Jillian Hall

Quick Facts

Full Name Jillian Faye Hall
Birth Place Ashland, Kentucky, United States
Birth Date September 6, 1980
Residence Orlando, Florida, United States
Religion Christian
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Education Greenup County High School
Horoscope Virgo
Father’s Name Stephen Gyllenhaal
Mother’s Name Naomi Foner
Siblings Not mentioned
Age 41 Years Old
Height 5 ft. 6 inches
Weight 59 kg
Hair Colour Blonde
Eye Colour Blue
Annual Salary $152,000
Marital Status 2  marriages
Children 2
Profession Wrestler, Singer
Net Worth $2 million
Body Measurement 36-26-36
Affiliations WWE
WWE debut 1998
Retired 2014
Social Media TwitterInstagram
Merch Paperback
Last Update August, 2022

It should be highlighted that Jillian Faye Hall, a former American wrestler, has undoubtedly altered how many people view women. She is undoubtedly a powerful, independent, and stunning lady in her own right.

She yet believed that she was on par with Adele or Beyonce. Despite the jeers she received for her singing, she persisted in doing what she loved.

Everyone does, in fact, have a unique life narrative, set of issues, and hardships. Jillian, too, has a unique, bittersweet story to tell. Her life has undoubtedly not always been simple.

We delve into Jillian Hall’s life today. her early years, professional life, marriage, wealth, and difficulties. Let’s look at some of the quick facts first.


On September 6, 1980, Jillian Faye Hall, also known as Jillian Hall, was born. She was born in the US state of Kentucky’s Ashland.

Jillian obviously speaks English well given that she is an American. She can, however, also speak French.

Naomi Foner and Stephen Gyllenhaal gave birth to Jillian (mother). Her parents, meanwhile, have not received much attention.

However, according to some accounts, her parents both used to work regular jobs. They led a typical life and came from a straightforward household.

According to her birth horoscope, she is a Virgo. As a result, her horoscope describes her as a complete diva, frank, realistic, and perfectionist.

She comes across as being very trustworthy and honest. She could be challenging to deal with at times, but you will grow to like her.

In terms of education, Hall received her diploma from Greenup County High School. However, not much is known about her academic background.

Jillian, though, received gymnastics instruction in addition to being a cheerleader when she was a teen.

Jillian left college, though, in order to follow her aspirations. She so aspired to become a professional wrestler.

Jillian needed instruction to become a wrestler. She decided to quit college and enroll in the wrestling program.

Professional Wrestling Career

Jillian Hall quit college and enrolled in the wrestling program to pursue her goals. She was initially trained by Dave Finlay.

After that, Steve Karen instructed her in wrestling at his facility. After that, she received additional training from Lance Storm as she began her career.

Training and Independent Circuit

In 1998, Jillian Hall made her ring debut as Macaela Mercedes, a wrestler from Louisville, Kentucky and Los Angeles, California. She was portrayed as a wicked character there. In the independent circuit, she amassed numerous victories.

She also won the Woman Wrestling Alliance (WWA) and Professional Girl Wrestling Association titles to add to the discussion of her triumph (PGWA).

A great singer?.(Source=Instagram)

In addition, Hall won the cruiserweight and women’s titles for Hoosier Pro Wrestling (HPW).

She and Beth Phoenix got into a manufactured argument at the start of 2003. For the G.L.O.R.Y Ladies’ Wrestling Championship, this conflict occurred.

Finally, Macaela Mercedes won the belt at an Apocalypse Wrestling Federation event by defeating Beth Phoenix.

Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW)

By the middle of 2003, Jillian had joined Ohio Valley Wrestling. Everyone in OVW subsequently began referring to her as “Chronically cute.” But after a while, she turned back into a baddie.

She had her makeover this time, it was revealed. Additionally, the plot implied that Jillian Hall had dyed her hair blonde.

She had a failed breast implant, which eventually had an impact on her brain. She also developed into a psychopath.

Jillian Hall’s World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Career

Jillian Hall initially committed to a WWE developmental contract in 2004. However, she made her ring entrance on July 28, 2005.

As a “fixer” for MNM (Joey Mercury, Johnny Nitro, and Melina), she made her SmackDown debut. Jillian was depicted as a different person.

She also had a mole on her face that was expanding. However, Jillian didn’t spend much time with the MNM group.

Later, she was recruited by John “Bradshaw” Layfield (JBL), one of WWE’s most popular bad guys, to serve as his manager.

She was engaged in a professional conflict with Stacy Keibler at the time. Hall used trickery to win the game against Stacy.

Hall was JBL’s manager at the moment, and it was her responsibility to advance his WWE career.

The Boogyman, a spooky WWE character who eats earthworms, was drawn to her due to the mole on her face. Without a doubt, that led to a conflict between JBL and the Boogyman.

Later, Hall assisted JBL in two matches, and JBL was successful in capturing two titles. Boogyman eventually consumed the Mole.

Nevertheless, Jillian was dismissed by JBL after she unintentionally slammed the steel door in his face while they were competing in a steel cage.

After that, she gained popularity among the crowd. Soon later, she and Melina, one of her old clients, began to argue.

But on Judgment Day as well as in a six-man tag team match, Jillian triumphed against Malina.

Jillian Hall’s Singing Career

She always thought of herself as the best, regardless of how loudly everyone booed her. Jillian, however, believed she was equally as talented as Adele or Beyonce. She persisted in pursuing her love of music.

Hall and Ashley Massaro started competing against one another in 2007. (which was scripted). Hall sought to demonstrate throughout that feud that she is capable of other things outside wrestling.

She attempted singing in this manner, which no one found enjoyable. Although she was a good vocalist in real life, she sang so poorly in the ring.

Later, she sang a song for Timbaland that she claimed to have written, all in an effort to impress him.

Sadly, he did not seem impressed and turned her away. Then, in a fit of rage, she seriously hurt Massaro (as per script). If she can’t be a model for Timbaland, Hall reasoned, then who else can?

On June 17, 2007, Jillian was eventually chosen by RAW.

She was paired up with Melina on the same day she defeated Mickie James and Candice Michelle in their bout. She soon resumed singing as she made her backstage appearance.

Jillian Hall’s Title Win

On October 12, Jillian earned her first championship with WWE. She and Mickie James were competing on RAW for the lady championship. Sadly, she lost after that right afterwards.

Money in the Bank was won by Malina, who cashed it in and defeated Jillian. Jillian was unable to continue because she was already exhausted. Finally, she dropped the position.

The WWE terminated Jillian Hall’s employment on November 19, 2010. She then made her way back to the independent circuit. Jilian spent three years there, from 2011 to 2014.

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What is the Relationship status of Jillian Hall

The life of Jillian Hall has not always been simple. They were difficult and difficult times. Her two failed marriages made life difficult for her. She obviously experienced a lot in her life.

When Hall initially got married, she was just a teenager. In 2000, she wed Tim Hall. Tiny Tim was the ring moniker of independent wrestler Tim Hall. She legally changed her last name from Fletcher to Hall when she was 19 years old.

Four years into their marriage, they made the quick decision to party their way in 2004. Tim and Jillian do, however, share a daughter.

On September 10, 2010, Jillian wed Mike Farole once more in a Las Vegas ceremony. She was 14 weeks along in her pregnancy when she miscarried their first child.

Hall was detained in April 2012 while facing a battery accusation in Orange City, Florida. Sadly, she divorced once more in 2012 not long after that.

Jillian recently received the gift of a baby girl. On March 3, 2020, Violet Alice Farrow, her baby, was born. She has therefore posted countless images of both her child and the baby’s father.

Meet Violet Elise Farrow, our daughter! one of my greatest blessings ever!

How was the Networth of Jillian Hall?

Jillian Hall is a powerful, self-reliant, and lovely woman. She has demonstrated that she is capable of handling any challenge that comes her way.

It is obvious that she must have made a lot of money as a wrestler. She undoubtedly leads a wealthy life.

Her financial wealth isn’t made public, though. She reportedly has a $2 million net worth, nevertheless. The anticipated yearly salary for Jillian is $152,000.

Social Media

Followers on Twitter (@Jillianhall): 193.9k

Followers on Instagram (@Jillianhall1): 55.1k

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