Jody Yeh

Quick Facts

Full Name Jody Yeh
Birth Name jody
Profession Clarnetist
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Birth Country USA
Gender Identity Female
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Divorced
Spouse John Bruce Yeh (Ex husband)
No Of Children 2
Religion Christianity

The lady on our list today is Jody Yeh who is a clarinetist. Yeh rose to prominence as the ex-wife of the famous, Clarinetist, John Bruce Yeh. Not just that, these days, she is often spotted in her daughter Molly Yeh‘s recent food blogs as well.

Jody is a woman of the 70s and currently, she is in her late 50s. Jody, who is of Jewish descent, was born in the USA. As a very keen interest in music, she started playing music with various personalities in her early career. What’s her personal life like? Let’s explore.

Early life and Education

Jody Yeh was born on October 16, 1965, in the USA. She spent a portion of her childhood in New York City before her family moved to Gurnee, Illinois. She completed her high school education at a local high school in Gurnee.

After high school, Jody moved to Switzerland, where she enrolled at Institut Montesano, a finishing school for young ladies located in Gstaad. At Montesano, she studied social graces, skiing, and French, among other things.

After Montesano school, it is possible that she attended a music school, given her talent for playing instruments. She also pursued undergraduate and postgraduate education, given that she holds a master’s degree in social work. Unfortunately, she has not revealed where she attended university.

There is not much information available about Jody in the public domain, given that she did not attract much attention until her daughter became famous. However, one of the few things known about her is that she is of Hungarian descent. On top of that, Yeh is not her birth name; Jody Yeh’s maiden name is Shinbrod. She adopted the name Yeh after marrying her husband.


Jody started her professional life as a clarinettist, an artist who plays the clarinet. While playing the clarinet, she met her future husband, John Yeh, another clarinettist. Bother were struggling artists until John’s career took off when he got an opportunity to play at the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.

Jody later left the musical world behind and worked as a chocolatier. However, she changed her career again to work as a social worker. She is a licensed clinical social worker who works with children with special needs. She currently works at the Laremont School, a special needs school in Lake County, operating under the SEDOL Foundation.

Aside from working as a school social worker, Jody also runs her private practice. She offers online therapy sessions specialising in family conflicts, depression, parenting, stress and anxiety, and self-esteem.

Is Jody Yeh presently married or single?

Since the beginning, Jody has led a pretty unassuming existence. Despite the fact that her ex-husband and daughter are well-known figures worldwide. Jody still keeps a lot of her privacy.

Thus, very little information about her personal life is made public due to her natural tendency toward privacy. However, it has been reported that she is currently content with her life as a single mother.

In addition, she performs music and is frequently on the road with the band. Furthermore, there are currently no reports about her relationships or affairs.

Failed Life after marriage for John Bruce Yeh

As a matter of fact, Jody has been married before to John Bruce Yeh, a famous clarinetist just like her. Chicago Pro Musica, a chamber ensemble, is directed and founded by him. He is also the 1985 Best New Classical Artist Grammy Award winner.

John Bruce Yeh, Jody Yeh’s ex-husband, in picture
Calendar And Education

When they first began their careers, Jody and John got to know one another. The precise date is still lacking, though. However, it has been shown that their shared passion was the reason they began dating. After several years of enjoying their relationship, the couple eventually exchanges their wedding vows in a private ceremony.

Had Two Cute Daughters Together

Jody and John had two stunning girls together, Molly Yeh (born May 22, 1989), and Jenna Yeh. The two children are now adults who are both married.

Jody Yeh and her daughter Molly Yeh in the photo.
Source: @mollyyeh on Instagram

Daughter of Jody Molly is a blogger and cookbook author who posts delectable recipes and other food-related information on her blog. The Julliard School alumna Molly is also the host of the Girl Meets Farm culinary show on the Food Network.

For your knowledge, John, Jody’s former husband, is now married to Teresa Reilly, his second wife. John and Teresa both have a daughter by the name of Mia Yeh.

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Jody Yeh’s Daughter, Molly Yeh is blessed with a one Child

American blogger, chef, and cookbook author Molly is Jody’s daughter. She has written several books about the cuisine and won numerous accolades. At the Julliard School, Molly met Nick Hagen, the love of her life.

Pictured are granddaughter Bernadette Rosemary Yeh Hager, son-in-law Nick Hagen, and Molly Yeh, Jody Olsen’s daughter.
Source: @mollyyeh on Instagram

After several years of dating, the couple were married in 2015. Later, in order to follow their ambition, they relocated to the Minnesota–North Dakota area. In November 2018, the couple made their first child’s impending arrival public. And later, on March 30, 2019, they receive Bernadette Rosemary Yeh Hagen, their daughter.

The three-person family is now having a great time spending time together. Additionally, there are no recent developments in the couple’s relationship or extramarital affairs.

What is the Wealth of Jody Yeh?

Jody’s net worth has not yet been formally established. However, it’s thought that her wealth is in the $300,000 to $500,000 range. All of her riches have come from her successful career. Her husband is also wealthy, with a $1 million net worth. Additionally, her daughter Molly, who is worth $3 million, is a well-known celebrity as well.

Jody Yeh’s fast facts

  1. What is Jody Yeh’s ethnicity? Jody is of Caucasian ethnicity. However, her ancestry is mixed, as she has both Hungarian and Jewish ancestry.
  2. What nationality is Molly Yeh? Jody Yeh’s daughter Molly Yeh (and her sister Jenna Yeh) are American nationals. Both of their parents – Jody and John Yeh – were born and grew up in America.
  3. Does Molly Yeh have a mother? Yes, Molly’s mother, Jody, is alive. She currently lives in North Dakota, United States.
  4. Who is Jody Yeh’s husband? Currently, she does not have a husband. She was married to Grammy Award-winning clarinettist John Bruce Yeh. However, the couple divorced, and John has since remarried.
  5. How many children does Jody Yeh have? Jody has two children, daughters Molly and Jenna Yeh, from her marriage with John Yeh. However, her ex-husband has another daughter, Mia Yeh, from his second marriage,
  6. What does Jody Yeh do for a living? The personality is a social worker. She currently works as a school social worker for the SODE foundation. She also runs an online therapy practice.
  7. What is Jody Yeh’s net worth? Jody’s Yeh is worth around $100,000 to $500,000.