Jeremy Yaffe

Jeremy Yaffle rose to fame due to her marriage with veteran actor Alan Wolf Arkin. The 86-year-old actor featured in some top movies like ‘Rocketeer’,’Glengarry Glen Ross’, and ‘Get Smart’ to become a household name in Hollywood. Call it the perks or disadvantage, but whenever you are related to a celebrity, you become on as well. The case is the same with her as well. The diva is also the mother of yet another talented star, Adam Arkin. So, let us get to know the married life and net worth details of Jeremy Yaffe right here.

Early years

Jeremy Yaffe was born in Massachusetts, in the United States, in 1937. She appears to be 85 years old because her date of birth is unavailable. She was consequently born to her mother Ninna Yaffee and her father George Yaffe. She hasn’t disclosed anything further on her upbringing, early years, or education.


She had previously spent some time working as a nurse. She gained notoriety, though, as the ex-wife of well-known actor Alam Arkin. In the beginning of his acting career, her spouse struggled to land tiny parts on stage and in television. But he concentrated particularly on singing. In addition, he founded “The Terrier,” a vocal ensemble that specializes in folk music. He was the lead singer and guitarist for the band. They also remade The Banana Boat, a classic calypso song, in 1956. Hill and Gully Rider is a different song that they also released.

He also received nominations and awards for this work from numerous sources. He received a prominent role in the Popi movie, which came out in 1969. In 1969, he also made his directing debut with a 12-minute kid’s movie. The movie was also called People Soup.

Caption: Jeremy Yaffe’s ex-husband in between his shoot. Source( Pinterest)

Consequently, his sons Adam and Matthew acted in the movie. Arkin has appeared in more than 100 films during his six-decade acting career. His 1970 movie Catch-22 was regarded as a critical and box office disaster. Thankfully, he received two nominations as well.

He appeared in well-known movies from the 1970s as The In-Laws and Hearts of the West. He made his feature film directing debut during the same decade. Little Murders, a movie he made in 1971, won him a lot of praise. He also produced the 1977 movie Fire Sale, which he also directed.

Details about careers

He later made his debut in the 1980s comedy Simon. As a result, his movie received a Saturn Award nomination for Best Actor. He also produced movies including Joshua Then and Now, Improper Channels, and Joshua Then. He also produced the successful film Escape from Sobibor in 1987.

He gave up theatrical performing, though, at the beginning of the 1970s. The reason behind it was too difficult and began to concentrate on directing. He did, however, write and star in the play Virtual Reality in the 1990s.

He further curtailed his activity in 2000. However, He also created a number of works of art, including Little Miss Sunshine, Eros, Argo, and Thirteen Conversations About One Thing. He released Love the Coopers, his final movie, in November 2015. Her net worth is likewise unknown because Jeremy’s occupation is unknown.

Personal life

There are no specifics regarding how her ex-husband and Jeremy Yaffe met. But, she and Alan Arkin exchanged wedding vows in 1995. They haven’t disclosed any details about their relationship, the sources claim. They later welcomed a son called Adam Arkin on August 19, 1956.

Caption: Jeremy Yaffe with her ex-husband. Source(Getty Image)

On March 21, 1960, they later welcomed Matthew Arkin into their family. They made the decision to end their relationship because they couldn’t adjust to it. Later, her former spouse wed Barbara Dana. They also have a son who lives with their stepmother. She also lived alone following her divorce. She also hasn’t appeared in public since divorcing the actor.

Jeremy Yaffle’s previous marriage to Alan Arkin

Jeremy Yaffle initially led a life that was quite private. However, after she wed American actor and director Alan Arkin, her entire life was revolutionized. Before Alan began working in the entertainment sector, the two began dating in the early 1950s. Eventually, in 1955, Jeremy and Alan made the momentous decision to get married.

Jeremy Yaffe and Alan Arkin tied the knot in 1955. Source: Woman Crush Wednesday

When everything in their family seemed to be going smoothly, Yaffle and Arkin’s relationship took a dramatic change. They split up after their relationship developed cracks. They made several attempts to make things work, but they were unable, and their relationship ended in divorce in 1961.

After the divorce, Jeremy, the mother of Adam Arkin, started living a secret life. Because of this, it is difficult to tell whether she had more marriages or lived alone. On the other side, in 1964, her ex-husband Arkin wed Barbara Dana. Unexpectedly, the marriage also ended in divorce in 1994. Later, when he married psychiatrist Suzanne Newlander in 1996, the seasoned actor tried his luck a third time.

Mother of two, including Alan Arkin, Jeremy Yaffe

Despite the diva’s lack of involvement in the glamour world, Jeremy and Alan made the ideal match. Adam and Matthew Arkin, the couple’s sons, were born during their marriage. Adam, the first kid, arrived in the world on August 19, 1956, and the second son on March 21, 1960.

Jeremy Yaffe and Alan Arkin gave birth to Adam Arkin in August 1956. Source: Hitberry

It’s interesting to note that both of the kids decided to become performers like their dad. Adam actually went on to achieve some success, earning four SAG Awards in addition to three Emmy Awards. His performances in the films “Chicago Hope,” “Monk,” and “My Louisiana Sky” made him well-known.

Despite divorcing her husband Alan Arkin in 1961, she maintained a solid relationship with both of her sons in order to raise them well and help them succeed as Hollywood actors. After divorcing Phyllis Lyons in 2013, her older son Adam Arkin recently wed Michelle Dunker for a second time. You may also like to know about Casey Coates

Jeremy Yaffle’s financial situation

Jeremy doesn’t have to worry about money because she was Alan Arkin’s ex-wife and is the mother of famous actors Adam Arkin and Matthew Arkin. Though little is known about her occupation, she undoubtedly receives a sizable income as spousal support under the terms of her divorce. She has amassed an astounding net worth of $500,000, according to estimates.

Jeremy Yaffe is the mother of actor son Adam Arkin. Source: Majorten

Considering Jeremy’s network of supporters, both of her boys are successful Hollywood actors. Adam Arkin, her older son, has amassed a staggering net worth of $10 million. The same can be said for her second son, Matthew, who has a $1 million net worth.

Social media and physical measurements

Although very old, Jeremy Yaffe was still very attractive. Her height, weight, and other physical characteristics are all unknown. She does, however, have brown eyes, blonde hair, and pale skin. Additionally, she might not be on social media because no profiles were located for her.