Keeya King

Quick Facts

Full Name Keeya King
Birth Name Keeya
Profession Actress
Nationality Canadian
Ethnicity African

Keeya King is a famous Canadian actress who has risen her fame through the movies Anatomy of Assistance, Brown Girl Begins, Jigsaw, The Long Dark, Residue, Grandpa Was Here, and many others.

She is also well known as the reel character violet in the TV series Vanessa Helsing. It is a story about the distant relative of famous vampire hunter Abraham Van Helsing, who is resurrected only to find that vampires have taken over the world.

How was King Early Life?

Canada’s Toronto, Ontario, is the birthplace of the Residue actress. She chose to pursue a career in Canada, where she was born and raised. She hasn’t, however, shared her precise birthday on social media. And she started her acting career at a young age because she studied acting in Canada.

Since her debut until now, she has consistently made contributions to the Canadian film business. In the 2013 short film Anatomy of Assistance, she made her acting debut as Talia. The two other short films she directed, Grandpa Was Here and Muna, are equally highly recognized.

Because she grew up watching movies and TV shows, she has always had a fascination for performing. Despite having a loving family, she had a somewhat simple childhood. She hasn’t posted the identities of her parents or siblings on social media.

King In Brown Girl

The Brown Girl Begins character Mi Jeanne, played by the Muna director, is well-known. It is a science fiction movie from Canada that Sharon Lewis directed in 2017. The 1998 book Brown Girl in the Ring by Nalo Hopkinson served as the basis for the movie.

Additionally, a lot of people adored the movie and the King’s portrayal of Mi Jeanne.

What is King height and weight?

Keeya King has a really endearing and seductive demeanor. She is a decent height as well. She is 165 cm tall and weighs about 53 kg.

Her father is originally from Africa, so although being from Canada, she has a physical look that is similar to those of Africans. Her black short thick curly hair and black eyes have improved her appearance.

She has an athletic body type and has worked hard to keep it well-fitted because she works in the glamour industry.

What is King Education Level?

Actress King, who starred in Manhattan Undying, finished high school in her native Canada. Although she hasn’t disclosed the institution where she received her fundamental education. She chooses to study acting instead of any other subject in order to sustain her childhood interest and fulfill her dream of becoming an actress.

She did, however, complete her official acting training. Lewis Baumander Acting School was her place of study. A reputable on-camera acting studio called The LB Acting Studio is situated in Canada’s financial district of Toronto. She also studied in Toronto, Canada’s Dean Armstrong Acting School.

King of Water Skiing

The actress from Long Dark enjoys using water for play. According to her Instagram photos, she is particularly infatuated with water skiing. She frequently posted photos of herself having fun water skiing in the ocean and hanging out with pals on the beach.

While water skiing in the ocean, Keeya King was apprehended. Instagram user @keeyaking, source of image

She frequently travels with her buddies to go water skiing and take photos at the beach while wearing a bikini. Due of her passion with the sea and water skiing, her Instagram followers frequently refer to her as “water girl.”

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Is King active on Social Media?

Like other celebrities, Keeya King is quite active on social media. She also has a sizable fan base on Instagram. Compared to other social media platforms, she uses Instagram a lot more frequently. On her official Instagram account @Keeyaking, she has 16.3k followers.

On her official Instagram account, she shares pictures of her traveling, water skiing, supporting black lives matter, experimenting with various make-up tutorial videos, and her reels of the hottest tunes. Other than Instagram, she doesn’t use other social media platforms.

Career and Professional Life

Through his extraordinary acting abilities and capabilities, King has been in numerous TV series. She is widely recognized for playing Rebecca in the Jigsaw movie. The film is an adaptation of a crime and horror thriller film. Michael Spierig, a well-known American director, directed it.

Keeya King was apprehended sporting an orange body cone and thick, curly hair.

Keeya King was apprehended sporting an orange body cone and thick, curly hair. She also starred in Batwoman, the basis of the picture. It is a superhero TV show in the United States that Caroline Dries created for The CW. It is a component of the Arrowverse universe and is based on the same-named DC Comics character. On October 6, 2019, it was first made available.

Her most well-known TV shows include Yellowjackets, Batwoman, Van Helsing, and many others. She has also acted in a number of well-known films, including The Long Dark, Residue, Elpis, Muna, See Me Now, and many others.

Yellowjackets of King

The Yellowjackets’ Akilah is a fictional character played by American actress King. The character was well-liked by a wide audience, and she was successful in gaining a sizable fan base.

The story of a group of incredibly gifted high school female soccer players who escape an aircraft crash in the remote wilderness of Ontario is told in the television series.

What are King hobbies and interest?

In her spare time, actress Vanessa Helsing enjoys dancing, listening to music, taking pictures, reading, and swimming.

She also enjoys visiting new locations and taking in the natural beauty. She enjoys spending time with her family and other loved ones.

How much is King Net Worth?

Keeya King has a $1.2 million total net worth. Because of her excellent acting and directing careers, she has access to a lot of resources. She does not operate a business of her own or undertake any other activities that would allow her to earn money aside from her work.

With a small smile on her face and thick, curly hair, Keeya King was photographed. Photo credit: One million wiki for little things

Her Two Sentence Horror Stories co-star Tyler Hoechlin has a $4 million total net worth. She has a good profession as a known American actor, which gives him access to a lot of money. He does not have a personal business of any type or other sources of income aside from his work.

What is King  Relationships Status?

Keeya King is one of the newer, up-and-coming stars who has maintained a place in the spotlight since a young age and prefers to maintain a low-key reputation. There is no information indicating that she is dating or involved in a relationship, but there is no guarantee that the stunning King is unmarried.

She might be unmarried and concentrating on her profession, or she might be hiding her relationship status from the general public. Additionally, she has not disclosed any details about her previous engagements or extramarital romances on social media.


The Long Dark actress hasn’t yet been embroiled in any scandals that have made headlines about her performing or romantic relationships. In addition, she has earned the hearts of millions of people by using her extraordinary acting abilities and well-known films to entertain people rather than getting involved in any sort of controversy.