Kevin De Bruyne

Quick Facts

Full Name Kevin De Bruyne
Birth Date 28 June 1991
Birth Place Drongen, Ghent, Belgium
Nick Name The Ginger Pele
Nationality Belgian
Ethnicity White
Education Unknown
Horoscope Cancer
Father’s Name Herwig De Bruyne
Mother’s Name Anna De Bruyne
Age 31 years old
Height 5’ 11″ (1.81 m)
Weight 68 kg
Shoe Size N/A
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Blue
Build Athletic
Married Yes
Wife Michele Lacroix De Bruyne
Ex-Girlfriend Yes (Caroline Lijnen)
Spouse Yes
Position Midfielder
Profession Football Player
Net Worth $60 Million
Clubs Manchester City, Chelsea, Wolfsburg, KVV Dronge, Werder Bremen
Jersey Number 17 (Manchester City), 7 (Belgium National Team)
Social Media TwitterInstagram
Merch  JerseyCardPoster
Last Update  July, 2022

One of the greatest ever creative playmakers is Kevin De Bruyne, who Pep Guardiola said “The Best Player in the Midfield Position.”

Professional footballer Kevin De Bruyne represents Manchester City in the Premier League.

De Bruyne’s personal life is equally exciting and dramatic as his professional life, and neither disappoints. Learn more about his upbringing, previous relationships, and scandals by following this blog.

When was Kevin De Bruyne born? | Age, height, and physical characteristics

The magician in the middle of the field has received numerous honors and prizes. Nevertheless, De Bruyne is only 31 years old despite having a wealth of expertise. Likewise, on June 28, 2021, he will reach the age of thirty.

In addition, De Bruyne is a Cancerian. They have a reputation for being gregarious, outgoing, and a great communicator.

What is the height of the Belgian midfielder?

The master of the midfield is a towering 5 feet, 11 inches tall.He can control the middle and offensive midfield positions because to his ideal height.Similar to De Bruyne, who is attractive, his hair is golden. Additionally, he has stunning blue eyes. De Bruyne is also recognized as one of the Premier League’s most attractive players.

Childhood and Family

Belgium’s Drogen is where Kevin De Bruyne was born. His parents, Herwig De Bruyne and Anna De Bruyne, welcomed him into the world.

The fact that De Bruyne’s mother is English is an intriguing aspect of his family.

The family of Anna De Bruyne also owns an oil farm in Burundi, an East African country. De Bruyne consequently frequently visited Africa and England.

Additionally, Anna is a Petroleum Engineering professional at the moment.

Herwig and Anna De Bruyne with their children, Kevin

Her share of the family business has been transferred. She also manages the businesses with offices in Burundi and Ivory Coast.Additionally, Herwig De Bruyne, De Bruyne’s father, is a successful businessman. He also oversees Kevin De Bruyne’s professional career.

De Bruyne has been successful in obtaining significant contracts and sponsorships thanks to his strong negotiating abilities.

Beginning Young

Like all geniuses, Kevin De Bruyne had a good upbringing and started playing football at the age of four. At four, most of us would be playing with toys or video games.

De Bruyne, on the other hand, was determined to work hard from an early age. Despite having a ton of skill, De Bruyne never stopped trying tremendous develop it.

Kevin was expected to be the face of Belgian football, according to coaches.

De Bruyne had a special talent from an early age, as was previously mentioned. Prior to De Bruyne, the Belgian national team was made up primarily of ordinary, straightforward players who played average football.

Kevin De Bruyne’s Ascent

De Bruyne developed the tendency of being the center of attention at a very young age. Additionally, Kevin routinely participated in several interviews before and after football games while playing in the youth system.

Since the beginning of his playing career, Kevin De Bruyne has been destined for greatness. That explains why so many scouts kept tabs on his development from the beginning.

Genk College

At the age of 14, Kevin De Bruyne made his first significant shift when he moved to Ghent from his hometown. The Belgian prodigy also attended the football academy in Genk.

De Bruyne started the academy and immediately immersed himself in practice and training. Only on weekends did he get to see his family.

De Bruyne had already developed independence and self-reliance at the young age of 14.

Managing his life and money was one of Kevin’s greatest life lessons. De Bruyne received minimal compensation while attending the academy.

He had, however, mastered self-management by that time.

In an interview, he made the following claims.

“My parents taught me how to manage myself. I don’t spend a lot of money in my daily life.

We don’t have a lot of free time, so I save it for when I want to do something later or for trips.I spend the season at home. I make healthy cuisine for myself. I’m content. I have lived alone since I was 14 years old.

Currently dating status of  Kevin De Bruyne? Partner and Relationship

So, is the hot prospect single right now or is he already committed to someone? Let’s investigate.

For those who have a crush on the gorgeous player, we regretfully have bad news. Kevin De Bruyne is engaged and has a wonderful marriage.

Michele Lacroix, Kevin De Bruyne’s longtime lover and partner, is his wife. Three sons were born into the union after the couple’s 2017 marriage.

Additionally, Michele Lacroix worked for Prime Impressions in Belgium as a guest and operational girl. Age-wise, she is 28.

In Genk, Michele Lacroix was born on December 8th, 1993. She also attended the University of Hasselt in her native Belgium.

Michele and Kevin allegedly met when Kevin was a player for Wolfsburg.

De Bruyne romantically proposed to Michele in 2016 in Paris before they were married.

Where did Michele Lacroix and Kevin De Bruyne exchange vows?

In 2017, the couple had a lovely and beautiful wedding. Additionally, they had a lavish Italian wedding ceremony. Family members, close friends, and other football celebrities were on the guest list.

KDB and his partner

Michele wore a stunning white outfit to marry Kevin. Kevin also dressed in a black suit and white shirt for their wedding.


Now let’s discuss the family of De Bruyne and Michele. First of all, in 2016, Michele gave birth to a handsome child named Mason Milian.

The adorable kid is developing quickly every day and looks exactly like his father.

And The couple also went on to have two further kids. They were blessed with the birth of Rome, another adorable baby boy.

The date of birth of Rome De Bruyne is October 31, 2018. Rome, like his elder brother Mason, is endearing and engaging.

Kevin and Michelle had a third child, in addition to Rome and Maso. Suri, a lovely daughter, was born to Michele very recently, in September 2020.Suri is also very endearing and beloved by her brothers.

Additionally, you may follow Michelle Lacroix on Instagram. She has a staggering 274k followers, which is amazing. She also uploads photos of her family and herself.

Michelle Lacroix can be followed on Twitter as @lacroixmichele.

Do you know if Michele Lacroix goes to De Bruyne’s games?

Being a mother of three, taking care of three children requires a lot of work. Additionally, marrying a famous person adds extra burden to one’s life.

Despite everything, Michele still finds time to watch her husband play football.

She doesn’t go to every Manchester City game, just to be clear. However, she never fails to stand by her spouse and the team on important days.

Scandal involving De Bruyne ex-girlfriend

Despite De Bruyne and Michele Lacroix’s joyful and cheerful relationship, things were never entirely pleasant. De Bruyne formerly had a committed relationship with Caroline Lijnen.

De Bruyne was hurt, nevertheless, since Caroline Lijnen, an ex-girlfriend, cheated on him with Thibaut Courtois’ assistance.

You did hear correctly. Former teammate of De Bruyne had an affair with his girlfriend.

So, how did this all come about?

Caroline claims that De Bruyne originally had a relationship with one of her closest friends in 2012. She claimed that Kevin had cheated initially.

And Caroline was threatened by Kevin’s parents to keep quiet about the affair, thus she was powerless to stop it.

Caroline was also under pressure from other people, so she had to keep quiet. Their relationship was never the same after learning of the affair.

In the summer of 2013, Caroline had visited Madrid. She met Thibaut Courtois, a Belgian goalie who plays for Kevin’s squad.She also grew close and intimate with Thibaut over the trip.


Caroline claimed in an interview that she could discuss anything with Thibaut.

She said that Thibaut would cook for her as well, which was something De Bruyne never done during their three-year relationship.

Caroline began a relationship with Courtois in an effort to exact retribution.

Do De Bruyne and Courtois now get along well?

The golden generation of the Belgian national team included Kevin De Bruyne and Thibaut Courtois. The Courtois scandal created enormous havoc for the national team.

Furthermore, the incident threatened Courtois’ position on the team.The two are still friendly with one another. That is what we can see from the outside, at least.

There are rumors that the two of them don’t get along even if they cooperate with the team.

De Bruyne has acknowledged in his book that he played a significant role in retaining Courtois on the national team, though. The Belgium coach questioned De Bruyne about the decision to include Thibaut Courtois.

Similar to De Bruyne, Courtois was a good goalkeeper and should be allowed to continue playing.


encountering Salt Bae

If there’s one thing we do know about De Bruyne, it’s that he enjoys food. On March 20, 2018, in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, the famous Salt Bae or Nusret was visited by the Belgian superstar.

Sal Bae Kevin De Bruyne

Famous superstars like Maradona, Canelo Alvarez, Conor McGregor, and Virgil Van Dijk have all been introduced to Salt Bae.

Additionally, Salt Bae is well known for using his arms to pour salt in a distinctive way. KDB’s visit demonstrates his love of sightseeing and his appreciation for a nice steak.

Keep it Simple, a book by De Bruyne

The well-known midfield magician is the author of a book as well. 2014 saw the release of a book by Kevin De Bruyne called “Keep it Simple.”

Similarly, the book is an autobiography of the well-known celebrity and his rise to fame.The book includes in-depth descriptions of his life and makes mention of his youth and family.The book also discusses his interactions with Thibaut Courtois and his ex-girlfriend.

De Bruyne appreciates gaming

The Ginger Pele is renowned for being a gamer. De Bruyne also finds time in his hectic schedule to stream and play video games like Fortnite and PUBG.

Similar to this, De Bruyne collaborated with Twitch to raise funds during the Covid-19 pandemic in order to save lives.

Professional Career of Kevin De Bruyne

De Bruyne alternates between playing as a winger and a midfielder. How did Kevin De Bruyne get famous, then? Let’s start by examining his football career.

In 1997, De Bruyne made his professional football debut for KVV Drongen, the team from his hometown. Additionally, Kevin moved to Genk and signed with the football team Genk after playing for Drongern.

The midfielder also made his club debut on May 9, 2009, against Charleroi.

De Bruyne played 97 times for Genk overall. He managed to score 16 goals along the process.

Aim for Chelsea

At Genk, De Bruyne displayed signs of brilliance. He was also being followed by other clubs overseas. As a result, Chelsea paid £7 million to acquire De Bruyne on the deadline day of January 31, 2021.

De Bruyne was also signed by Chelsea for a five-and-a-half-year contract, indicating that they considered him as a long-term investment. Against Seattle Sounders in a preseason match, De Bruyne made his Chelsea debut.

In 2012, De Bruyne was transferred on loan for a full season to Werder Bremen. Similar to Bruyne, who continued to dazzle everyone during his loan period. De Bruyne also went back to Chelsea after his loan period was over.

Jose Mourinho, the manager of Chelsea, gave De Bruyne assurances about his participation in the team.Nevertheless, despite the promises, De Bruyne struggled to find favor under Mourinho’s leadership.

Kevin made the decision to leave the club and join Wolfsburg in Germany as a result.


Even though he repeatedly changed clubs, the budding prodigy never gave up. In addition, he had confidence in his ability to reach the highest football platform.

De Bruyne was acquired by Wolfsburg of Germany for £18 million. Additionally, the midfielder excelled for the team and contributed to their 2015 DFL-Super Cup victory.

De Bruyne also received the 2015 Germany Footballer of the Year award.

For Wolfsburg, De Bruyne made 51 appearances. He also contributed 13 goals over the course of three seasons.

NFL Manchester City

After the Belgian midfielder excelled for Wolfsburg, Manchester City became quite interested in him. They therefore made many bids to sign the athlete.De Bruyne was eventually acquired by Manchester City for a club record cost of £55 million.

De Bruyne also signed a six-year contract with City. Manchester City’s fortunes may have changed once the player joined the team.

To assist the squad score more goals, Manuel Pellegrini brought in a superb midfielder.De Bruyne’s acquisition elevated Manchester City to the top of English football.

De Bruyne’s expertise and on-field abilities were also priceless. On September 12, 2015, Kevin played his first game for the team against Crystal Palace.

On October 2, 2015, De Bruyne was also named to the distinguished Ballon d’Or player shortlist.

Additionally, he was included on the 23-person shortlist for the prize. Later, Leo Messi of Argentina got the honor.

Under Pep Guardiola’s direction

Under Pep Guardiola, De Bruyne arguably developed into a new beast. On July 1st, 2016, Pep Guardiola became the new manager of Manchester City.

In addition, he has previously led Barcelona and Bayern Munich. Guardiola was always adept at bringing out the best in each of his players.He helped Messi develop into a deadly menace and helped him win multiple Ballon d’Or awards. Guardiola therefore arrived with a wealth of experience.

Many undesired players were removed from the team during Guardiola’s rookie season. In his debut season under Pep Guardiola, De Bruyne has 18 assists and six goals.

The following several seasons would see more of this kind of performance.

Similar to how De Bruyne helped Guardiola dominate the English Premiership in 2017–18. In the 2017–18 season, Kevin had 16 assists in addition to his eight goals.

His assistance helped City win the Premier League for the third time.

Furthermore, De Bruyne made it simple for his team to advance toward goals. He would set assists from the left, right, and center for Aguero, Sane, and Sterling.

Records for assists and goal scorers

One of the greatest assisters of all time is considered to be Kevin De Bruyne. Thierry Henry currently holds the record for the most assists in a Premier League season with 20. Moreover, Mesut Ozil of Arsenal, who has 19 assists, is in second place.

With 18 assists, De Bruyne had previously nearly matched the record. De Bruyne, though, tied Thierry Henry’s record for assists in the 2019–20 campaign.

Kevin contributed 20 assists for Manchester City, matching the previous record.

De Bruyne has a remarkable total of 78 assists to date for Manchester City. He currently has the second-best position for Manchester City’s all-time assists list.

David Silva also holds the top spot for Manchester City in terms of assists with 95.

Similar to this, Kevin De Bruyne has scored 104 goals overall during his playing career. The midfield master’s record for assists is also astounding. De Bruyne has accumulated 170 assists throughout his professional career.

What is the FIFA 21 rating of Kevin De Bruyne?

What score did De Bruyne receive in the most recent version of the EA Sports video game FIFA 21? Don’t worry, though. We have all the details you require.

De Bruyne has a remarkable rating of 91 in the newest version of FIFA. De Bruyne gets 88 and 93 ratings for dribbling and passing, respectively, among his top attribute ratings. His defensive rating is 64, which is the lowest of any position.

Additionally, in FIFA 21, Kevin De Bruyne is rated as the fourth-best player. Players like Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Robert Lewandowski are at the top of the list.

National Team of Belgium

One of the top contributors to the Belgian national team is De Bruyne. He has also appeared in a number of under-18, under-19, under-21, and senior-level tournaments.

And De Bruyne made his debut for the national team on August 11, 2010, against Finland in a friendly.

De Bruyne’s ability to play for Burundi is an intriguing aspect of his global career. This is because his mother has ties to Burundi.

De Bruyne additionally competed for Belgium in the 2014 World Cup, the 2016 Euro Championship, and the 2018 World Cup.

Additionally, he has contributed to several assists in these competitions.

The Honors and Awards Kevin De Bruyne Has Received

De Bruyne has a long list of honors and accomplishments under his belt. The player known as “The Ginger Pele” has received awards for IFFHS World’s Best Playmaker 2020, Premier League Player of the Season 2019–20, and UEFA Champions League Midfielder of the Season 2019–20.

De Bruyne’s list of individual accolades is also very vast. We have, however, only highlighted De Bruyne’s significant honors.

  • 2014–15 Bundesliga Player of the Year
  • 2015 Footballer of the Year
  • The 2015 Belgian Sportsman of the Year
  • The 2015 France Football World XI
  • The 2018 FIFA World Cup Dream Team
  • 2017–18 and 2019–20 Premier League Playmaker of the Year
  • 2019–2020 UEFA (Men) Player of the Year (2nd Place)

What is the net worth of Kevin De Bruyne?

What is the significant figure underlying Kevin De Bruyne’s net worth? If you’re not aware of it, don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. The master of the midfield built up his wealth while playing for several clubs.

De Bruyne has represented Chelsea, Wolfsburg, and Manchester City in addition to the Belgian national side.

Similar to this, Kevin has engaged in numerous sponsorships with various businesses like Nike because of his popularity and flawless beauty.

De Bruyne’s contract with Manchester City expires in 2023. In addition, his weekly pay is extraordinarily high. A staggering £350,000 is earned by Kevin De Bruyne each week.

Additionally, the master of assists earns £18.2 million a year.


The second-highest paid player in the Premier League right now is De Bruyne. He is positioned behind David De Gea, the Manchester United goalkeeper who makes £375,000 a week.

The fee Manchester City pays for Kevin De Bruyne’s services also meets their standards.

De Bruyne is worth all the money he is being paid since he routinely assists and scores goals for his teammates.

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