Julian Erosa

Quick Facts

Full Name Julian Ricardo Dulican Erosa
Date of Birth July 31, 1989
Birth Place Seattle, Washington
Nick Name Juicy J
Religion Non-religious
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Zodiac Sign Leo
Age 33 Years Old
Height 6’1″ (1.85 meters)
Weight 155 lb (70 kg)
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Build Athletic
Father’s Name Ricardo Erosa
Mother’s Name Debbie Erosa
Siblings A younger brother, Ricky Erosa
Education Eisenhower High School
Marital Status Married
Wife Alaina Evans Erosa (m. 2016)
Kids None
Profession Mixed martial artist
Division Featherweight (formerly)
Affiliations Yakima MMA (2008–2017)
Xtreme Couture (2017–present)
10th Planet Las Vegas (2017–present)
Active Years 2010-present
Net Worth $3 million 
Social Media InstagramTwitter
Merch MMA GlovesMMA Punching Bag
Last Update September, 2022

As a UFC fighter, Julian Erosa sees himself as a warrior both inside and outside of the octagon. Whether or not people liked it, he never gave up on himself. Evidently, he did impart the lesson that celebrity can be flipped upside down with tenacity.

For those who don’t know, Erosa is a mixed martial artist who competes in the Ultimate Fighting Championship’s Lightweight class (UFC).

Erosa, often referred to as “Juicy J,” is a former Featherweight and Lightweight Champion of CageSport.

Additionally, Erosa started his career in 2010, and as of now, he still has the zeal to battle. So let’s examine his facts and continue the conversation about him.

Childhood And Family

Julian Ricardo Dulican Erosa, also known as Erosa, was born a Leo on July 31, 1989 in Seattle, Washington.

Erosa reportedly has a younger brother named Ricky Erosa and is the oldest son of Debbie Erosa and Ricardo Erosa. He grew raised in Yakima, though, where they later relocated.

Unfortunately, Erosa hasn’t provided much information on his early years, family, or academics.

However, according to the reports, Erosa had a happy upbringing because his family stood by him and encouraged the work he produced.

Erosa also finished his high school coursework at Eisenhower High School. Later, he earned an AA in accounting to advance his studies.

Not to mention, Erosa completed his education without having to stress about money.

Introduction to MMA

In actuality, Julian Erosa loved snowboarding and skateboarding. Erosa admitted that he wasn’t much of a team player and wasn’t even interested in athletics when he was in high school.

Skateboarding was all he had, so he did it all the time. Erose also used to snowboard in the winter at White Pass. Having said that, Erosa used to get into fights frequently during those times.

Julian Erosa.(Source=Amazon)

After that, he started to become interested in MMA by watching World Extreme Cagefighting. So, after graduating from high school, he began looking for MMA at his neighborhood gym.

Thus, in his late teens, he discovered and joined a local gym called Yakima MMA.

Despite not having any experience in boxing or fighting, Erosa persisted in pushing himself to a certain extent. Thus, he made significant progress in a year.

How did Julian Erosa Start His Career?

He met the renowned coach Rich Guerin, who had previously worked with UFC star Bryan Caraway and former world champion Miesha Tate, during his time competing for Yakima MMA.

With a coach like him, he also developed a stronger passion for the game and persisted in trying to succeed.

Erosa maintained an excellent amateur record of 10-0 by the time of the end of his amateur career in 2010, winning nine games in a row. Moving on, Erosa began her career in the same year.

He competed in the CageSport promotion back then, primarily in the Pacific Northwest. In the end, he had a 7-0 record.

After that, he entered the CageSport Featherweight Championship and challenged Ryan Mulvihill for the vacant championship.

Erosa won the championship in CageSport 19 on April 28, 2012, but was unable to hold it against Drew Brokenshire at CageSport 22 on December 1, 2012.

Loss of the Biggest supports

Julian Erosa lost his father later in the year, who had been his primary source of support. He lost his father to brain cancer the week before his fifth amateur fight.

In actuality, Erosa considers his father to be his idol and attributes his achievement to him.

However, rather than bringing on a breakdown, losing him provided him more courage and fortitude to carry on. It appears that he persisted in working hard.


Erosa received the opportunity for the title shot for the vacant CageSport Lightweight Championship after being unable to defend his title.

On December 13, 2014, in SFL America 2, he triumphed over Harrison Bevens to win the championship.

Additionally, on February 21, 2015, at SFL America 3, Erosa seized the opportunity to exact revenge on Drew Brokenshire for losing the vacant CageSport Featherweight Championship.

CageSport Featherweight Championship.(Source=Amazon)

He eventually overcame Drew with a third-round D’Arce choke and earned the support of the crowd.

The Ultimate Fighter

Erosa joined The Ultimate Fighter after simultaneously winning via third-round submission. At first, he claimed victory over Jason Soares in The Ultimate Fighter: Team McGregor vs. Team Faber (a unanimous decision).

He defeated Mehdi Baghdad (majority decision) and Abner Lloveras to reach the event’s semifinals (split decision).

Unfortunately, he was defeated by Artem Lobov in the semifinals (first-round knockout).

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC)

On December 11, 2015, during The Ultimate Fighter: Team McGregor vs. Team Faber Finale, Erosa made his promotional debut with the UFC. On reality, Erosa defeated Marcin Wrzosek in his professional debut.

After that, he was eliminated from the promotion after losing his second encounter by knockout.


After that, Erosa competed in fights for a number of organizations, including Prime Fighting and Cage Sports. Erosa defeated Austing Springer to win the featherweight belt during his stint.

Additionally, he won the Cagesport’s Lightweight championship.

Later, in June 2018, Jamall Emmers and Julian competed in Dana White’s 11th Contender Series in Las Vegas. In the end, he knocked out the opponent to win.

Back to UFC

Returning to the UFC, on November 10, 2018, the main event, UFC Fight Night: Korean Zombie vs. Rodriguez, saw Erosa taking on Devonte Smith. He unfortunately got off to a bad start.

Julian Erosa vs. Grant Dawson

Erosa and Grant Dawson (KGD) fought on March 9, 2019, as part of the UFC on ESPN+ 4: Lewis vs. Dos Santos event.

The fight was shown live on prelims as it happened at INTRUST Bank Arena in Wichita, Kansas, in the United States.

As a result of a unanimous judgment, Erosa suffered his second defeat (30-26, 30-27, 29-27). As a result, he was soon dropped from the promotion.

On May 18 at UFC Fight Night 151, he made a comeback to take on Julio Arce.

Anyway, he suffered another defeat in the third round, this time by knockout. He then competed for his previous company, CageSport, where he earned one victory.

Julian Erosa vs. Sean Woodson

He lost three consecutive battles before UFC cut him out, which sent him astray and off course. Following that, the pandemic struck the entire world, bringing everything to a standstill.

Since Kyle Nelson was having visa troubles at the time, it appears that Erosa received a call from the UFC.

He was therefore asked to take on Sean Woodson, who had never lost. Even though it seemed like a last-minute offer to Erosa, he couldn’t be happier and accepted right there.

On June 27, 2020, he competed against Sean in the main event of Poirier vs. Hooker at UFC on ESPN. As an example, consider the terrible fight Erosa put up at the APEX in Las Vegas.

Sean did, in fact, dominate the opening round thanks to his boxing skills, but Julian won the match with a D’Arce choke at the 2:44 mark of the third round.

Now that Erosa is back and more furious than ever, his supporters couldn’t help but laud him. Erosa also won the Performance of the Night prize that evening.

“What 15 minutes can accomplish for you is amazing. I went from being one of the UFC’s biggest jokes to currently being one of the most popular guys. It has been such a long, rocky road. But it has never caused me to doubt. I never fade because I dislike it.
-Julian Erosa

Julian Erosa vs. Nate Landwehr

On February 20, 2021, Erosa faced Nate Landwehr at UFC Fight Night: Blaydes vs. Lewis in UFC APEX.

As the event took held in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States, it was televised live on prelims.

Altogether, Erosa bagged the bout over Nate by a flying knee knockout in round one within 56 seconds.

Now, with 33 professional battles in, Erosa has his improved confidence, and with lots of prospering, he is finally in blossom.

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Fighting Style and Achievements

Erosa is a gritty fighter who now trains at Xtreme Couture and Planet Las Vegas. Apparently, he had to leave the Yakima MMA to go into Las Vegas.

Looking back, Erosa joined the sport cause he was passionate about it and not because he was trained from way back than he can recall.

Fighting with Southpaw’s posture, Erosa practices 10-15 times a week under Casey Halstead’s supervision. As of now, Erosa has amassed 26 wins from the 33 games he appeared with eight losses.

Among the wins he has, Erosa has 11 via knockout, 12 by submission, and three by decision.

Likewise, his nine losses encompass five via knockout and four via decision. Apparently, Erosa’s favorite grappling technique is triangle choke, while his favorite striking technique is pushed kicks.

Anyways, some of his achievements to date are listed below.

  • Prime Fighting Featherweight Champion (one time)
  • CageSport Featherweight Champion (two times)
  • CageSport Lightweight Champion (three times)
  • Performance of the Night (One time)

Another Loss and Corona

In October 2019, Erosa had lost his old coach, Rich Guerin (owner of Yakima MMA), who was also his biggest support outside his father.

Apparently, Guerin passed away owing to a lack of oxygen to the brain aged 49.

Indeed, his strong relationship with Guerin provided him the same impact from his death that he received during his father’s. Alongside Guerin, Erosa had learnt the mechanics of MMA and had met numerous fellow fighters.

For the narrative on a different note, while the globe was grappling with the novel coronavirus. Erosa was busy preparing himself for the future.

Indeed, his determination got him the fight against Sean Woodson; nonetheless, he faced some major infections after a week of his fight.

Therewith, he postponed his training and was on antibiotics. All in all, gradually, he had moderate flu-like symptoms, and not long after that, both he and his wife got tested positive for the global pandemic.

Therefore, to avoid any severe instances, they were isolated for two weeks and only returned in late August.

As indicated by Erosa, he even felt weak after the recovery; consequently, he had to let go of his fight at UFC events in Abu Dhabi.

Recent Fights

As one of his recent fights, Julian Erosa battled against the Korean boxer, Seung Woo Choi in June 2021. Well, their bout took place at the event of UFC Fight Night: Korean Zombie vs. Ige at UFC APEX.

As the event took played in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States, Julian was seen to take control at the beginning. However, Choi Seung Woo took over the fight and went on to produce a sensational finish.

Altogether. Julian gained his defeat by Seung Woo’s vicious left hook. Following the match, Julian Erosa battled over Canadian Charles Jourdain in Ufc Vegas 36 in September 2021.

After a loss, Julian Erosa rebounded back with this particular bout as he terminated the fight on the third round through submission. Well, he bagged his foremost point during the first round while the second round was gained by Charles Jourdain.

How was the Net Worth of Julian?

At now, Julian Erosa has a net worth of $3 million, with a career earning of $ 151,500. Furthermore, he earns $16,000 every fight with a $16,000 win bonus and $5,000 fight week incentive pay.

As a matter of fact, even now, Erosa occasionally drives for Uber to make additional money.

What is the Relationship status of Julian Erosa?

As we all know, Julian Erosa is well-known in the MMA ground as the “Juicy J.” However, if you step out of MMA, Erosa is not the only Juicy J since they do have a rapper from Three 6 Mafia with the same moniker.

Erosa with his wife.(Source=Instagram)

Apparently, this also generated havoc in Twitter because Erosa became trending on Twitter after he won the fight over Sean Woodson.

Indeed, the rapper’s fans were quick to reply with their boastful words for the boxer.


Well, Julian Erosa is a married family man. Apparently, he is married to Alaina Evans in 2016, who is said to be a 2010 Naches Valley graduate.

Sadly, not much is known about his wife, and she seems to love being in the shade.

Additionally, the trio owns a dog and doesn’t have any kids to date. However, you can check Alaina in her Instagram account, which goes by her real name Alaina Erosa (@alaina.jewel).

Furthermore, her Instagram account is secret, and she has 504 followers today.

Social Media

For further personal study about the boxer, you can visit his social media platforms. His Instagram account goes by his real name, Julian Erosa (@julian erosa), which has 2.2k followers.

In the interim, his Twitter handle also goes by his true name Julian Erosa (@juicyj-erosa), which has 2.3k followers.

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