Jeremy Vuolo

Quick Facts

Full Name Jeremy Joseph Vuolo
Birth Date September 5, 1987
Birth Place Downingtown, Pennslyvania, U.S.A
Nick Name Jeremy
Religion Christianity
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Education Hartwick College, Syracuse University
Horoscope Virgo
Father’s Name Charles Vuolo
Mother’s Name Diana Vuolo
Siblings 2; Charles Vuolo, Valerie Anne Vuolo
Age(as in 2022) 34 Years Old
Height 1.9 m, 6 feet, and 2 inches
Weight 89 kg
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Black
Build Athletic
Profession Former Soccer Player, Reality TV star (present)
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Married
Wife Jinger Duggar Vuolo
Kids 1; Felicity Nicole Vuolo
Net Worth $2 million
Social Media InstagramFacebookTwitterCameo
Merch HardcoverBook
Last Update August, 2022

Jeremy Vuolo played soccer in the past. His current status is that of a reality television celebrity.

Along with being a brilliant player, this amazing man is renowned for having a pure heart. He’s created a number of phrases that might melt anyone. One of his well-known quotes continues,

. Yes, we are even permitted to judge members of the church. Yes, we are expected to judge people’s behaviour and character.

Vuolo discusses his opinions on judging in this passage. The comment he made and the way he made it are just beyond explanation.

The former soccer player enjoys all environments. And once he joins in, he never fails to make it more fun.

Childhood, Family, and Education

In Pennsylvania’s Philadelphia, Jeremy was born. He is Charles and Diana’s son. The two siblings of Vuolo are Charles and Valerie. He loves his sister Valerie the most.

Downingtown High School was where Vuolo finished high school. He has a degree in business administration.

Vuolo consistently aims beautifully. He also wanted to become more visible; he wasn’t just interested in academics. Vuolo also had a significant involvement in curricula.

In addition to being the finest in soccer, he was also a good speaker and presenter.

Jeremy was well regarded and esteemed by each of his faculties. He also gained the esteem of his buddies. He was one of the most notable pupils at the college where he was a student.

Jeremy Vuolo with his parents.(Source=Instagram)

Additionally, his siblings play a significant role in his life. Vuolo does have a captivating personality. Additionally, he places a significant value on his family’s support and presence in his life.

How did Jeremy Vuolo Start his Career?

Clearly, a career comes in second to family in terms of importance. Vuolo has consistently operated at the pinnacle of his profession.

Initial Stage

In the year 2006, Jeremy initially began playing soccer. Then, he continued his studies at Hartwick College.

Later, in 2010, Vuolo switched to Syracuse University. To finish his final year, he travelled there. Additionally, Vuolo changed universities.

He appeared between 2005 and 2010 for the PDL club and reading united both before and throughout his time at college.

After College

Vuolo joined the Finnish club AC Oulu after completing his college studies. He later made 24 appearances in games. In addition, he oversaw the team’s 11 clean sheets.

The group managed to finish third in the league. After all, he accepted a position with the Major League Soccer team New York Red Bulls, which brought him back to the country.

In general, this incident took place on January 25, 2012.

Leaving Soccer

Jeremy moved away from the game after leaving New York to concentrate on full-time preaching, although he later revealed in April 2013 that he had joined with NASL team San Antonio Scorpions.

Vuolo served as an extra backup for the first two games of the 2014 season before being relieved of his position.

He was finally removed from the NASL’s list of crucial players in June 2016. Vuolo became agitated because he anticipated more. He thus did not receive anything. He was a replacement player who ultimately lost his job.

Vuolo was no longer permitted to participate in the games. He felt excluded. As a result, he made the decision to discontinue this fruitless run. So he gave up playing soccer.

Later, he wrote that in November 2014, he physically quit playing skilled soccer and was given the opportunity to run a tiny church in Laredo, Texas.

Jeremy afterwards established himself as a pastor at Grace Community Church.

Rumors also claim that Vuolo has watched some reality TV.

Jeremy Vuolo.(Source=Instagram)

What is the Relationship status of Jeremy Vuolo?

Jeremy later struck up a relationship with reality TV personality Jinger Duggar on December 11, 2015. Also, the couple revealed their engagement after a brief “courtship” of seven months.

The charming lovers committed to a straightforward union chose to make it permanent. On November 5, 2016, Duggar and Vuolo also exchanged vows.

Vuolo and his wife soon made the announcement that their first kid, due in July, was on the way.

The couple announced they were expecting a girl on April 9.

Jeremy with daughter and wife.(Source=Instagam)

Felicity Nicole Vuolo, the couple’s daughter, was born on July 19, 2018.

Following a heartbreaking miscarriage in the autumn of 2019, Vuolo and his lovely wife announced in May that they are expecting their second child.

Despite the fact that they consistently motivate others with their personal stories, they are undoubtedly celebrities. They should assist those in need.

In 2017, Vuolo and his wife worked to promote SWAN4kids, a nonprofit organization founded by Vuolo’s mother that provides music lessons for children whose parents are incarcerated.

This group’s mission is to instill faith in such children and help them transform their life.

Jeremy and Jinger later declared they were heading to Los Angeles, California, in March. Early June saw their flight there.


Despite being a pastor at the moment and a former soccer star, Vuolo has a long history of controversy.

Counting on

The most well-liked member of the Counting On cast is Vuolo. Voting took place, and Vuolo received a slip vote to win.

fewer held The cake would be loved by Jinger Duggar Vuolo or Jessa Duggar Seewald. But in the end, everyone concurred that Vuolo was the best choice.

Jinger, Vuolo’s wife, claimed that her husband taught her about fashion. She also claims that he matches a lot of her peculiar worldviews, including her taste in music and dress. Before meeting Jeremy, she had never even heard of the Backstreet Boys.

Regarding some of Jinger Duggar’s earlier wardrobe choices, Vuolo makes fun of her on Counting On. However, she recently went shopping on Rodeo Drive and purchased a $300 blazer.

She later said that Vuolo would adore it. They so depict a wide range of LA life’s hues.

Turns into a controversy

Jinger declared her love for her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, in a vibrant snapshot she shared online. Counting On viewers also said that she should because he is her husband. However, people soon began noticing his tie.

The character Vuolo from Counting On wore a vibrant rainbow tie. The photo was taken on October 11, which also happened to be Coming Out Day.

Few called in, expressing their enthusiasm for his Gay Pride tie, but soon others began to blare back, refuting it.

They were the Duggars, according to Counting On viewers, who would never support the LGBTQ+ community.

Others responded by saying that they believed Jeremy Vuolo and his wife were using a “sneaky” tactic to help the neighbourhood without directly opposing Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar.

Cheating on Jinger

Fans claim that Jeremy Vuolo and Jinger Duggar of Counting On had the perfect wedding as a result of all the events.

Furthermore, they appear to be getting along well during the quarantine. They both have new podcasts and are sharing a lot of perspectives on enjoying life as a Christian couple.

The majority of the Counting On fans are currently gathered in a row and complaining about Jinger Duggar. The fact that Jeremy Vuolo follows two specific young women on Instagram furthers their suspicion that he is cheating on Jinger.

Fans are criticizing Jeremy because he maintains that Jinger is in charge of his Instagram page. According to the husband from Counting On, he does this to avoid temptation to cheat.

Fans also doubt that Jinger would follow these two women, who resemble twins. There doesn’t appear to be a licensed or blood connection.

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Additionally, Jinger is not following their accounts; only Jeremy is. The women hail from the same region of the world where Jeremy formerly resided. These are the only presumptions the fans had, then.

Although there is no concrete evidence that Vuolo is deceiving, he is still trailing these women. However, fans continue to learn strange new information.

Because Jeremy Vuolo plays soccer professionally for the AC Oulu team and those women are from Oulo, Finland. It is also well known and the top soccer league in Finland.

Reply to critics

Additionally, after hearing all the annoyance the fans predict and believe in, Vuolo made the decision to speak up.

In addition to Vuolo, Duggar also spoke up. Vuolo claimed that he wasn’t constantly glued to social media because he was tired of the strange hatred. He continued by saying that he respects all LGBT rights and has never been against them.

Also, to all the people who blamed him for cheating on his wife, being against LGBTQ, and playing a victim card, he just turned a blind eye.

He said that he made the truth clear and would no more respond to any false accusations. Further, he added that he and his wife were tired of this.

All the people who have been trying to break or crush their relationship didn’t want to shut up any further. So, Vuolo added that faith and love never end or crash no matter how hard a third party wants.

After making these statements, the couple made a final tweet and ended it up.

And to the people spreading unnecessary rumours were all attention seekers. Now, about the cheating rumour, Duggar begged her fans to stop it because she was done with it.

Despite all the negativity, the couple added that their relationship stays strong as they have a deep faith in each other.

Josh Duggar’s Case

Recently, in May 2021, Jeremy Vuolo’s brother-in-law fell into a controversial abyss. Apparently, Josh is charged with child pornography charges.

Herewith, Jeremy stood out for him claiming the justice to prevail.

“Nothing can prepare someone to receive news like that. Like everyone else, we are absolutely horrified and want to see justice carried out. And we just want to say that we are grateful for the authorities who work tirelessly to end child abuse here and around the world.” -Jeremy Vuolo

For a short background, Josh was first arrested on April 29 and has pleaded not guilty to the charges. As of now, Josh is out of jail but under the supervision of third-party custody.

Altogether, his hearing is this July 1st while the trial is on July 6th. Furthermore, if Josh is to get convicted of the charges, he will have to spend 40 years of his life in prison and pay $250,000 as fine.

How was the Net Worth Value of Jerm?

“Jeremy Vuolo  has a Net Worth of $2 Million”
Also, Vuolo is an American former expert soccer player and a pastor, and a reality television star. Vuolo has a lovely lifestyle.

He was born in Downingtown, Pennsylvania, in September 1987 and married Jinger Duggar in 2016, and has been starred in the reality television series popularly known as Counting On.

Social Media

Instagram: 690k followers (@jeremy vuolo)

Facebook: 109k+ likes (@JeremyJVuolo)

Twitter: 39.5k followers (@Jeremy Vuolo)

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