Julianna Farrait

Quick Facts

Birth Date 1941
Full Name Julianna Farrait
Nationality Puerto Rican
Birth City New Jersey
Birth Country Puerto Rican
Gender Identity Female
Horoscope Aquarius
Marital Status Married
Spouse Frank Lucas
No Of Children 7
Networth 150000
Education schooling from Puerto Rico
Religion Christianity

Julianna Farrait, also known as Julie Farrait, became famous after marrying Frank Lucas, a late heroin dealer. Julianna’s life and character as Eva in the Oscar-nominated film American Gangster were inspired by Julianna.

 Asides from it, Farrait was caught in Puerto Rico for trafficking cocaine and sentenced to five years in jail to breach the drugs law. She was then drawn into a significant issue after her husband displayed a costly coat set at an occasion.

What is the Education level of Julianna Farrait?

There is little information about Julianna’s education. Julianna started drug dealing after she met her late husband. She has been in court for several Charges.In 1970s, she spent 5 years in prison after being sentenced to drug-related charges for taking part in the drug company of her husband.

Julianna Farrait-Career

In the year 2010, several years after her husband quit the drug-dealing business, she was also sentenced to similar charges and maintained a 5-year jail term after she tried to sell two kilograms of cocaine to a government informer, Puerto Rico. She was again convicted in February 2012 by the Manhattan federal court judge. During imprisonment, she was sixty-five years old, and her husband, Lucas was eighty-one years old. At the time of the sentencing, she pleaded for mercy and sympathy from the judges so that she could take care of her ill husband.

Julianna Farrait’s Married Life With Frank Lucas

The location and date of Julianna Farrait and Frank Lucas’ wedding remain unknown. They reportedly had a covert wedding in 1960, though.

Seven kids were born to Frank and Julianna Lucas.
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Frank Jr., Francine Lucas Sinclair, Candace Lucas, Ruby Lucas, Betty Lucas, Ray Lucas, and Tony Lucas were the seven children that Frank and Julianna Lucas had together.

And Frank, Farrait’s spouse, is one of the most important drug distributors and is wanted by the FBI. Frank, a drug kingpin who traveled from Southeast Asia to New York in the 1960s. In an interview, Frank’s wife acknowledged that she has always been lured to danger.

Following that, they engaged in illicit activity together and served time in prison. At the age of 88, Frank passed away in New Jersey on May 30, 2019. Frank’s nephew Aldwan Lassiter acknowledged his uncle’s passing and stated that it was due to a natural cause.

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What is the income of Julianna Farrait?

The Lucas family’s estimated net worth is $500,000, whereas Julianna Farrait’s is $1.5 million. The Van Cleef bracelets, each worth $142,000, were also acquired by the Durg merchant and her husband Frank. Additionally, she spent $128,000 on a chinchilla coat for Lucas and $125,000 on a matching cap.

The estimated net worth of Julianna Farrait is $1.5 Million.
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When Lucas, Julianna’s husband, was detained in the middle of the 1970s, the authorities took all of his assets. Frank also gave the movie over $100,000 and loaned the crew numerous of his exotic cars.

The pair enjoyed visiting opulent locales, receiving pricey gifts, and shopping for designer clothing and costly cars. Mirtha Jung, the ex-wife of legendary durg dealer George Jung, is currently thought to be worth $1 million. On August 1, 1978, the couple welcomed Kristina Sunshine Jung into the world.


In New Jersey, Julianna Farrait was born in 1941. Her birthdate is still a mystery, though. Her current age in 2021 is 80. In Puerto Rico, she finished her high school education. She is a Puerto Rican national.


In 2022, Julianna Farrait will be 81 years old.
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Julie hasn’t yet disclosed her parents’ information, which is also hidden. When it comes to her family, her father and mother were the healthiest people in Puerto Rico.

There is no sign of a social networking profile for Farrait. Instagram and other social media platforms are not used by the drug dealer. She has a wealth of interpersonal skills and has spent time both inside and outside of prison. She consequently lacks the time to sit and engage on social media platforms.

Julianna Farrait Social Media

She has not been on social media till now.