John Bosa

John Wilfred Bosa, Nick Bosa’s father, was a former American defensive player. He participated in National Football League competition for the Miami Dolphins. In addition to the 1987 NFL Draft (1987), Holy Guy (1998), and ESPN’s Weekend Night Soccer, John Bosa is also an actor (1987).

Quick Facts about John Bosa:

Full Name John Wilfred Bosa
Nick Name Papa Bear
Date of Birth January 10, 1964
Place of Birth Keene, New Hampshire
Age 58
Gender Male
Nationality American
Horoscope Capricorn
Height 6’4″ (1.93m)
Weight 270 lb (122 kg)
High School Keene High School
College  Boston College
Eye Color Brown
Shoe Size N/A
Relationship Married
Wife Cheryl Bosa
Children Two (Joey Bosa, Nick Bosa)
Pets N/A
Profession Professional Football Player
Plays Defensive End
Total Games  31
Status Retired
Retired on 1989
Salary N/A
Net worth $800k-$1M
Social Media Instagram
Merch Nick Bosa Items
Last Update July, 2022

What does the father of Nick Bosa make?

John Bosa’s Net Worth

From his earliest years, John Bosa earned a large portion of his income playing professional football. After retiring, he also treated himself to certain business indulgences and did well for himself.


Included in the projected net worth are all of his investments, homes, and opulent possessions. His possessions, earnings, and salaries have not yet been fully disclosed, though. We’ll let you know as soon as we have it. You may know more about Liz Carmouche

Early years of John Bosa:

The former NFL player John was born in Keene, New Hampshire, on January 10, 1964. He played football there while he was a student at Keene High School. Later, he was granted a full sports scholarship and joined the Boston College Eagles football team. He received the last scholarship that was available, which was a gift from God.

He started playing football in his sophomore year at Boston College, putting him on football fans’ radars. John also participated in the Orange Bowl, one of the most well-known football contests in history. John soon distinguished himself as one of the college’s top defensive linemen by the mid-1980s.

John’s career took off after the Miami Dolphins selected him in the first round of the 1987 NFL Draft.

John Bosa’s Career, the father of Nick Bosa

John’s first year at Miami went rather smoothly. He had a fantastic opportunity there. John was a grinder by nature. He never skipped a day of practice. At the training camp, he was having a good time.

In 1987, John was also recognized as the team’s best defensive lineman after leading the group with 50 tackles.

n John Bosa had 17 tackles and two sacks in the first five games in 1988 following a good rookie campaign.

However, his ailments began in the second half of 1998. His career declined after his injuries, and he never fully recovered. His lengthy contract stalemate at the beginning of his career wasted him important training camp practice time. He was then hardly able to move forward as his injuries caused the situation to worsen.

John Bosa: Accidents

On September 26, 1998, John Bosa, Nick Bosa’s father, suffered his first injury when he tore a groin muscle playing against Minnesota. John Bosa once more suffered a left knee injury on October 16, 1988, while playing against San Diego. He subsequently tore his ligaments and cartilage as a result.

He missed eleven months of Dolphins sessions as a result of it. His career was severely impacted by this. He returned to work in August 1989 and joined his coworkers. Also He had not yet totally recovered, though.

He was dressed in shorts, shoulder pads, and a brace made of titanium that ran from his thigh to his calf and was intended to protect his knee as much as possible.

He had also lost weight, going from 275 pounds to somewhere between 255 and 260. On August 5, 1990, the athlete suffered another right knee injury while playing Tampa Bay.

A bust, John Bosa?

John Bosa, the father of Nick Bosa, had a career in the NFL marred by injuries. Unfortunately, he had to spend more time in the hospitals’ therapy facilities and waiting rooms than he did with the players.

John rarely had the opportunity to show viewers his full talent during his tenure on the field. Additionally, he contributed little to the Dolphins’ defensive line during his tenure there. He received a lot of jeers, teasing, and harsh criticism from supporters and the local press as a result. John was identified as a bust.

He continued by saying that although he had many goals and desired to play, his injuries prevented him from doing so because of the antiquated medical technology.

John Bosa: Resignation

The father of Nick Bosa played in just three NFL seasons. John Bosa’s NFL career was brief and unfulfilling, in contrast to Nick’s. John spent three seasons as a defensive end for the Miami Dolphins before he decided to call it a day in 1989.

Nick Bosa’s father, John Bosa

John’s football career didn’t go well, but his life since retiring has been happy. He made investments in local businesses and real estate. Additionally, he founded his gym with Eric Kumerow.

It quickly gained popularity and established itself as one of South Florida’s top gyms. We can also claim that from an athletic and health perspective, Nick and Joey benefited much from Nick Bosa’s father’s gym. When John and Kumerow eventually sold the gym, they received a sizable profit.

John Bosa’s Spouse and Children

John Bosa is currently content with his life with his wife Cheryl, his two boys Joey and Nick, and all of them.

a few facts about Cheryl Bosa

John Bosa’s wife Cheryl Bosa is a proud mother and wife. She was born in Illinois, and she went to high school at Oak Park and River Forest.

Cheryl also received her degree from Ohio State University. Her major was international relations and affairs at the undergraduate level.

The Bosa Family (Source: Instagram)

In reality, Eric Kumerow, another Miami Dolphins player, and Cheryl Bosa are siblings. Cheryl first met John through her brother because Eric and John were quite close.

Cheryl is a realtor in Fort Lauderdale that focuses in buying and selling luxury residences. Young Bosa is presently employed by Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Florida Realty as a real estate associate. Cheryl speaks Spanish very well.

a few facts about Joey Bosa

The firstborn child of John and Cheryl Bosa is Joey Bosa. Young Bosa was conceived in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, on November 7, 1995. Joey is a defensive end for the Los Angeles Chargers in the league of professional American football.

Joey, in contrast to his father, has a promising football future. He was one of the five Ohio State University players selected for the 2016 NFL Draft.

During his early career, Joey was also recognized as the Defensive Rookie of the Year. Joey also received the 2016 AP Defensive Rookie of the Year honor.

Joey is a regular user of social media. He uses the handles @jbbigbear on Twitter and Instagram. To learn more about him, his games, and his lifestyle, you can follow him. On Twitter, he has more than 294.8k followers, while on Instagram, he has more than 416k followers.

A few facts about Nick Bosa

Nick Bosa, John and Cheryl’s second child, was born on October 23, 1997. Nick made the same decision as his father, brother, and uncle to pursue a football career.

Similarly, Nick was chosen in the first round of the 2019 NFL Draft by the San Francisco 49ers. He soon agreed to a four-year, multi-million dollar deal with the 49ers that included a fifth-year option. He was also recognized as the year’s top defensive rookie.

Nick and Joey Bosa with their father, John Bosa

John Bosa, Nick Bosa’s father, had accepted the honor on his son’s behalf. The majority of defensive player Nick’s wealth comes from playing professional football. Nick Bosa can also be found on Twitter and Instagram under the handles @nbsmallerbear and @nbsmallerbear, respectively. To learn more about him, you can follow him.

One of the best brother-sister pass-rush teams in NFL history was the “Bosa Brothers.” he tremendous NFL careers of John Bosa’s kids undoubtedly made him proud. Furthermore, both kids have a close relationship with their father. In addition, Joey Bosa paid tribute to their father by donning the recognizable #97 shirt.

Is the father of Nick Bosa a social media user?

Instagram users can find John Bosa as @jbpapabear.

Questions and Answers

Does the Hall of Fame include John Bosa?

Nearly 30 years after he left the NFA, John Bosa was honored into the NHIAA Hall of Fame in 2019.

John was unable to attend the ceremony on November 11, 2019, so the award was given to his mother, Doris.

John Bosa, Nick Bosa’s father, played for whom?

From 1987 through 1989, John Bosa was a player for the Miami Dolphins. John had also fantasized about playing football for a living.

However, due to his condition, this was not possible. Due to numerous injuries throughout his playing career, he was unable to continue.