Juliana Spicoluk

Quick Facts

Juliana Spicoluk, a young woman with stunning looks, is well-known. Juliana, a Canadian YouTuber, is also well recognised for her acting. She made the world aware of her through her Youtube channel since she has loved yoga since she was a very young age. Juliana has also competed in gymnastics. When she was barely seven years old, she began gymnastics. She once competed at the Olympic level in rhythmic gymnastics.

Additionally, Spicoluk has demonstrated her participation in a variety of films and television shows. In TV shows including Supernaturals, Dancing Ninja, Reign, and Hellcats, she played a leading role. Juliana has been promoting herself in the creative and entertainment industries. Additionally, she currently has a yoga and fitness YouTube channel that she and her husband maintain.

What is Juliana Spicoluk’s age?

On May 16, 1990, Juliana Spicoluk was born in Russia. Despite being Russian by birth, she spent her formative years in Ukraine. She moved to Canada with her parents after a while. On the other hand, Spicoluk enjoys a party with her loved ones on her birthday, which falls on May 16.

Mark and Juliana Spicoluk

Juliana had kept the identities of her parents and siblings a secret, so they remain a mystery to the public. Since her first years of school, Juliana has been interested in poetry writing, dance, and music. Juliana is actually 31 years old.

How is Boho Beautiful related to Juliana Spicoluk?

Juliana and Mark founded the brand Boho Beautiful to educate people about yoga, fitness, travel, self-awareness, vegan cuisine, and meditation. YouTube has 25 lakh followers to Boho Beautiful, which is very well-liked. On October 1st, they launched their channel for 2014. Couples who teach yoga have made YouTube a significant source of income. In addition to this, they have performed charitable acts in the name of their company.

 Is Juliana Spicoluk married?

The stunning Juliana is currently wed to musician and businessman Mark Spicoluk. Mark, a former member of the immensely renowned band sum41, has been playing bass with the most well-known punk rocker, Avril Lavigne.

Additionally, as they are both founder members of their track, Juliana and Mark have been co-running their YouTube channel. Juliana and Mark are both vegans.

How did Juliana Semenova and Mark Spicoluk meet?

Married Juliana Semenova has one child. She had wed Mark Spicoluk, a well-known and accomplished Canadian musician and businessman. The devoted pair has been living together for a long time.

The pair is also a private person. Regarding their first encounter and wedding ceremony, they have kept all relevant details private. Aside from this, the couple has a gorgeous child who’s name is unknown. In San Jose, Costa Rica, where their second property is located, the entire family is residing as of 2022.

Are Juliana social media accounts active?

Juliana uses social media outlets frequently. She has generally demonstrated her engagement on YouTube. Boho Beautiful Yoga is the name of her channel on YouTube. Semenova’s YouTube channel has 25 lakh subscribers. Additionally, she is active on Instagram. Her Instagram account has a blue tick, indicating that it is her verified account, and she has 420K followers.

How much money does Juliana Semenova make?

Juliana, a versatile actress, yoga teacher, gymnast, and YouTube sensation, has made a respectable sum of money. We learned that she had a net worth of between $3 million and $5 million from a different source. She has also increased her income through Instagram sponsorship.

Has Juliana had cosmetic procedures?

The attractive actress and yoga instructor is in excellent physical shape. Juliana has blonde hair and hazel-colored eyes. She stands 5 feet 5 inches tall and weighs roughly 51 kilogrammes.

Social media is used by Juliana Spicoluk.

Juliana’s left arm is covered in tattoos. We heard that Juliana had breast implants, though we aren’t entirely sure.