Katherine Clark Scarborough

Quick Facts

Birth Date August 8,2003
Full Name Katherine Clark Scarborough
Birth Name Katherine Clark Scarborough
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Birth Country US
Father Name Joe Scarborough
Father Profession Host, former politician and lawyer
Mother Name Susan Waren
Mother Profession Philanthropist
Gender Identity Female
Sexual Orientation Straight
Horoscope Leo
Marital Status Single
Sibilings Jack (biological brother), Jowy, Andrew Scarborough (step-brothers)
Religion Christianity
Insta Link Insta Link

One of the great topics for the audience and other paparazzi are celebrities, kids. Due to the nature of gossiping, people are often curious about the lifestyle of not only celebrities but their close ones also. Katherine Clark Scarborough is a celebrity kid who came to the limelight due to their high-profile parents.

Katherine is a firstborn child and the only daughter of Susan Waren and Joe Scarborough. She was born on 8 August 2003. She holds American nationality, and her ethnicity is white. As for now, she is 16 years old and has completed high school.

Why Katherine parents got divorced?

Joe and Susan, Katherine’s parents, were wed in a little ceremony back in 2001. Family and friends were invited to the ceremony, which was held in the United States.

Pictured are Susan Waren and Joe Scarborough, the parents of Katherine.
from fan photos

They were bound in an extremely loving relationship up till 2013. After being wed for more than a decade, Susan and Katherine’s father filed for divorce in September 2012, and they split up a year later in 2013.

Siblings and Single mom

The couple that raised Katherine wed for twelve years. 2008 saw the birth of her parents’ second child, a son named Jack.

Joe Scarborough and her son Jack Scarborough in a photograph.
Source: @joescarborough on Instagram

After her parents’ divorce, she and her younger brother are now living with their mother Susan, and their father also provides for them. The majority of the posts that their father updates on his social media platforms also include the Scarborough siblings.

Katherine’s High-Profile Parents

Joe, Katherine’s father, is a former Florida congressman who now hosts cable news and performs music in the United States. He was a former politician, attorney, and host of the MSNBC program Scarborough Country. He also served as a member of the US House of Representatives.

Joe Scarborough, Katherine’s father, and Mika Brzezinski, his current spouse, are shown in the late-night program.
from the daily beast

Together with his current wife Mika Brzezinski, he co-hosts the MSNBC program Morning Joe at the moment. On November 3, 2018, Joe and Mika exchanged vows to become husband and wife. He also had a prior marriage to Melanie Hinton, with whom he had two children, Joey and Andrew Scarborough.

Susan is an American philanthropist, on the other hand. She is well-known for her charitable efforts, which has mostly centered on the Susan A. Buffett Foundation, now known as the Sherwood Foundation.

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What is the Net Worth of Katherine’s Parents?

$300,000 is Susan’s estimated net worth. She has made a good deal of money from her work as an American philanthropist, in addition to her husband’s prosperity.

As a philanthropist, she earns more than $78,000 a year; in addition, she runs the SouthXNortheast blog, which covers two distinct regions of the nation.

Joe also has a fortune worth $25 million in total. He makes $99,038 a week from his show Morning Joe, which results in an annual salary of $8 million. He spent $3.69 million for a new Canann residence in 2017.

Marriage Settlement

For the past seven years, Katherine’s parents have been estranged. After the divorce, Joe allegedly promised Susan a one-time payment of $150,000, and he reportedly insisted on paying Susan $30,000 each month for more than five years, according to TMZ.

Joe also consented to pay a lump amount of $150,000, which will cover Susan’s Connecticut mortgage as well as the cost of their children’s schooling.


  • As we have mentioned above, Katherine is still a student and has not graduated.
  • So she has not even started her career. And she rose to the limelight only because of her father.
  • Her father Joe Scarborough is a member of the United States House of Representatives.
  • Joe is a well-known American television host and former politician. He is the co-host of the show “Morning Joe” which airs on MSNBC alongside his current wife.
  • He has hosted for Scarborough Country. From the year 1995 to 2001, he was serving as a lawyer and a politician.
  • Joe was also a member of the Harvard Institute of Politics at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government.