Jeremy Tyler

Apple of his mom’s eyes and one splendid athlete Jeremy Tyler is a professional basketball player affiliated to the NBA.

You might know how important is NBA for someone who plays basketball. Everyone dreams of being a part of it, and Jeremy is no exception. But he didn’t get all the name and fame for free he earned it for himself.

From his childhood, Jeremy loved basketball, and he didn’t let his childhood passion fade away in his adulthood and worked hard to get every bit of success that he dreamt of.

Quick Facts  about Jeremy Tyler:

Full Name Jeremy Miles Tyler 
Birth Date June 21, 1991
Birth Place San Diego, California, United States 
Famous As Jeremy Miles
Nickname Negative 2
Age 31
Nationality American 
Ethnicity Black
Religion  Christianity 
  • San Diego High School
  • University of Louisville
Horoscope Gemini 
Father’s Name James Tyler
Mother’s Name Misty Cabrouet
Siblings James Tyler Jr.
Height 6 feet. 10 inches (2.08 m)
Weight 115 kg (250 lbs)
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Build Athletic 
Sexual Orientation  Straight 
Marital Status Married
Wife Sukey Rowan
Children Yes
Profession  Basketball Player 
Affiliation  NBA
NBA Draft 2011 / Round: 2 / Pick: 39th Overall
Position  Position Guard
Net Worth $4 Million
Salary $500k – $1 Million
Merch Basketball Card
Social Media InstagramTwitter
Last Update August, 2022

The Early Years and Education, by Jeremy Tyler

Jeremy Tyler was born in San Diego, California, on June 12, 1991. His parents are Misty Cabrouet (mother) and James Tyler (father) (mother).

He was such a remarkable brilliant boy who developed from his early years. Tyler even taught himself how to use the toilet, according to his mother, so no one had to assist him.

No matter what he did, Tyler’s parents had always been there for him. Jeremy is, as was already stated, his mother’s favorite child. In addition, he has a brother by the name of James Tyler Jr.

James didn’t have a particularly good childhood, but he did receive everything his parents could afford, so we may conclude that his youth was enjoyable.

His junior year at San Diego High School, Jeremy averaged 28.7 points in 2008.

In order to focus on his basketball career, Jeremy dropped out of his last year of high school and college. In 2009, he pledged to attend the University of Louisville. You may also like to read about Javier Fernandez

Career of Jeremy Tyler

Jeremy abruptly ended his studies and declared his intention to play basketball overseas.

Fortunately, his ambition was granted when Maccabi Haifa of the Israeli Super League recruited him in 2009.

Although Tyler was happy there, he had to leave Maccabi after a year. It came as a result of internal arguments and conflicts between Tyler and the club. However, the precise cause of the disagreement has not yet been made public.

Tyler inked a contract with Tokyo Apache in 2010 after leaving the Maccabi club. He appeared in 33 games overall, scoring 9.9 points and pulling down 6.4 rebounds per contest. You may also like to read about Matt Hamilton


The biggest ambition of Jeremy was fulfilled in 2011 when he was given the opportunity to play in the NBA.

He was originally selected by the Charlotte Bobcats, but the Golden State Warriors eventually acquired him by making a financial payment to the Bobcats.

Jeremy, Laker’s jersey number 3. (Source: NBA News)

However, he was again traded to the Dakota Wizards in 2012. Tyler did not get enough playing time because he was a rookie.

However, in the same season, Tyler displayed his talent and excelled in the game against the New Orleans Hornets.

He rejoined Warriors for a second season that same year. However, he fell short of expectations and was unable to garner enough notoriety for himself.

Jeremy was once more traded by the Warriors in 2013 to the Atlanta Hawks, where he played just once. After hiring Tyler for a month, Atlanta fired him.

Tyler was not receiving much attention from major teams as a result of his consistent losses and subpar performances. He was forced to play in the D-League as a result in July 2013.

But Tyler was once more signed by the New York Knicks in March 2013. However, they fired Tyler after two months of employment there as well.


After being re-signed by the Knicks in 2014, Tyler recorded a career-high 17 points, five rebounds, and two blocks.

Then Tyler was given the opportunity to play for CBA; in his 41 games, he averaged 22.1 points, 11.2 rebounds, 1.2 assists, 1.5 steals, and 1.3 blocks.

As a result, he played for numerous teams between 2015 and 2021, including the Sydney Kings, Tianjin Ronggang, and Fujian Sturgeons, but he was unable to consistently put out a strong performance.

Tyler is regarded as an underappreciated player as a result of this. He was underappreciated since, although having promise, no team offered him a great chance to establish himself.

What, then, could be the cause of Jeremy’s underappreciation despite the fact that he is a brilliant player? Jeremy could have achieved much more in his native country, but he tried his hand at international basketball, which is wonderful, but wasn’t successful in Jeremy’s case.

The cultural differences prevented him from performing successfully, adapting to their way of life, or even attempting to comprehend Tyler. Additionally, he was disoriented and unsure of his goals and where he wanted to go.

His coach even once criticized him for being unmotivated and unfit. Additionally, his team captain referred to him as soft, so we can envision Tyler’s reputation in front of everyone, which ultimately contributed to his demise.

Jeremy Tyler: Physical Characteristics

Jeremy Tyler is the ideal height for a basketball player at 6 feet 10 inches. He also has a weight of about 110 kg.

Additionally, Tyler is an athlete, so he needs to maintain his physique. To do this, he adheres to a stringent nutrition regimen.

Tyler’s features is further enhanced by his black hair and eyes. He is a Gemini, according to the horoscope for his birth chart.

This zodiac sign is typically associated with powerful, determined, and attractive individuals. Tyler is a very attractive dude who plays basketball very well.

What is the Net Worth of Jeremy Tyler?

Tyler’s career as a basketball player is his main source of income. All of the money he has made thus far has come from his basketball career, along with some brand deals and endorsements.

Tyler is said to have a net worth of $4 million and a salary of between $500k and $1 million. In 2008, Haifa paid Tyler $140,000 to play for them.

Tyler signed a one-year contract with the New York Kinks for $556,000 in 2014. Tyler also received $650,000 from the Golden State Warriors and $762,000 from the Atlanta Hawks.

This demonstrates that Tyler has lived a luxurious lifestyle while earning a respectable income.

Unfortunately, there are no records of his financial or real estate dealings; however, we will let you know as soon as we learn anything.

About Jeremy Tyler: Personal Life

Both Tyler’s personal and professional lives are chaotic. He is married to Sukey Rowan, and the two of them have a child, according to sources.

Unfortunately, nothing concerning his wife has been discovered; however, Tyler brought a lawsuit against Sukey in 2014.

Sukey visited Jeremy’s mother’s house on October 18, 2014, when he was there and asked to see their child.

Jeremy Tyler with his wife, Sukey. (Source: Instagram)

However, Sukey abruptly attempted to strike Tyler while their child was still in his hands and unintentionally struck the child.

Even worse, according to Jeremy, while his pregnant sister was trying to stop Sukey from attacking Tyler, she was struck in the stomach.

Tyler thereupon brought a lawsuit against Sukey, and the court issued Sukey with interim restraining orders.

Tyler later asserted that despite the fact that he loved Sukey, he did not want her to hurt him or his child due to her mental problems.

Additionally, he filed a complaint out of fear that Sukey would take their child and move to the UK.

Sukey has not provided an explanation for her actions, and no one has heard her side of the tale. Apart from that, no one is aware of their relationship status.

Sukey is still listed as Tyler’s wife on numerous news websites, therefore we think their relationship is still intact.

Instagram presence

Jeremy is aware that in this cutthroat world, he must keep his followers informed and up to date in order for them to remember him.

Consequently, Jeremy maintains both  Instagram and Twitter accounts. He has roughly 16k Instagram followers and regularly posts about his gaming and occasionally his personal life.

Similar to that, he has about 8,000 followers on Twitter. On his Twitter account, he continues to post photographs from his vacation and occasional NBA news.

Questions and Answers (FAQs)

What number is Jeremy Tyler’s jersey?

When Jeremy played for the Liaoning Flying Leopards, his jersey number was 11. Jeremy had multiple jersey numbers for several teams.

Sukey and Jeremy still in a relationship?

Jeremy cherishes the privacy of his personal life. As a result, none of their statuses—being married or divorced—were reported after he filed the lawsuit against his wife. However, sources claim that despite the incident, he continued to declare his love for his wife.