Kim Spradlin

Interior designer Kim Spradlin is well-known to the general audience as the victor of the 2012 season of Survivor: One World, the American CBS reality television program Survivor.

Kim Spradlin has also been given the title of “Sprint-player of the Season” because she received the majority of the fan vote.

Quick Facts

Birth Date January 30,1983
Full Name Kim Spradlin
Birth Name Kimberly Brooke Spradlin
Profession Interior Designer
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Birth Country United States of America
Gender Identity Female
Sexual Orientation Straight
Horoscope Aquarius
Marital Status Married
Spouse Bryan Wolfe
No Of Children 3
Height 177 cm
Weight 55 kg
Net worth 5000000
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Twitter Link Twitter Link
Instagram Link Insta Link


Spradlin was nurtured by her parents in her birthplace after being born there on January 30, 1983. Kimberly Brooke Spradlin is her real name.

She was also a charming child who demonstrated proper behavior from a young age. She developed a love of design at a young age, and as she grew older, she realized her dream of becoming an interior designer.

Body Measurements

Kim Spradlin posing for her Instagram feed. Image Source: Instagram

Kim Spradlin is a stunning woman who is a respectable 5 feet 10 inches (177 cm) tall and roughly 55 kg in weight (121 lbs.). She exudes an extremely endearing and seductive personality and also looks good with her light, silky brown hair, sharp nose, and blue eyes.

Kim also has a thin body type and has worked hard to keep it well-fitted since a young age. She has not yet revealed information about her body dimensions, such as the size of her hips, waist, and breasts.

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Gross Value and Source of Income

As everyone is aware, reality television actress Kim Spradlin won the 24th season of Survivor: One World. She also has a successful profession as an interior designer.

Incorporating all of her possessions, earnings, and cash on hand, she has a net worth of $5 million. She appears to reside in a mansion with her husband, children, and family, based on her estimated total net worth.

Education Background

In terms of her educational background, Spradlin is well-educated and completed her studies at a private school in her hometown. She graduated from a reputable college after completing her early schooling.

She entered the University of Texas, a San Antonio-based institution renowned for its contributions to research, higher education, business, the arts, and more after earning a college degree, where she eventually earned a bachelor’s degree in interior design.

Family and Parents

Kim Spradlin is wed to Bryan Wolfe, according to information on their relationship status. The adorable couple wed in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico in March 2013 at a ceremony that took place on a beach close to their hotel.

Kim with her husband(Source: Instagram)

The couple’s family members and a few acquaintances attended the ceremony. Alicia Rosa and Kat Edorsson, two members of Kim’s Survivor tribe, were also present during the wedding.

Social Media Activity

Kim Spradlin uses a number of social media sites, but she is most active on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. She frequently publishes her photo to amuse her followers and fans.

With more than 66.8k followers on her page and the username  @kimspradlinwolfe, Spradlin is active on Instagram. She writes a lot about decorating her home and having fun in her personal life. Additionally, she has posted 833 times on Instagram and has more than 1136 followers.

Additionally, she maintains a Twitter account with the handle @SpradlinKim. she has a sizable fan base on this website. A Twitter user since March 2012, she

Additionally, Spradlin is active on Facebook, where her profile has more than 1.8K followers. Her Twitter handle is @KimSpradlinWolfe.


Spradlin announced her pregnancy on social media after a year of their marriage. She gave birth to a lovely child on February 8, 2014, who was given the name Michael Thomas Wolfe. After then, in 2015, she gave birth to August Jane Wolfe, her second child.

Kim with her lovely kids(Source: Instagram)

Walt Thomas Wolfe, her third child, was born on June 1st, 2016. Her kids are all gorgeous and really cute. She frequently posts images of her kids on Instagram and other social media sites.

Professional life

Spradlin began her professional career as an interior designer after graduating with honors from the University of Texas in San Antonio. She eventually launched a bridal business.

She debuted as a participant on the American CBS reality competition series Survivor: One World in 2012. Even though she was one of the more reserved contenders, she managed to catch Alicia Rosa’s eye as they traveled to the girls’ camp.

Together with Chelsea Meissner, Kat Edorsson, and Sabrina Thompson, Spradlin created an alliance that enabled her and her teammate to receive a free immunity after triumphing in three straight challenges.

At Survivor: Winners at War,

Spradlin returned to the 40th season of the American competitive reality television series Survivor Winner at War after taking eight-year gaps.

She started out as a member of the Dakal tribe, but after losing her immunity on day three, she was identified as a Poker alliance owing to watching poker on television a year earlier and also discovered a hidden immunity idol after being saved from a vote-out, but she soon discovered that in order for the idol to function, she needed to deliver one half of it to a member of her tribe before sundown.

Kim received an immunity on day 23 after succeeding in a challenge. She attempted to eliminate Tony Vlachos in the round of eight, but her strategy backfired because Vlachos orchestrated her demise.

Spradlin-Wolfe was one of the 12 jury members who supported Vlachos’ victory at the Final Tribal Council.

Spradlin won a prize of $1 million,

Together with two other members of her alliance, Kat Edorsson and Sabrina Thompson, Spradlin advanced to the finals after winning two Immunity challenges. She won the respect of seven out of the nine Jury members in the finale thanks to her subtle and successful approach, and she was named the 24th Sole Survivor.

She received $1 million in compensation for winning the Survivor competition, as well as the title of Sprint Player of the Season, for which she received a total amount of $100,000.

Animal lover

Spradlin, an American actress, is totally smitten with animals, especially dogs. She enjoys spending time with her dogs and taking pictures of them to share on social media, as shown on her Instagram.

Photo of Kim Spradlin while taking her dog out. Image Source: Instagram

In a similar vein, she enjoys exploring the wonders of nature while traveling to new locations. She also enjoys spending time with her family and friends.

Was Arrested After Making a Mistake in Identity

Spradlin was detained by a local law enforcement officer in April 2013 as she prepared to alter her name at the San Antonio DMV (US Department of Motor Vehicles).

After spending more than eight hours in jail, she was eventually freed on bail after paying $1500. It was then discovered, after some investigation, that there was another person with the same first name and birthdate.

Zoadic Symbol

Spradlin was born with Aquarius as her zoadic sign. The water carrier is this sign’s zodiacal emblem, while Uranus and Saturn are its ruling planets. The eleventh of the twelve horoscope signs is Aquarius.

The characteristics of those born under this zodiac sign are independence, self-assurance, and extraversion. They enjoy interacting with others and staying near to them. They do, however, have some shortcomings.

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