Jude Speleers

The famous son of Ed Speleers and Asia Macey is Jude Speleers. His parents are both well-known individuals. Jude’s father, Ed, is an accomplished actor by trade who rose to fame as a result of his roles in Downton Abbey, Outlander, and Wolf Hall. He is a director in addition to being an actor.

Asia Macey, Jude’s mother, is a designer, on the other hand. Jude Speleers participates in the entertainment sector as well and has worked as a costume designer on films including Into the Woods, The Lady in the Van, and Broadchurch.

People often want to know more about Jude Speleers’ life because he is the son of two well-known individuals, Ed Speleers and Asia Macey. In this essay, let’s discover everything there is to know about this young man.

Quick Facts

Full Name Jude Speleers
Profession Celebrity Kid
Nationality British
Birth Country United Kingdom
Father Name Ed Speleers
Father Profession Actor
Mother Name Asia Macey
Mother Profession Costume Designer


Jude was born to Ed Speleers & Asia Macey in the UK in January 2015, as was already mentioned. Due to the celebrity of his parents, he became famous as soon as he was born. The fact that his parents had a baby girl in 2018 means that he is not the only child they have.

Jude Speleers staring at his younger sister
(Image Source: Biography Mask)

Unfortunately, information about Jude’s younger sister is still hidden. The media has not even been told her name. It makes sense not to draw attention to them for security and privacy reasons because they are too young to be exposed to the media.

Jude and his younger sister are certain to lead happy lives in the future free from financial hardships because they were born into a wealthy household. They have been residing with their parents as of right now. Quinn Welliver

Ed is the YouthNet charity’s ambassador

Since 2010, Ed Speleers, the father of Jude Speleers, has contributed to YouthNet, a UK charity. To help YouthNet raise money for their cause, he participated in the Virgin London Marathon for the first time in 2011. He also served as YouthNet’s first ambassador and continues to do so, demonstrating his kind nature.

The Stafford-based YouthNet supports young children’s social and emotional development in the community and at school. Everyone can find out more about the charity’s programs on has a website .

Relationship Status: Information about Jude’s Parents’ Marriage

Before being married, Jude’s parents, Ed Speleers and Asia Macey, had a protracted relationship. Although their precise wedding date has not been made public, numerous sources point to 2014 as the likely year.

Jude Speleers’s parents, Asia Macey and Ed Speleers, posing for a photo shoot at an event. (Image Source: Getty Images)

Ed and Asia, a loving couple, hid their marriage until a friend of Ed revealed the following to Daily Mail:

“Ed’s so excited about becoming a dad.”

One more source reported:

“His mates were at a party… and were referring to Asia as his wife. It seems like they have married in secret.”

Father of Jude Speleers Worth

Edward, Jude’s father, is a well-known actor and film producer, as was already established. Ed Speleers’ current net worth is believed to be at $4 million.

Ed mostly earns money from his profession as a producer and performer in several movies and television programs. The success of his first film, Eragon, which brought in over $250 million, rocketed his career.

That much money in Ed’s bank account would allow him to live comfortably. Unless he makes a poor financial choice, neither he nor his children need to be concerned about money problems.

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Who Is Asia Macey, the Mother of Jude Speleers?

Jude’s mother, Asia Macey, is a designer like the well-known costume designer Audrey Tennenbaum. However, once she wed Ed Speleers, she rose to fame. Unfortunately, she enjoys a low-key existence and has not made many personal revelations.

Jude Speleers’s mother, Asia Macey.
(Image Source: CelebSuburb)

She has designed costumes for films like Into the Woods, The Lady in the Van, and Broadchurch, according to IMDB. She currently has a total of eighteen costume design credits listed on her IMDB profile. Evangelina Almeida

Information about Ed Speleers

On April 7, 1988, Ed Spellers, also known as Edward John Speleers, was born in West Sussex. When he was only three years old, his parents got divorced. His mother moved to Spain after the divorce, while his father continued to live in London. In addition, Ed has two older half-brothers.

Ed began acting in plays when he was a senior in high school. He performed in plays by Shakespeare like Richard III and A Midsummer Night’s Dream. In addition to being his graduation year, 2006 marked the beginning of his professional career.

The Controversial Play by Jude’s Father

One of the most contentious pieces, Retribution, was written by Ed while he was a student at Eastbourne College. Together with one of his pals, Rob Curran, he co-wrote the play.

Serious subjects including child abuse and pedophilia were examined in Retribution. As expected, the general people reacted with shock. He has expressed openly that he doesn’t care if people dislike him for the proper reasons. He declared:

“I’m up for being disliked and hated if it’s in the right context.”

Ed has received numerous honors

Edward, who stands 5 feet 10 inches tall, began his professional career in 2006. He debuted as one of the main players in Eragon, a 20th Century Fox production. It was adapted from Christopher Paolini’s best-selling book. He has since appeared in several popular films, TV shows, and short films.

Ed received the 2015 Screen Actors Guild Award for Best Ensemble Cast (Television Drama). He received it for his portrayal of Jimmy in Downton Abbey. In addition, he was a finalist for the Best Ensemble Performance, BAFTA Award, and Best Young Actor categories of the Saturn Awards. Maxwell Donovan

Jude’s father works as a voice actor as well

Ed has worked in the video game industry in addition to being an actor and a producer. He provided Eragon’s voice in the video game Eragon in 2006, which was released in November. However, the game had a low sales performance and garnered unfavorable reviews.

Ten years after the publication of Eragon, on October 21, 2016, Ed provided the voice for the Daniel Edwards character in the video game Battlefield 1. It was released by Electronic Arts and had as its primary setting World War I. More than 15 million copies of the game were sold globally, making it a major commercial success.

On Social Media

Jude Speleers frequently appears on his father’s Instagram account even though he is too young to utilize social media. With nearly 97.3k followers, his father has an active Instagram account with the username @edwardjspeleers.

Jude Speleers with his father, Ed Speleers.
(Image Source: Twitter)

Asia, Jude’s mother, doesn’t use social media as much as his father does. However, she has a number of fanbase accounts.

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