besides that, he also posts images of his games and highlights.

The footballer also has over 2.5 million followers on Twitter. He appears to be relatively steady with his tweets and replies, and his fans enjoy Stephen Curry and superstars like Justin Bieber.

He has highlighted his concern about the racism and relevance of the BLM movement in America. On top of that, he also gave and raised money for charity.