Karen K Grames

Quick Facts

Full Name Karen K Grames
Nationality American
Ethnicity white
Birth Country United States
Gender Identity Female
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Divorced
Spouse Richard Rawlings (1993-1994)
Religion Christian

Most of you might be familiar with the name, Richard Rawlings, who’s an American businessman, best known for his work in the Discovery Channel’s reality series, Fast N’ Loud. But only a less of you might know his ex-wife, Karen K Grames. Her former husband is the owner of the Gas Monkey Garage and is currently running a restaurant, Gas Monkey Bar N’ Grill.

Grames was born in the United States of America and holds an American nationality. Born to American parents, she belongs to white ethnicity/race. Find out more in detail about Grames’ personal life in the following sections.


Karen K Grames was born in the United States of America. Moreover, she holds American nationality and is a daughter of American parents. Apart from this, there is no more detailed information regarding her exact date of birth, birthplace, parents, siblings, and childhood life. We might assume that she was well raised by her parents as a child.

Talking about her academic qualification, there is no information regarding her academic career. As being a well-known personality, we may predict that she has completed her graduation from a well-known University of America.

Karen’s Marital Relationship with Richard Rawlings

Richard Rawlings and Karen K. Grames have had the best times of their lives. The wedding took place on November 18, 1993. Only a few close family members and friends were invited to their wedding.

After their wedding, the couple was married for more than a year. However, their marriage started to fall apart, and in 1994, they filed for a divorce. On August 17, 1994, they got a divorce for good. Sources say that Karen stayed single after the breakup. Rawlings went on to marry and date some well-known people.

Grames’s husband, Richard, married Suzanne Marie Mergele, also known as Suzanne Rawlings, a software engineer, on August 7, 1999. This was Suzanne’s second marriage. Their wedding was in Cabo, Mexico, and all of their close friends and family were there.

Grames’ Husband, Rawlings’ Second Marriage with Suzanne

The two continued to enjoy being married for ten more years. Then, in 2009, they filed for divorce, saying they couldn’t work things out. Later, on August 14, 2009, the court confirmed that they were no longer together. After being apart for five years, they got back together and got married in January 2015. Even though they tried again, they were not able to keep their relationship together. In 2019, they finally split up.

Richard started dating Katerina Deason, who has 38,400 followers on Instagram, after he and his ex-wife broke up. First, they tried to keep their relationship from the media, but later they came clean about it. Not only that, but they also posted a picture of a Fast N’ Loud episode being filmed in Deep Ellum, Dallas, Texas, on June 29, 2019.

After dating for a few months, Rawlings bought a 14k white diamond ring from Sue Gragg Jewelry for $799 and gave it as a surprise. On August 17, 2019, he asked her to marry him on the terrace of the Hotel Be Tulum in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo. Katrina said yes to him when he asked her to do something.

Picture: Karen K Grames’ ex-spouse, Richard Rawlings, proposed Katerina Deason on the top of Hotel Be Tulum.
Source: Instagram @rrrawlings

Richard and his fiancee, Deason, are also making plans for their wedding and have even started sending out invitations to their family, friends, and relatives. But they are also sharing beautiful pictures on Instagram of how they are getting ready for their wedding.

Professional career

Talking about Karen’s profession and her professional career, there is no exact detailed information regarding it.

Richard Rawlings

Richard Rawlings is an entrepreneur and media personality from America. He is most recognized for his roles in the Discovery Channel reality show Fast N’ Loud. He is the owner of the Texas music venues Gas Monkey Garage, Gas Monkey Bar N’ Grill, and Gas Monkey Live. He’s also been in Dodge automotive and financing commercials on national television.

Gas Monkey Garage and Cannonball Run/Bullrun

In 2002, Richard opened Gas Monkey Garage in Dallas. In 2004, he sold Lincoln Press. His company built cars for customers all over the world. Since 2012, his facility has been the focus of the Discovery Channel series Fast N’ Loud. On Discovery, he also hosts Garage Rehab, a show about failing vehicle modification shops.

In May 2007, Richard and co-pilot Dennis Collins reportedly beat the 1979 Cannonball Run time of 32 hours and 51 minutes from New York City to Los Angeles. It took them 31 hours and 59 minutes to complete the race. He intends to open more stores in the future.

In October of 2014, he founded Gas Monkey Live, a live music venue. Later, in 2016, he opened Richard Rawlings’ Garage which is a restaurant in Harker Heights, Texas. In March of 2019, it was permanently closed.

What is the Net Worth of Karen?

Richard, who is no longer married to Karen, has a huge net worth of $15 million as of 2022. In the same way, he makes a good living from what he does. E-celebrity spy says that Richard makes around $50,000 per episode of the Fast N’ Loud show.

Richard Rawlings, Karen’s ex-husband, lives in Dallas, Texas, in a very nice house.
Source: Virtual travel around the world

Rawlings also lives in a luxury home in Dallas, Texas, which he bought in 2015 for $1.89 Million. His house is 4,234 square feet and has four bedrooms, three and a half bathrooms, a dining room for family gatherings, a swimming pool, and a swimming pool house.

Books Rawlings Grames’ ex-husband, Richard, wrote his first book, Grievance Procedure, and Administrative Justice, in 1987. It was written by Karen’s ex-husband. In his book, he talks about the economic and social research council and how it does socio-legal research.

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Books Wrote by Karen’s Estranged Husband, Rawlings

Grames’ former spouse, Richard, wrote his first book, Grievance Procedure, and Administrative Justice, in 1987. In his book, he explains socio-legal research about the economic and social research council.

Process and Procedure in EU Government is the third book by Richard Rawlings.
Bloomsbury Professional is the source.

Rawlings’ second book, Delineating Wales: Constitutional, Legal, and Administrative Aspects of National Devolution, came out on 26th November 2003. The book is about the legal and constitutional aspects of devolution in politics and society in Wales. It is listed on the price at $20.88 in hardcover, consisting of eight new ($15.42) and eight old ($5.46).

Frame: Richard Rawlings’ third book is Process and Procedure in EU Administration.
Source: Bloomsbury Professional

The media personality also co-wrote a book, Process and Procedure in EU Administration with Carol Harlow, in which he wrote on the administrative procedures of the European Union. Currently, his book costs around $53.02, featuring six new ($54.95) and four used ($17.00). Likewise, it can also be purchased at $45.54, saving $9.41 from Kindle.

Cover: Richard Rawlings wrote his fourth book, Fast N’ Loud: Blood, Sweat, and Beers.
Source: Amazon

The reality star further published his fourth book, Fast N’ Loud: Blood, Sweat, and Beers on 31st May 2016which gained five out of five through 220 ratings. As of now, it is listed at $14.39, including 45 used ($2.00) and 22 new ($4.95). But, you can buy it at $12.01 with the help of Kindle.

Body Measurements and Social Media

This woman has light brown eyes with blonde color hair. Other than that, there is no more information regarding her other body measurements like height, weight, dress size, bra size, and shoe size.

As of now, Karen is not present on social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.