Katia Reguero Inserni

Katia Reguero Inserni is a good supportive and motivating to the athletic player Francisco Lindor. Katia Reguero Inserni, girlfriend of New York Mets shortstop Francisco Lindor, has chosen that position as his partner. Francisco Lindor, better known as Mr. Smile, is a rising star in the MLB. His flourishing profession and upbeat demeanor have turned him into the worldwide sex icon of many women.

Quick Facts about Katia Reguero Inserni:

Full Name Katia Reguero Inserni
Common name Katia Reguero
Nick Name Katia
Birthdate April 9, 1994
Age 28 years old
Zodiac Sign Aries
Mother’s Name Maria Luisa Inserni-Milam
Father’s Name Juan Reguero
Siblings Nika Reguero Inserni, Jan Paul Reguero
Birthplace Aguadilla, Puerto Rico
Home Town Aguadilla, Puerto Rico
Citizenship Puerto Rican
Residence New York
School N/A
College St. Mary’s University
Education Bachelor’s in International Relations
Height 5 feet 6 inches (167cm)
Weight 60 kgs
Eye Colour Brown
Hair Colour Brown
Shoe Size 41 (EU)
Martial Status Engaged
Partner Fransisco Lindor
Engaged on December 27, 2020
Children One Daughter
Sport None
Profession Violinist
Famous for Fransisco Lindor’s Finacee
Hobbies Reading, traveling
Affiliated Brands zero waste
Social Media Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
Website Zero Waste
 Francisco Lindor Merch JerseyTrading Card
Last-Update July, 2022

Who is she Katia Reguero Inserni?

Katia Reguero Inserni is her full name. She prefers to go by Katia, though. She was born in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico, on April 9, 1994. Katia grew up near to the water because this town is a beach town. Since she was little, she has been a vegetarian. Maria Luisa Inserni Milam and Juan Reguero are her parents. Her parents also have two other kids besides Katia. Her brother is Janb Paul Reguero, and her sister is Kika Reguero Inserni.

Katia started playing violin at a young age.

Although we don’t know much about the family, we do know that Maria is a Puerto Rican lawyer. Similar to her, Jan played baseball at his alma school St. Mary’s University and in Puerto Rico. Katia began playing the violin at a young age and has always had a passion for music. She also speaks Portuguese, Spanish, and English well.

Additionally, a few days before her 25th birthday, she underwent surgery, as seen in her Instagram posts. She appears to have had an organ removed, but the specifics are unknown.

Education of Katia Reguero

Katia was born in Puerto Rico, but early in life, life brought her to the United States. She enrolled in St. Mary’s University in Texas together with her brother. 2018 saw Katia’s graduation from her international relations and affairs bachelor’s program. She additionally worked there in the athletics division.

Katia intends to attend law school and eventually work as a lawyer. She has been motivated in this by her mother. She formerly worked as an attorney for legal firms. Also she is pursuing a law career, but she still plays the violin and enjoys music. She routinely posts videos of her performances on Instagram, as seen. She appears to be a classical violinist of extraordinary talent.

Relationship between Francisco Lindor and Katia Reguero

Many believed Francisco would take a while to start dating again after he split up with his longtime partner Nilmarie. He quickly bounced back from the heartbreak, though, and started to feel attracted to Katia. Although we don’t know the precise date, based on the couple’s social media timeline, it was probably in late 2019 or early 2020.

having a child and getting engaged

There are certain partnerships that develop quickly. Similar to this, the couple quickly realized they were a good match and began making plans to have a family. In December 2020, a daughter was born to them. They had a formal family Christmas celebration this year.

On December 27, Lindor got down on one knee and asked Katia to marry him. Their infant daughter was present as the celebration took place in a lovely garden setting. The daughter has been given the name “Kalina.” On January 7, they announced their engagement on each of their individual Instagrams. They are preparing for a December wedding, according to what Katia has posted on Instagram.

Katia and Fransisco are aiming for a Christmas wedding in 2021

However, the union of the couple suffices to ratify their union. Mr. Smile has already been given the Instagram handle Reguero Lindor by Katia, who is so in love with him. Katia is a Harry Potter fanatic who adores both popular culture and the Harry Potter books. She occasionally puts her daughter in outfits with Harry Potter details.

She has a strong commitment to sustainable living. Also she teamed up with zero waste, a waste management business, in 2020 to promote a sustainable, impact-minimizing lifestyle. The upcoming bride’s bridesmaids joined her for a wonderful bachelorette party on the beach in August 2021.

departing for New York

The pair has relocated to New York since the shortstop was dealt to the Mets. Although it was a rather unexpected shift for them, they appear to have adapted well. They were assisted in relocating and locating housing in the city by Carlos Beltrán and his wife Jessica.

Francisco admitted that they had not toured the city because they had only taken one dosage of the COVID vaccine in an interview he gave after relocating to New York. He also mentioned that while he was more interested in discovering the city’s restaurants, Katia was more interested in visiting its museums and galleries.

The couple paid $2,9 million to purchase an estate in Montverde, Florida, in the early 2021. This magnificent property is on a 1-acre plot of land and has a fountain-filled outside courtyard. Five bedrooms, 6.5 bathrooms, and a master suite with an exercise area are included in the casita. Other than that, the house has a number of other features.

Nilmarie Huertas and Francisco Lindor

Fransisco was dating Nilmarie Huertas, another Puerto Rican beauty, prior to meeting Katia. They have been dating since 2012, yet it is unknown exactly how they first met. David Huertas, who is well-known in Puerto Rico as a shooting guard for Baloncesto Superior National, has a sister named Nilmaire. We can assume that the Huertas family has known each other for a long time because they both enjoy baseball.

The couple had a wonderful relationship for six years, and they were not afraid to share photos of their love on social media. In the majority of his games, Nilmarie played with Lindor, and they frequently had vacations together. However, about 2017, things began to shift. The separation was soon announced in the media. Despite the intense discontent of followers, both sides first kept their parting reasons a secret.

Fransico Lindor and Nilmarie Huertas were in a romantic relationship for more than six years

Lindor was charged with infidelity against Huerta, but he refuted the charges. After some time had passed, Nilmarie discussed their relationship with the journalist from Puerto Rico and how she handled the split. After they split up, she admitted that she was depressed and had even considered suicide. She fortunately came out of that phase very well and is currently prospering in her life.

Nilmarie has been dating Puerto Rican basketball player Walter Hodge since 2021. She also runs the sophisticated women’s clothes business “Vellisimo Studio,” which she owns. Nilmarie accepted Walter’s marriage proposal in August 2021, and the two have been preparing for their upcoming nuptials ever since. You may also like Kiara Morrison

Concerning Francisco Lindor

In Caguas, Puerto Rico, on November 14, 1993, Francisco Migiel Lindor was born. Angel Lindor and Maria Serrano are his parents. When he was younger, he used to play baseball with his father, and he became better at it every day. He relocated to Florida at the age of 12 together with his father, stepmother, and brother. He was a high school baseball player who was also selected to the USA Today All-USA high school baseball team.


Lindor was selected by the Cleveland Indians in the first round of the 2011 MLB Draft on a $2.9 million deal. He hasn’t turned back since then! Every time he steps onto the field, the outstanding athlete gives it his all. His first “Gold Glove Award” and “Platinum Glove Award” were given to him in 2016. His second career first was receiving the “Silver Slugger Award” in 2017.

New York Mets Short Stop Fransisco Lindor is known for his charming smile.

2019 saw Lindor win his second Gold Glove Award. Unfortunately, his career took a minor turn downward in 2020 after two consecutively fantastic performances. On January 7, 2021, the Indians traded Lindor to the New York Mets. Then, on March 31 of this year, Lindor agreed to a staggering $341 million 10-year deal with the Mets.

Worldwide Career

He has played baseball outside of the Major League Baseball. He participated in the World Junior Baseball Championship in 2010 while representing the under-18 USA team. Also he competed for Puerto Rico on the national team in the 2017 World Baseball Classic.

Social media, by Katia Reguero

Like everyone from this generation, Katia use social media frequently. Many baseball fans started to follow her as she became known as Lindor’s beautiful fiancee.

IInstagram: 43.3k followers

Twitter: 93 followers

Sadly, her Facebook is private at the moment.

Frequently Asked Questions about Katia Reguero

Francisco Lindor has children?

The baseball player, who is 28 years old is indeed currently savoring parenthood with his daughter Kalina. On November 1, 2020, Francisco and his fiancée Katia welcomed Kalina.

Where is the origin of Francisco Lindor’s girlfriend?

Katia Regeuro, Francisco’s fiancée and current girlfriend, is a native of Puerto Rico. She did, , relocate to the US for her studies and now resides here with her partner and their baby.