Jesaaelys Ayala Gonzalez

Quick Facts

Birth Date June 18,1996
Full Name Jesaaelys Ayala Gonzalez
Birth Name Jesaaelys Ayala Gonzalez
Profession Social Media Influencer, Celebrity’s Kid
Nationality Puerto Rican
Birth City San Juan
Birth Country Puerto Rico
Father Name Daddy Yankee
Father Profession Singer, Songwriter, Rapper.
Mother Name Mireddys Gonzalez
Mother Profession Manager
Gender Identity Female
Sexual Orientation Straight
Horoscope Gemini
Marital Status Dating
Spouse Boyfriend
Height 173 cm
Weight 65 kg
Networth 300000
Sibilings Yamilet Ayala González, Jeremy Ayala Gonzalez
Education Srudying in the University of the Sacred Heart
Facebook Link Facebook Link
Twitter Link Twitter Link
Insta Link Insta Link

Jesaaelys Ayala Gonzalez is a celebrity kid who is known as the daughter of Daddy Yankee (Ramon Luis Ayala Rodriguez). He is a Puerto Rican singer, songwriter, and rapper. However, music reviewers and fans alike refer to him as the King of Reggaeton.

Moreover, Ayala is a social media influencer who has 1.2 million followers on Instagram, whereas, on Twitter, she has only 64 followers. Furthermore, the singer’s daughter is better known for her makeup and photography skills. Let’s talk about her professional and personal life in the given sections.


Jesaaelys Ayala Gonzalez was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico on June 18, 1996 to Daddy Yankee and his manager wife, Mireddys Gonzalez. They have been blissfully wed since 1995.

Jesaaelys Ayala Gonzalez is pictured with her parents, Daddy Yankee and Mireddys Gonzalez.
Famebytes as source

Additionally, Gonzalez has an older sister named Yamilet Ayala Gonzalez and a younger sibling named Jeremy Ayala Gonzalez (dating Karla Rivera). She has a close relationship with her siblings. Regarding her scholastic background, Jesaaelys graduated from high school in 2013. She eventually enrolled at the University of the Sacred Heart. In contrast, the principal subject is unknown.

What is Jesaaelys’s Age?

Jesaaelys Ayala González is currently 26 years old. This is because the Instagram star was born on the 18th day of June 1996. This means her star is Gemini. Jesaaelys was born to a Latino family in San Juan, the largest city in Puerto Rico which is also the nation’s capital city. This is also where she grew up with her family.

Where did Jesaaelys get her education?

Even though she is a popular face on social media and in her native country, not everything about Jesaaelys’ life is in public space especially details about her early education. For instance, it is not clear what elementary school she attended or where she had her high school education.

However, we know that she attended Sacred Heart University also known as Sagrado Corazón University, a private university in Santurce, San Juan, Puerto Rico. Details about what she studied while in university are, however, not known. She has since gone on to accomplish things with her life.

Is Jesaaelys Ayala Gonzalez Dating Anyone? Who is Her Partner?

The answer is indeed yes. Jesaaelys Ayala Gonzalez, age 26, is in a relationship with her attractive lover, Carlos Olmo (native of Puerto Rica). The couple began dating on November 17, 2017, but only made their relationship public after a year in 2018.

Photo: Jesaaelys Ayala Gonzalez is Dating Carlos Olmo.
Instagram user jesaaelys

Moreover, the couple is not ashamed to display their current affection for one another in public. In addition, they routinely submit self-portraits on their Instagram account. In addition, they have visited vacation destinations including Hawaii, Spain, and Carlos, among others. Similarly, Aitana Rinab Perez enjoys exploring new areas with her significant other.

The makeup artist and Carlos have no other marriage plans at this moment. When the time is right, they will likely marry each other. Currently, the couple appears to be busy creating great memories and advancing their careers.

What is Jesaaelys Ayala Gonzalez’s Net Worth?

As of the beginning of 2022, Jesaaelys Ayala Gonzalez has amassed $300,000 in wealth as a social media influencer. Sam Hurley, in comparison, has a net worth of $200,000. The songwriter’s daughter earns an annual salary of roughly $100,000. In addition, the Instagram celebrity, who is 5’8″ tall, is anticipated to make almost $22,000 from a sponsored campaign.

Picture: Jesaaelys Ayala Gonzalez is a Social Media Influencer.
Instagram user jesaaelys

In addition, Gonzalez has a YouTube channel called Jesaaelys with 33,600 subscribers, where she posts travel vlogs and cosmetic tutorials. Each video earns her roughly $195.

In contrast, her celebrity father, Ramon Luis, has a net worth of $40 million as of the beginning of 2022. His whole fortune was acquired through his professional work. In addition, he amasses considerable riches as a co-owner of his record label, El Cartel Records.

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What does the daughter of Daddy Yankee do for a living?

Jesaaelys Ayala González opted to create a career in the field of online content creation by opening social media accounts. A short check to her Instagram feed reveals that she posted on the photo- and video-sharing social network on July 8, 2016, a few weeks prior to her 20th birthday.

As anticipated, her early posts attracted relatively little participation and attention. As more people became aware of her Instagram handle as belonging to Daddy Yankee’s daughter, she quickly gained followers and became one of the most prominent faces on Instagram in Puerto Rico, aided by her father’s immense reputation and star power.

And As a travel enthusiast, she drew attention with the images she published depicting her discovering diverse cultures and landscapes. Within a year, she went from having two-digit figure comments on her page to three-digit figure comments, and her number of followers increased drastically.

She Has Become an Influencer

Jesaaelys Ayala González gained significantly on Instagram. Many of her followers were captivated by her choice of posts, which primarily depicted her exploring foreign locations and sharing her experiences. Today, she has over 1.2 million Instagram followers alone.

Anyone with so many social media followers can make a lot of money today by influencing products. Exactly this is what Jesaaelys is doing right now. The Instagram celebrity is now a social media influencer, leveraging her immense fame on Instagram to promote businesses. As her popularity increased, other corporations and organizations approached her about collaborating.

Over the years, she has served as an influencer for different products and companies including;

  • Fabulous Nail Salon,
  • BPerfect Cosmetics, a health and beauty company,
  • e.l.f Cosmetics ad Skincare
  • ColourPop Cosmetics
  • Benefit Cosmetics, and many others.

Does She teaches makeup?

In addition to influencing product development, Jesaaelys is a makeup artist and instructor. She has conducted training sessions for those who wished to learn from her. The majority of these training sessions have been virtual, but according to some sources, she has also taught people in-person.

Jesaaelys now has a YouTube page where she posts videos demonstrating her beauty routine and instructing her viewers on how to perform the same steps. She also analyzes makeup items and advises her audience on which to use and which to avoid. She also produces trip vlogs to her admirers’ enjoyment.

Notable is the fact that in addition to Instagram and YouTube, Jesaaelys is also immensely popular on Facebook and Twitter. She has more than 51k Facebook followers and approximately 10k Twitter followers. In addition to posting cosmetic instructions and product reviews on Facebook, the social media influencer also captivates her audience with tales of her travels.

Jesaaelys Ayala González’s Inspiring Weight Loss Journey

One of the very interesting things about Jesaaelys Ayala González is her incredible resolve to lose weight and stay fit. The thing is, Daddy Yankee’s daughter used to be overweight. In fact, she once revealed that in 2016 she weighed an incredible 227 pounds, which put her in the category of obese people.

Jesaaelys Ayala González when she was overweight

Her weight was so much that it led to serious health issues for Jesaaelys as she battled joint pains and other ailments. After some time, she decided to do something about it. Daddy Yankee’s daughter decided to change her diet and work out. She also met professionals who helped put her on the right track to losing some of her weight.

Luckily for her, she had a great support system around her, encouraging her to do what she loved. Eventually, her efforts paid off and she lost a lot of weight. Today, she looks very different from how she looked several years back.