Keith Thurman

Keith Thurman is a former WBA (Super) Welterweight world title winner. In his short career, he has retained the titles two times. Keith isn’t any new name for Boxing enthusiasts.

Thurman is famous all over the world for his infamous Boxing kicks and styles. Once he kicks an opponent in the right spot, the opponent gets serious injuries. That’s why people call him “One Time.”

Keith [Fitzgerald] Thurman [Jr.] was born in Clearwater, Florida, on November 23, 1988. His Boxing skills are very different from typical Boxers.

In short, he is primarily known for a single blow. Once he hits, that will be the end of the match.

Thurman is a natural winner since he has not lost many matches in his entire career. Professional Boxers identify him as a deadly Boxer.

He is also known as Nepal’s son-in-law, and people love him in Nepal.

Before we know about him more, here are the quick facts about Thurman:

Keith Thurman | Quick Facts

Full Name Keith Fitzgerald Thurman Jr.
Birth Date November 23, 1988
Birth Place Clearwater, Florida, United States
Nick Name One Time
Religion Christianity
Nationality American
Ethnicity Mix Black
Education Not Available
Horoscope Scorpio
Father’s Name Keith Thurman, Sr.
Mother’s Name Debbie Thorsen
Siblings Two; a brother and a sister
Age 33 Years Old
Height 5 feet 7 inches
Weight 67 Kilograms
Hair Color Light Brown
Eye Color Dark Brown
Build Athletic
Profession Boxer
Total Wins 29
Active Years 1997-present
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Married
Wife’s Name Priyana Thapa
Kids None
Net Worth $10 Million
Social Media Instagram, Twitter, Facebook
Merch Hoodie
Last Update July, 2022

Parents, childhood, and education

Keith Fitzgerald Thurman Jr., the younger Thurman, was born in a small town in Florida. In his hometown of Clearwater, he grew up and spent his formative years.

Thurman identifies as a proud Black man even though he is an American citizen by birth.

He was raised in Clearwater by his parents. Almost nothing is known about Thurman’s parents. But Keith Thurman, Sr. is his father’s name. Debbie Thorsen is his mother’s name.

Thurman’s father plans his boxing matches, keeps track of the contracts, and communicates with the organizers. Thurman continues to have a pleasant family life with his parents and wife.

Keith has a sibling and a sibling. He grew up in Florida with his brother and sister. Additionally, the media has not yet been given their names.

Thurman finished his elementary education there. Regarding his high school and college degrees, it’s uncertain, though. However, some reports assert that he holds a high school diploma.

Career of Keith Thurman

At the beginning of his early adolescent years, Thurman began his amateur career. When he participated in his first amateur match, he was nine years old.

He entered the ring with the assistance of his coach, Benjamin Getty.

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Keith won his first fight in boxing thanks to his commitment to the sport. He then turned into an unstoppable force. Additionally, he began boxing as a young child and rose to the position of world champion.

One Time didn’t discontinue his boxing career after 1997. He has triumphed in back-to-back games. He has won 29 games out of a total of 31.

Also, He didn’t participate in any matches, and the one he did in 2019 against Manny Pacquiao resulted in his first-ever loss. One of the most popular Boxing matches in history was played there.

Beginning of Professional Career for Keith Thurman

In 2007, Keith began his professional career. He entered the ring at the age of 18. It took place in Tampa, Florida. Kensky Rodney, an unstoppable boxer, was Keith’s opponent.

A novice would typically lose the game. But Keith stunned the crowd and prevailed. He unexpectedly won the match in the first round. When his opponent was unable to continue, the referee declared him the winner.

Following that, Keith faced off against Super Featherweight world champion and undefeated Omar Bell. In the sixth round, he defeated Onar and was crowned the winner.

with Dan Birmingham as a coach

After 2007, Dan Birmingham started training Thurman. Thurman has won numerous titles under his guidance, including the WBA (Super) Welterweight.

According to him in an ESPN interview, winning is most important to Birmingham.

The American olympian Jeff Lacy, who competed in 2001, was also trained in Birmingham. Lacy, who was trained by Birmingham, has won the IBF Super Middleweight world championship.

Dan, Thurman’s coach, and Thurman share a close relationship. They put a lot of effort into their boxing contests. He still admires and finds inspiration in his previous coach Kensky Rodney, though.

Keith Thurman: Pacquiao’s defeat

Thurman’s fight in May 2019 against Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao has finally been announced by the organizers. The WBA (Super) Welterweight world championship was at stake.

Thurman was the current world champion and sought to win over Pacquiao in order to win back the belt.

Although he boxed to win the title, Pacquiao, 41, was upset with a final hit in the tenth round because he could not contain himself.

Thurman was consequently unsuccessful in the contest. He has never lost before in his entire boxing career.

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Keith Thurman experienced depression

Thurman was depressed following his loss to fellow boxer Pacquiao. His first defeat in his career served as the primary trigger for the despair. He wouldn’t have to consider this before to the 2019 defeat.

And He quit performing in 2019 and took a rest. He attempted self-control. He began eating under stress. Thurman gained an additional 20 kilos in a matter of months, bringing his weight to 87.

But after a few months, he began to feel happier thanks to his wife and family. Thurman dropped his excess 20 kilograms after months of tough exercise.

Even though he didn’t see a doctor, he and his wife frequently discussed the issues. And he’s not depressed right now.

Thurman, the son-in-law of Nepal

In 2016, Keith Thurman started dating Nepalese woman Priyana Thapa. It’s unclear whether they first connected, though. According to others, they initially met in Japan.

But in 2017, their relationship developed into a marriage. Keith and Priyana create a charming couple that people often compare to a pair of lovebirds. They wed in both American and Nepalese traditions.

They traveled to Nepal for their lavish Kathmandu-area traditional Nepalese wedding. Additionally, Thurman revealed his personal experiences with a few Nepalese boxers while training them.

The media commonly referred to him as Nepal’s son-in-law once he landed there. That is now his secondary moniker.

He has a sizable fan base in Nepal. Thurman is a well-liked public figure in Nepal.

Thurman and Priyana have a good relationship. There are no rumors concerning their breakup or fights that are known.

Thurman’s Instagram pictures show his devotion to and love for his wife. The couple disclosed to the public their future plans to have children.

At the moment, Thurman and Priyana are live in Florida with Thurman’s family. Thurman doesn’t want Priyana to perform any hard labor, thus she doesn’t have any employment. They are gorgeously savoring their romantic relationship.

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Thurman’s Salary

Thurman has amassed a sizable fortune thanks to his successful profession. He receives between $100,000 to millions of dollars for each match. In summary, he was compensated more than $8 million for his bout with Pacquiao.

Keith Thurman’s net worth is estimated to be $10 million when his earnings, luxury homes, and cars are taken into account.

In a similar vein, Thurman has also agreed to terms with several sponsors of advertisements. Additionally, he makes a significant profit from them.

Thurman is a compassionate individual. He frequently gives to many charities.

Keith Thurman’s presence on social media

Keith makes frequent use of his social media platforms. He is active on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. However, he shares the majority of boxing news on Instagram, which he utilizes more than any other social media platform.

Instagram – 322k followers

Facebook – 206k followers

Twitter – 108.7k followers

Common Queries

Is Keith Thurman a smoker?

No, Keith Thurman doesn’t smoke. There is no reporting of him smoking anywhere.

Has Thurman and Floyd Mayweather played a match?

No, Floyd Mayweather and Keith Thurman haven’t played any match. But there are rumors from the Magazine, The Ring saying they are ready to fight after the coronavirus pandemic.

How many children does Thurman have?

Keith has no children yet. However, he and his wife are planning to have kids in the future.

Which is Keith Thurman’s highest-paid fight?

Thurman, in a fight with Pacquiao, got his highest-paid fight worth $8 Million.

Why was Keith injured?

Keith was injured in the 2019 fight with Pacquiao. In a fight, he suffered from the broken ribs after Pacquiao hurt him with a body shot.