Khloé Kardashian

Khloé Alexandra Kardashian is the ex-wife of former American professional basketball player Lamar Odom.

Also, she is a media personality, socialite, and model who has come to fame because of the hit TV series “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.”

The two first met in August 2009 and started dating one another.

After just one month of meeting one another, they got married on September 27, 2009, hoping to fight the ups and downs of life together.

However, Khloé filed for divorce on December 13, 2013, and they officially got their divorce in December 2016.

Here are some quick facts about the media sensation:

Quick Facts:

Full Name Khloé Alexandra Kardashian
Date of Birth June 27, 1984
Zodiac Cancer
Nicknames Baby K, Khlo
Age 38 years old
Birth Place Los Angeles, California, United States
Nationality American
Religion Christianity 
Height 5 feet 10 inches 
Weight 125 pounds
Hair Color Brunette
Eye Color Brown
Tattoo 4
Sexual Orientation Straight
Father’s Name Robert Kardashian
Mother’s Name Kris Jenner
Children True Thompson
Marital Status Divorced
Relationship Single
Former Husband Lamar Odom
Social Media Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
Profession Media personality, Socialite, Businesswomen, and Model
Net Worth $50 Million Approx. 
Merch  Calendar
Last Update July, 2022

The Early Life, Family, and Education of Lamar Odom’s Wife

Khloé was born in Los Angeles, California, on June 27, 1984. At the time, her mother Kris was a stay-at-home mom, while her father Robert was a lawyer.

She inherited three siblings. She grew up with Rob, her younger brother, and two older sisters, Kourtney and Kim.

In 1991, her parents split. Following that, her mother wed Bruce Jenner. Burton “Burt,” Brandon, Brody, and Casey Jenner are her stepsiblings thanks to her mother’s marriage to Bruce. Later on, Khloé spent her childhood with Kendall and Kylie Jenner.

Kardashian attended a variety of schools as a child. She attended Daniel Webster Middle School, Saint Martin of Tours School, and Bel Air Prep. Additionally, she attended Montclair Prep and A.E. Wright Middle School.

Additionally, she briefly attended the all-girls Roman Catholic Marymount High School in Los Angeles. She then decided to drop out of high school and enroll in the one-to-one alternative Alexandria Academy.

Later, in Encino, Los Angeles, her father passed away from esophageal cancer in September 2003 at the age of 59. His body was interred by his family in California’s Inglewood Park Cemetery.

parents’ separation

She had to witness her parents’ divorce in 1991 when she was just 7 years old. At the end of her 12-year marriage, Kris had an affair. When he learned of it, her husband initiated a divorce.

Later, Kris began seeing Bruce Jenner and later wed him. After 23 years of marriage, the couple ultimately made an announcement about their separation. In March 2015, their divorce was finally formalized.

Her stepfather Bruce Jenner later came out as the transgender woman Caitlyn Marie Jenner in April 2015.

Lamar Odom Career & Wife

Khloé appears in the popular television program Keeping Up with the Kardashians alongside other members of her family. Because of the show, she has a huge following and a lot of fame.

Through various endorsements, she has been able to capitalize on the fame of herself and her sisters. The sisters have also created a number of their own clothing and cosmetics products.

On her social media pages, she additionally promotes several products. Her fame has given her the chance to host her own shows. She has hosted her own talk programs on a number of occasions.

She has also participated in or hosted a number of other well-known shows.

Khloé and her sisters launched a clothing line for Bebe in 2010. Together with her sisters, she also opened a D-A-S-H store in Calabasas, California.

In cooperation with her spouse, Kardashian debuted the unisex scent “Unbreakable” in February 2011.

Another unisex scent called “Unbreakable Joy,” which was inspired by the holiday season, was introduced in October 2012.

In 2015, she published a book titled Strong Looks Better Naked. She has jumped into a number of occupations over her lifetime.

Lamar Odom Wife | Lamar Odom’s marriage

Kardashian wed Lamar Odom, a professional American basketball player who was then a member of the Los Angeles Lakers of the NBA, on September 27, 2009.

They first connected at a party for Metta World Peace, an Odom colleague, and got married exactly one month later.

After dropping her middle name and taking on her husband’s last name, Kardashian changed her name to Khloé Kardashian Odom.

On December 13, 2013, Kardashian filed for divorce from Odom. However, many people had already expressed their mistrust of their divorce.

She also requested that her last name be legally restored when her divorce was finalized.

They both signed the divorce papers in July 2015 once the divorce agreement was completed.

Before the divorce was officially approved by a judge in October 2015, Odom was discovered unconscious in a Nevada brothel.

After being admitted to the hospital, he spent four days in a coma.

Then, Kardashian withdrew the divorce petition she had filed. She later said that she had withdrawn the divorce in order to make medical decisions for Odom.

In December 2016, Kardashian and Odom’s divorce was finalized.

Short Lamar Odom wiki

Former NBA player Lamar Joseph Odom was a professional basketball player. Odom was born on November 6, 1972, in Queens, New York.

Odom was selected by the Los Angeles Clippers with the fourth overall choice in the first round of the 1999 NBA Draft.

Later, he also participated in NBA games with the Dallas Mavericks, Los Angeles Lakers, and Miami Heat. In June 2012, he once more joined the Los Angeles Clippers.

While playing for the Los Angeles Lakers in 2009 and 2010, Lamar earned two NBA championships.

Odom participated in the 2004 Olympics for the US national team. He also contributed to the team’s bronze medal victory.

Similar to that, he also participated in the 2010 FIBA World Championship with the national squad. There, he assisted the team in finally bringing home a gold medal.

He thus became the first player to ever win a FIBA gold medal and an NBA championship in the same calendar year. Odom has also made appearances in a number of TV shows and contests.

Lamar and his ex fiancée Liza Morales had two kids together: Destiny and Lamar Jr. He later became engaged to Sabrina Parr in November 2009. Their engagement was eventually canceled.

Relationships Other Than Lamar Odom’s Wife

Kardashian dated NBA player Rashad McCants in 2008. After seven months together, the pair decided to end their relationship in late January 2009.

She had been dating the rapper French Montana since January 2014, on and off. In December of that year, their relationship came to an end.

Later, in 2015, James Harden, a basketball player, and Kardashian started dating. At Kanye West’s birthday party at the Staples Center, they first connected. After spending eight months together, they came to the conclusion that their relationship could not last.

James Harden has dated a number of other women. To learn more about them all, go to this page.

Khloé and NBA player Tristan Thompson began dating in 2016. Kardashian’s daughter True Thompson was born on April 12, 2018.

At the time, they were involved in a scandal after it was revealed that Thompson had cheated on Kardashian while she was pregnant.

After learning that Thompson had cheated on Kardashian with her younger half-sister Kylie Jenner’s then-best friend Jordyn Woods, Kardashian and Thompson called it quits in February 2019.

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They resumed their romance in August 2020 after being quarantined together during the COVID-19 pandemic. They reportedly broke up once more in June 2021.

Lamar Odom’s spouse: health problems

Kardashian suffered a severe brain injury in a car accident in 2001. She had a severe concussion after hitting her head against the windshield. She consequently suffered from long-term memory loss as a result.

Since she was in sixth grade, Kardashian has experienced migraines. She was a spokesman for the migraine medication Nurtec ODT as an adult. She says she gained from it.

In addition, Khloé received a COVID-19 diagnosis on October 28, 2020. She stated this in a social media video clip.

In addition, she experienced COVID-19 once again in October 2021. This time, the illness was also found in her three-year-old daughter.

Legal Issues with Lamar Odom’s Wife

On March 4, 2007, Kardashian was detained for operating a vehicle while intoxicated. On July 18, 2008, she reported to jail to serve time for breaking the terms of her probation.

The socialite could have spent up to 30 days behind bars. Additionally, she was required to start an alcohol treatment program three weeks after being released.

She was nevertheless released less than three hours later as a result of overcrowding.

In December 2009, a woman claimed Khloé and eleven other people attacked her outside a nightclub. Two years after the incident, in December 2011, the woman sued her.

In March 2012, Khloé joined her sisters Kourtney and Kim in a $5 million class-action lawsuit against QuickTrim, the diet aid they promoted.

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Lamar Odom Spouse | Physical Description

On June 27, 1984, Khloé was born under the astrological sign of Cancer. She stands 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighs about 55 kg. She has a good-looking figure.

She used to weigh around 74 kg, though, and she frequently got compliments on how she looked. She adjusted her lifestyle after that and recently got to her new weight.

She also has long, gorgeous, lustrous brunette hair and stunning dark brown eyes. Moreover, she frequently gets blonde hair colour. Additionally, her shoe size is 10. (US).

Khloé’s body is covered in a total of 4 tattoos. She does not, however, have any body piercings. Kardashian has a tattoo of a crucifix with the word “Daddy” written over it on her lower back. She has a crucifix tattooed on her chest as well.

She also has “I love you” tattooed on her right wrist. Additionally, a “K” denotes her family name, Kardashian, and is visible on her left hand.

On her right hand, she had a tattoo of the letters “LO” for her ex-husband Lamar Odom. After her divorce, she did, however, throw it away.

Khloé Kardashian earnings and wealth

According to Celebrity Networth, Khloé’s net worth is around $50 million.

She became wealthy because her family was well-known. The reality television program “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” is chiefly responsible for the Kardashians’ popularity and wealth.

She has also profited greatly from her joint operations with her sisters in business.

She has also written a few novels and made appearances in numerous TV programs.

Khloé spends all of her money on a lavish lifestyle. In the upcoming days, she is anticipated to make even more money.

Khloé Kardashian  Social Media Presence

  • Facebook – 24 million followers (As of May 2022)
  • Instagram – 243 million followers (As of May 2022)
  • Twitter – 30 million followers (As of May 2022)
  • Youtube – 696k subscribers (As of May 2022)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Khloé Kardashian in a relationship currently?

No, the media personality is not currently in a relationship with anyone. She does not plan to mingle with anyone right now. She is entirely focused on her career.

Is Khloé Kardashian richer than Kim?

No, Khloé’s net worth is estimated to be just around $50 million, while Kim Kardashian is valued at $1.8 billion by Forbes magazine.