John Malecki

Quick Facts

Full Name John Malecki
Birth Date May 26, 1988
Birth Place Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Nick Name Not known
Religion Not known
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Education Franklin Regional Senior High School, University of Pittsburgh
Horoscope Gemini
Father’sName John Malecki Sr.
Mother’sName Angela Malecki
Siblings Geoffrey Malecki (younger brother)
Age 34 years old
Height 6’2″ (1.88 m)
Weight 298 lb (135 kg)
Shoe Size Not known
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Light Brown
Undrafted 2010
Build Athlete
Marital Status Married to Sara Linkosky Malecki
Kids Expecting one
Position Offensive Guard
Profession Former NFL player, Youtuber, Furniture Builder
Net Worth $9,00,000 (as of the year 2012)
Salary $390,000 base salary (as of the year 2012)
The last team played for Pittsburgh Steelers
League NFL
Active Tenure 2010 to 2013
Social Media Instagram, TwitterFacebookYoutube
Merch Safety GlassesTitans Jersey
Last Update August, 2022

Have you heard of a former football player who became a maker of explosive furniture? Yes, he goes himself “John The Contractor,” and he built his new love into his life while working as a builder.

John began his career as a Tennessee Titans player while working as an offensive guard.

John Malecki was still a standout athlete at the University of Pittsburgh prior to that. Unfortunately, his plan did not turn out as he had hoped.

John had to think of something going forward to keep his fervor, passion, and fire blazing within of him.

You never truly stop dreaming, whether they are to play in a Sunday night game or to share your craft with the world, and I’m thankful every day that I get the chance to live mine, as it turns out.

Childhood, Family, and Education

Let’s start with the basics: John was born on May 26, 1988, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to Angela Malecki and John Malecki Sr.

Geoffrey Malecki, his younger brother, is fourteen months younger than him. John obviously had an easy childhood because he had a friend to play with.

Speaking about John’s parents, Angela, his mother, played softball from the time she was eight years old until her senior year in high school.

She had a knee injury, which sadly forced her to end her career. She was no longer able to accept a scholarship for college.

Additionally, John Malecki Sr., his father, was a basketball player but passed up the chance to use his talents in organized sports since he had to start working at a young age.

Younger John with his brother

As said, Geoffrey was born fourteen months after John entered the world.

Yes, John Sr. and Angela were unsure of the gender of their unborn child. But their (the kids’) future had been predetermined. As you can see, their dreams predated them.

Both of Angela’s boys impressed her as athletes. John was aware that her boys possessed some sort of athletic ability.

She had two separate t-ball teams for John and Geoffrey in mind. She believed it would be unjust to put the brothers on the same squad.

Childhood Stories

In Murrysville, Pennsylvania, John had the opportunity to develop across the street from “Franklin Regional High School.”

John Malecki kept listening to some sounds from Friday Night Football as soon as they entered the house.

Since then, he has also become addicted to a dream in which he wants to hear his name announced by the stadium’s packed with supporters.

He constantly desired to be one of the participants and spectators at the game. No, on the side of the player, not the audience.

The way the athletes entered the field and slapped shoulder pads with one another drew him in.

It merely charmed him. John would just stand there and ponder how cool they appeared for a while.

John was able to recall the question his parents had asked him about playing organized football. Only he was aware; yeah, his heart screamed it out.

His father worked in maintenance at his high school in the late 1990s, and he was about to enter the sixth standard.

John Sr. made sure his son understood the dangers of the field, where he could easily get wounded. He had to get emotionally and physically ready to be the most formidable competitor.

Elder John showed him how to tackle, deal, and offend when they were on top of the hill outside the back door. And his father had drilled this idea into his head.

There will always be someone bigger and badder even though you might be the coolest kid in the backyard.

School Days

The man who, together with his father, used to hear the loud shouts and intercom announcements coming from their home eventually stood out.

And that’s why he was told to push himself further and push back. He was benefiting from all of his father’s preaching and teachings.

Franklin Regional won the AAA Pennsylvania State Championship under John’s leadership.

It was a special occasion for him not because he received praise for his performance but because he won with the teammates he had been playing with since the sixth grade.

College Career

Malecki decided to continue living nearby and play offensive line for the University of Pittsburgh.

The main goals of college football were enjoyment, personal development, and learning. Not to mention that it also focused on strong bonds and friendships.

When John and his friends weren’t at the football field, they relaxed, moved around, and spent time together. In the cafeteria, they engaged in ping pong and BSing.

John received a spot on the Big East Football All-Academic Team. After the 2008 season, he was chosen as the Pittsburgh Panthers’ “Most Improved Offensive Player.”

Additionally, his football career enabled him to earn a Pitts bachelor’s in marketing in 2010.

How Did He Start His Career?

On April 26, 2010, John signed a free agent contract with the Tennessee Titans after going undrafted in 2010.

John Malecki was experiencing the stadium, the cheering crowd, and the life he had always dreamed of.

Head coach Mike Munchak was a young, inexperienced man. He believed that his current frame of mind would serve him well in the NFL.

John was mistaken, though, as the NFL really was a fast-moving business. You are switched because someone else is better qualified for the role.

For every team in the league, “you’re simply a number on a payroll,” he said.

He was subsequently released on August 10, 2010.

Cleveland Browns

John was hired by the Cleveland Browns on August 13, 2010, but before he could unpack his belongings on August 31, he was promptly released.

John also joined the practice squad after agreeing to a contract with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on October 26, 2010.

He spent the 2010 campaign on the practice squad until being re-signed by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on January 4, 2011, to a futures contract.

On August 7, 2011, John signed a contract with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Additionally, he had a brief time with the Redskins.

Just 20 minutes away from Latrobe in Murrysville is where John was last. But then he got an unexpected call to join the Steelers’ offensive line.

An opening on the offensive line resulted from one of the Steelers leaving the squad for an unknown cause.

On October 19, 2011, John simply got in the vehicle and headed there to join the Steelers. On October 26, he was subsequently let go from the practice squad.

Return to the Pittsburgh Steelers

On January 18, 2012, the Pittsburgh Steelers once more signed John to a futures contract.

Soon after, he was discharged and rehired for the practice squad. John was gradually moved up to the active roster position after that.

After some back and forth between the organizations, he was given a playtime during a game at Heinz Field in December 2012 against the Cleveland Browns.

There to offer their support were all of his friends, family members, and former teammates.

With that broad smile on his face, his father’s face was radiant.

John said, “It was fantastic to experience it.

Mrs. Malecki also said that she enjoyed seeing him play. She also remembers one Browns fan begging her to tone down her voice.

I don’t want to destroy this moment by getting into a fight,” Mrs. Maleski retorted.

However, even John enjoyed his time with the Steelers.

Willie Colon, Max Starks, Maurkice Pouncey, and Doug Legursky all extended an invitation to him to join their brotherhood and embraced him as the underdog.

John participated in the Super Bowls and continued to play for many years. He was in love with those guys for some reason.

However, the positive experience with the Steelers was short-lived. John was ecstatic with excitement and simply enjoying his time.

He was ready to go hunting and fishing with his father because he was in a festive mood. And then, seemingly out of nowhere, a call rings. And the news was not good this time.

He was once more released from the team. And this time, his NFL career came to a sudden end.

Without a doubt, John still misses the pregame hype, training camp, the chitchat, and the meeting room.

Woodworking & New Beginning

God, however, also supports those who support themselves. A new beginning was signaled by a football career’s conclusion.

He took a year off from almost everything and tried to come up with a fresh idea.

John discovered a new love for creating unique furniture with a touch of aesthetics. In his spare time, he started working on DIY projects.

Not to mention that his parents had endowed him with a talent for inventiveness. Angela worked in the drapery industry, and her mother was a hairstylist.

Geoffrey, John’s brother, performs music in California. For a while, Senior Maleski, his father, worked for a construction firm.

Everyone “grabs a tool and climbs on board,” he claimed.

How did he get started?

According to accounts, his buddies had to buy a new coffee table when one of them was broken.

John, however, sought out a plan, built it, and then replaced it. He has since discovered his love and passion for woodworking.

John won his first assignment ever for former Steelers teammate Baron Batch, an artist who purchased a large home and desired some distinctively designed custom furniture.

One of John’s work.(Source=Instagram)

Together with Baron, he developed tables and cabinets that perfectly complemented the atmosphere of the home.

After that, John began sharing his work on social media, which significantly improved his situation.

People began asking him questions about his new company, and most of them praised the work and the craft. To pay his debts and buy things, he started creating and manufacturing furniture.

John had experience creating and making things because both his father and grandfather had done so.

Additionally, he researched metalworking, woodworking, and welding online.

Pittsburgh as an Inspiration

John’s sole mantra was to pick up a drill and see what you can create. It’s not the tool you’re using.

Your application will demonstrate how creative you are. John has always assumed his position as a source of inspiration in a similar way.

I am fortunate to reside in a city with so much history, he said.

In his art, he merely exudes that reclaimed industrial aesthetic.

He attempts to capture the character of the city by depicting the downtown area’s brick and steel structures with timber walls.

John’s creations are purely genuine and capture the spirit of fun. He always ensures that every design he creates has a narrative to it.

In the basement of this historic former school building in Homestead, Pennsylvania, John maintains his workspace for his company, JM Custom Builds.

Amazing steel mills were previously housed in the area.

When it comes to finding inspiration, John admires Jimmy DiResta a lot. He like his material and finds some aesthetic pleasure in it.

He learnt all the woodworking techniques from Marc Spagnuolo, who has a great deal of affection for him. Then there is Ben Uyeda, a content creator he greatly admires.

A high-time Youtuber

He has always relied on YouTube to keep working hard. he claims. On YouTube, there is a wealth of information on every subject.

John has his own website,, as well as his own YouTube channel.

He also ran a project there that involved making cutting boards and fire pits. Additionally, his commercial content is visible on Instagram.

Additionally, John has a second website called where he displays all of his designs for commercial use.

The only location where clients can use their portfolio is there.

John is a business owner, custom fabricator, cameraman, marketing director, designer, and photographer, among other roles.

He is a one-man show, but he also intends to offer his assistance if necessary.

Not to add that John enjoys developing and changing as a result of the DIY movement.

It’s not like he wakes up one day, has an idea, and the next thing you know, the plan to build furniture is a great success.

It required a lot of work, devotion, time, and sacrifice. He spent 2.5 years living in his friend’s basement while pursuing his vocation.

Co-hosting a creative Channel

Brad Rodriguez and John co-host the podcast “Made for Profit.”

Everything began when the two met at a show and recognized that discussing the commercial side of woodworking and DIY making may aid in the evolution of makers.

They therefore considered running a podcast to discuss making money in the store and monetizing as an artist.

And things are going quite well; a sizable audience has been attracted to the program. It has also given kids a foundation for studying.

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What is the Relationship status of John Malecki?

Regarding John’s private life, there isn’t much to continue to be interested in. He has a simple life and is a simple man.

He isn’t annoying or repulsive in any way. Sara Linkosky Malecki, John’s wife, and he are currently married.

Sadly, there isn’t much information available on Sara online, but you can follow her on Instagram to learn more about her. There, she is accessible as @malinkky.\

John Malecki With His Wife..(Source=Instagam)

John and Sara also have a strong bond and have fallen deeply yet wildly in love with one another.

The couple, who had their first child, a stunning baby girl named Annie Elizabeth Malecki on March 12, 2021, is not keeping all this love to themselves, though.

The happy couple is currently enjoying a happy life. And neither of them has yet been involved in any rumors or disputes over their union.

John appears to be pretty busy, but he still finds time to spend with his family.

Just a little intriguing fact: John has been using his artistic and creative abilities to improve his personal life.

When he got married, he made his own ring. He considered this to be the most contenting and pleasurable time of his life.

The YouTube video where he creates a wedding band out of a steel block is embedded below.

How was the Networth Value of John Malecki?

Starting with his earnings and wealth, John had a basic salary of $390,000 while playing in the NFL. In 2012, he signed a two-year contract with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

$870,000 was paid for the contract. Other than that, it is obvious that John has supported himself through his furniture manufacturing company. He also has a YouTube channel.

Thus, we no longer need to reiterate that he must lead the life he desired. Even though he is already at the pinnacle of his achievement, he maintains working harder to produce something fresh each day.

John responds, “My last project is typically my favorite project mainly because I continuously push myself to go something over the top,” when asked about his favorite project.

The industrial kitchen island made from salvaged materials is one of his favorite items. It included some cabinets, carcass work, recycled work, and metalwork.

He was shocked and pleased when it turned out well.

Social Media

Entrepreneur John Malecki is aware of the importance of social media for businesses looking to generate revenue.

As a result, he has a sizable following and is accessible on all social networking platforms.

Please follow him and marvel at the beauty his woodworking abilities make.

150k Followers on Facebook

243k Followers on Instagram

Twitter has 11.5k users.

629k YouTube subscribers

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