Jessica Olsson

Quick Facts

Birth Date June 19, 1978
Full Name Jessica Olsson
Profession Businesswoman
Nationality American
Ethnicity Mixed (Kenyan-Swedish)
Birth City Gavle
Birth Country Sweden
Gender Identity Female
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Married
Spouse Dirk Nowitzki
No Of Children Malaika (born in 2013), Max (2015), Morris (born in 2016)
Networth 150000
Sibilings Martin Olsson and Marcus Olsson (Swedish footballers)
Religion Christian

American businesswoman Jessica Olsson is the associate director of a non-profit organization, Goss-Michael Foundation Art Gallery, in Dallas, Texas. She is also the wife of Dirk Nowitzki, a professional basketball player.

Olsson was born in 1981 in Gavle, Sweden, and hails from a mixed ethnic background (Kenyan and Swedish). She spent her childhood with her two twin brothers, Martin Olsson and Marcus Olsson. They are Football players.


essica Olsson (born June 19, 1978, age: 44 years) is an Associate Director, Famous Personality, and spouse of celebrity NBA player MR. Dirk Nowitzki. She is best known and famous only due to her husband’s achievements. Earlier she was just a normal girl with a German ethnicity and was spending her life with her family. But after getting in a relationship with NBA BasketBall Star Mr. Dirk Nowitzki her life got changed.

She became a public figure and a point to talk to media personalities. Many times she has been spotted with her husband at various events and his basketball matches.

Perfect Couple’s Perfect Wedding

Jessica, a  businesswoman, and her devoted husband, Dirk Nowitzki, are dedicated to a happy marriage. On July 20, 2012, the couple exchanged vows in the Preston Hollow suburb of Dallas, Texas. The bride wore a beautiful lace tulle gown with spaghetti straps for their wedding ceremony.

The groom, on the other hand, wore a dark grey tuxedo, wrapping a dark blue tie around it, and putting a flower in his left pocket. They spent a special honeymoon in the southern Caribbean Sea after being married.

At a charity event held in 2010 to offer a sports education and economic development initiative, the couple first got to know one another. They briefly exchanged words at that time, but afterwards they started dating. Fortunately, they eventually discovered that their interests and activities were also compatible, leading to their engagement. Since that time, the couple has remained committed to one another.

How many Children does they Shared?

Three gorgeous children were bestowed upon Jessica and Nowitzki. They initially had a lovely daughter, Malaika Nowitzki, in July 2013. In addition, she starts junior high school at the age of eight.

Picture Dirk Nowitzki and Jessica Olsson spending quality time with their children.
Author: Walikali

Max Nowitzki, the couple’s second child, was later born in March 2015. In November 2016, they once more gave birth to a baby they shared who was named Morris Nowitzki.


As we said earlier that Jessica become popular due to her husband and her twin brother’s achievements. Earlier she was spending her life normally and had never shared about her qualification and career journey anywhere. When she met her husband dirk at that time she was doing a normal job in a Dallas Art gallery.

The couple met at one charity event that was related to SEED (Sports for Education and Economic Development). At that time Mr. Nowitzki agreed to raise charity and make a major donation in exchange for Rolando Diaz paintings. But he was more interested in meeting the beautiful woman and getting a real date with her. And that woman was none other than Jessica who was working at Dallas Art Gallery at that time from where Rolando Diaz’s painting has to be exchanged.

She after getting married to Dirk and leaving her art gallery job is now to represent herself as the President of the Dirk Nowitzki Foundation in Dallas. This organization works to help unprivileged children and families.

Jessica’s Husband, Nowitzki’s Past Affair

Olsson’s husband, Dirk, dated DJK Wurzburg player Sybille Gerer, an American female basketball player. Following a beautiful talk, the two started dating soon after they first met in 2010. After more than ten years of blissful marriage, the couple decided to call it quits due to certain misunderstandings. In an interview, Dirk made the following claims about Sybille:

“At the end, we found out we developed in separate ways. … It did not work anymore, but we are still good friends.”

Nowitzki further added some other words,

“I surely want to start a family and have kids, but I cannot imagine it happening before I become 30.”

As a result, after Nowitzki made his statement, the couple broke up. Later, she amicably dissolved their relationship.

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How much is Olsson Net Worth?

As of 2022, Jessica Olsson’s net worth was $500,000. She receives a high salary for her work. The average annual pay for an associate director is $117,751, according to Glassdoor.

Check out the footage of the Mavs-Lakers game at Staples Center, where Dirk Nowitzki received a tribute.

Dirk, Olsson’s spouse, has a net worth of $140 million and receives a salary of $5 million on average every year from the Dallas Mavericks as part of his contract.

Throughout his NBA career, Nowitzki earned a total of $251,646,362 from 21 seasons. Alvin Williams and Jeffrey Michael Jordan also benefit greatly from their cap hits, making enormous sums of money.

Jessica and her husband, Nowitzki, enjoy the high life at their opulent home in Dallas, Texas, which they purchased the Preston Hollow estate.

The late Dallas-based billionaire Charles Wyly sold them his home for $5.75 million. Their house is currently advertised at $8.25 million in price.

Image: Jessica Olsson and her husband, Dirk Nowitzki, enjoy time together in their opulent Dallas, Texas, mansion.
Dallas News, as a source

Their 11,394 square foot rooftop, which has 10 bedrooms and 9 and a half bathrooms, was constructed in 1939. Additionally, their home has a fully equipped kitchen, an elevator that goes to the terrace, and a pool in the shape of a diamond in the backyard.

Books about Olsson’s Husband

The biography of Dirk Nowitzki, Jessica Olsson’s husband, is detailed in the 2004 book Dirk Nowitzki: German Wunderkind by Dino Reisner and Holger Sauer. At the time of writing, Amazon’s Hardcover price for the book is $30.92.


Frame: Dirk Nowitzki: German Wunderkind is the title of his autobiography.
Author: Amazon

Similar to Dirk, Reisner also wrote a lot of books on him. He published Dirk Nowitzki: The German Giant on September 15, 2017, and it costs $34.76 in hardcover. There are other other books about Nowitzki’s professional career, such as The Soul of Basketball and Nowitzki: The Perfect Shot.

Facts You Need to Know About Jessica Olsson

  • Jessica is not having her personal Instagram account.
  • She is not available anywhere over social media.
  • Her husband is having 1 million fans following Instagram.
  • Jessica’s husband is listed on Wikipedia.
  • Her husband is 7 feet tall.
  • Mrs. Jessica’s husband is now working as a special advisor in Dallas Mavericks.
  • Jessica’s husband left playing basketball in the year 2019.
  • In her husband’s house, they speak three languages which include German, Swedish, and English.
  • Her husband’s jersey number was 41.
  • Both Jessica and her husband love Tennis.