Joshua Ovalle

Joshua Ovalle is a young and talented American filmmaker and a vine video social media star. He has been promoted for MTV at events shows. Ovalle rose to prominence after posting award-winning short films and comic routines on Vine.

For nearly a half-decade, Joshua Ovalle has worked in the film industry. Minimum Max has received half a million views on YouTube and has been featured in the Huffington Post. It has also been accepted into twenty-five film festivals.

Quick Facts

Birth Date August 14,1998
Full Name Josh Ovalle
Birth Name Joshua Ovalle
Profession Filmmaker/Youtuber
Nationality American

How was Ovalle Early Years?

Ovalle was born in Washington, DC, on August 21, 1998. Joshua Ovalle’s full name is Joshua Ovalle, and his zodiac sign is Leo. He is an American citizen. From a young age, he had ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Illness), a mental disorder.

Ovalle joined the film industry as a way to divert attention away from his health problems. In his senior year, he attended Mater Dei High School, and he hasn’t shared much about his youth in the public thus far.


Josh was born to Rose Ovalle, his mother, and Wernher Ovalle, his father. His parents, like other well-known celebrities, are well-known in the public as actors and actresses. They also appeared in the film “Two and a Quarter Minutes.”

His younger brothers are Lucas and Elijah Ovalle, with Elijah being the youngest of the three. Lucas is also a well-known actor and social media celebrity. “Two and a Quarter Minutes” was another film in which he appeared. He’s also at peace when he’s with his brothers and they’re having a good time.

Who is Joshua brother?

Lucas Ovalle is a YouTuber and actor. He became well-known as a result of the app ‘Vine,’ which he eventually developed into ‘Instagram’ and ‘YouTube.’ Josh Ovalle, his award-winning filmmaker brother, directed a couple short films in which he appeared and assisted in the direction.

His debut as an independent filmmaker was marked with the release of his first short film on his ‘YouTube channel.’ After losing his girlfriend to illness, Lucas has been involved in a cancer fundraising effort.

What is Josh Relationship Status?

Josh Ovalle looks to be unmarried, despite being a multi-talented and famed Hollywood filmmaker. He has a lot of female friends and posts a lot of pictures of them on social media. However, he has never revealed or addressed his personal life.

Ovalle appears to have recently shifted his concentration to his filmmaking profession and growing his social media following. Perhaps he doesn’t want his girlfriend to be known to the general public. Ovalle, on the other hand, is such a charming and diligent man that every lady hopes she might be his.

Ovalle Suffered From ADHD

Attention deficit disorder is another name for this kind of ADHD (ADD). The signs of ADD often go overlooked since they are not always visible.

Ovalle may show signs of inattention as well as hyperactivity and impulsivity, or he may just show one of these behaviors.

Ovalle has also had ADHD since he was a toddler. He found it impossible to concentrate on anything. As a result, he started making movies to distract himself from his emotions.

What is Joshua height and weight?

Joshua Ovalle stands 5 feet 7 inches tall (174cm) and weighs 62 kg. His hair is dark brown, and he has a black eye. He has a wonderful and sexy body shape since he routinely goes to the gym and follows a home workout plan for his body shape.

As a result of his well-kept physique, Ovalle has begun to earn fans and followers. He has a fair skin and an oval face. He is highly health conscious and conscious of his appearance as a filmmaker. And he appears to be in good physical condition and appealing.

Achievements and Awards

Ovalle has screened at a number of international film festivals. He was able to earn an award for his picture “Two and a Quarter Minutes” as a result of his Excellent Performance and passion to movies, which was a significant accomplishment for him.

With the award in his hand, Josh Ovalle. AnswersAfrica is the source of this image.

In 2014, Ovalle won the prestigious “Audience Award” at the All American High School Film Festival. He won two awards at the 2015 Seattle International Film Festival.

Ovalle As A Starter filmmaker

When Ovalle first began creating films, he was amazed by the number of people who were watching him, and others were astounded that a 13-year-old youngster could produce such a masterpiece.

They used to talk about his skills. Ovalle made the picture Minimum Max when he was thirteen years old. This film was inspired by his experiences as a young boy with ADHD. He slowly began to heal from his ordeal.

As a YouTube personality

In addition to his movie work, Ovalle is a well-known YouTuber. Josh Ovalle’s YouTube channel has over 339k subscribers. To be a successful YouTuber, you must put in a lot of effort and attention.

It takes a lot of time, which only a few people have, but Ovalle is one of them. He mostly vlogs and talks about his daily life. In every way, he is amusing his audience. “Random House Footage” was his most recent video.

How much is Josh Net Worth?

Josh Ovalle’s net worth is estimated to be in the $2 million range. He supplemented his income through ads, promotions, and other sources as a well-known filmmaker and YouTuber.

With his long curly hair, Josh Ovalle stands out. is the source of the image.

He is a gifted and tireless worker. He started working when he was thirteen years old, setting an example for countless young people all across the world.

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Ovalle-related films

Ovalle began making short films at the age of thirteen. To date, he has produced six films, including “Minimum Max,” “Two and a Quarter Minutes,” “The Norwegian Vampire Film,” and others.

All of his flicks were uplifting. A genuine story gave them the idea. In Hollywood, they were also box office hits.

Review of the film “Minimum Max”

Ovalle’s award-winning film “Minimum Max” is his most well-known. Because of its premise and concept, many people adored this film. On the internet, this is the most watched film. The plot of this film is inspired by genuine events. The world of ADHD is depicted in this movie.

In this concise and gripping first-person novel, Max, a high school student, must negotiate the world of ADHD and the meds that come with it. Finally, he must pick between taking medication and getting better grades or putting up with his ADHD and getting bad grades; nonetheless, he must be happy in the end.

Profile on IMDB

Ovalle has five acting credits, three directing credits, three writing credits, two editing credits, and two producing credits on his IMDb page. Ovalle has been a part of a plethora of films. Every single one of his films has the highest online rating.

His IMDb page also features a biography, filmography, photos, and videos. Ovalle has been known and admired for his intelligence and intelligence since childhood.

Is Joshua active on The Internet and Social Media?

On social media, you may find Joshua Ovalle. He engages with his fans primarily through Instagram and Twitter. @JoshOvalle is his Twitter handle, while @filmquaker is his Instagram handle.

He has 402k Instagram followers and 436 Instagram posts, and he has over 134k Twitter followers. And he posts updates from the sets of his films as well as news on his friends.

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