Kimbella Vanderhee

Quick Facts

Birth Date October 13,1983
Full Name Kimbella Ann Vanderhee
Birth Name Kimbella Ann Vanderhee
Profession TV Personality
Nationality American
Ethnicity Mixed
Birth City Tampa, Florida
Birth Country USA
Father Name Ottelie Vanderhee
Mother Name Sherry Vanderhee
Gender Identity Female
Sexual Orientation Straight
Horoscope Libra
Marital Status Married
Spouse Juelz Santana
No Of Children 4
Height 165 cm
Weight 61 kg
Net worth 800000
Siblings Kenneth Vanderhee, DJ Lil Kim
Education Masters in Pharmacy
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Instagram Link Insta Link

Pitbull’s Hotel Room Service provided Kimbella Ann Vanderhee with her big break as a TV personality. She appeared in the music video as a model. The urban model is from Tampa, Florida, in the United States. Specifically, she was born on October 13, 1983. She is well-known for appearing on the TV show Love and Hip Hop: New York.

Family & Parents

Mixed genes make up Kimbella’s body. While her mother, Sherry Vanderhee, is white and of Caucasian descent, her father, Ottelie Vanderhee, is of African American descent.

Parents of Kimbella Vanderhee(Source: Instagram)

She unfortunately had an unpleasant upbringing with a violent father. But while they sought to repair their failing relationship, she had forgiven him. Her parents are still married and have a healthy connection.

fortunate to have two siblings

As a young child, Kimbella experienced a lot of hardship and grief with her family. Her siblings at the time helped her deal with her pain to some level.

Kenneth Vanderhee is the name of her brother. Kenneth also made an appearance on an episode of the Love and Hip Hop: New York program hosted by her sister. Additionally, she has a sister who is a professional DJ. DJ Lil Kim is her alter ego.

Education Background

The general public has a persistent misperception that those who work in reality television have unflattering scholastic histories. Undoubtedly, Kimbella has succeeded in dispelling these preconceived notions.

She has silenced those critics by earning a master’s degree. She has a pharmacy degree. All of this happened before she started modeling. She explained that she always enjoyed the concept of working in front of the camera and changed her job as a result when she was questioned about it.

Height & Weight

Kimbella Vanderhee height(Source: Instagram)

In the TV industry, maintaining oneself is somewhat of a requirement, and Kimbella Vanderhee has done this successfully. The slender woman is 5 feet 5 inches tall (165 cm). She weighs 61 kilograms overall.

Relationship Status

Juelz Santana and Kimbella Vanderhee have been wed since 2019. They dated for almost ten years before exchanging wedding vows, making it one of Hollywood’s longest engagements.

Kimbella Vanderhee with her husband(Source: Instagram)

The most delighted with the news were their fans. It’s because they had lost all patience contemplating whether or not the two will get married.


Kimbella is a four-time mother. She and her spouse Juelz Santana had two children. The son, Juelz Santana James, shares his father’s name. On September 6, 2010, he was born. Bella Monroe James is the name of her other child. James, her brother, is two years older than she is.

Kimbella Vanderhee with her kids(Source: Instagram)

Additionally, they had children from a prior relationship. Juelz and Kimbella’s ex-partner produced a son together. Juelz’s son is LaRon Louis, while Kimbella’s son is named Leandro.

Why Did Kimbella’s Husband Spend Time in Jail?

Before being married, Kimbella and Juelz had a tumultuous relationship and difficult times. When Kimbella’s husband was given a prison term, their relationship undoubtedly hit its lowest point.

Not long after their wedding, it occurred. When it was discovered that Juelz was traveling with a 38 caliber handgun and oxycodone pills, he was detained at the airport. He was given a 27-month sentence after being found guilty on the offences related to the use of weapons.

He did not complete his entire sentence. After serving 19 months in jail, he was freed.

Has Been Up Front About Her Operations

The appearance of models and television personalities is something that many people have preconceived views about. It is a contentious issue that has split society. Others argue that’s why they get paid, while some think they shouldn’t be assessed.

Celebrities don’t readily admit to having procedures because of this. Kimbella, though, is not included in this group. Kimbella feels there should be no guilt in hiding the results of her procedures, so she has been extremely forthright about them.

She has previously discussed getting a Brazilian butt lift and also underwent this procedure in October 2019. She shared the news of her operation while posting updates and final outcomes to her Instagram and also has had facial surgery as well. Her lips have undergone significant improvements as well.

Juelz Santana, Kimbella’s husband, is

Rapper Juelz Santana is a very popular American. However, LaRon Louis James is his real name. The Fast and The Furious: Tokyo Drift, which starred Nathalie Kelley, and End of Watch are two well-known films for which he provided the music.

The rapper, who was born in New York, was nominated for three different Grammy Awards in 2003, 2004, and 2009.

He also belongs to the East Coast hip hop group The Diplomats. On February 18, 1983, the controversial rapper was conceived.

The Bold Proposal

Juelz, Kimbella’s spouse, popped the question. Like Terry Fator, he will be remembered for making one of the most memorable marriage proposals in history.

It was Wednesday, November 23, 2018. The Apollo Theatre in New York served as the location. Kimbella was with Juelz when he walked on stage, got down on one knee, and proposed to her. There were thousands and thousands of people, all of whom were enthralled by what they saw. Naturally, she responded “yes.”

On Love & Hip Hop

Juelz and Kimbella’s relationship hasn’t always been a bed of roses. There have been plenty of issues involving the couple.

The biggest squabble in their relationship stemmed from Kimbella cheating on Juelz. Love & Hip Hop: New York uncovered the controversy. It is also regarded as one of the most scandalous instances in the history of the program.

About Kimbella sleeping with Fabolous, there was debate. In addition to being pregnant at the time, Emily Bustamente had been seeing Fabolous for a while. This caused a lot of tension on the show, and Kimbella even got into a fight with Erica Mena physically as a result.

Net worth & Source of Income

Kimbella Vanderhee lucrative modeling and television career shouldn’t come as a surprise given how well she has done financially. Her annual net income is $800,000. Her primary source of income is the TV show Love and Hip Hop. She joined in 2011 and is now a part of it.

She runs a business in addition to the entertainment industry. High-quality timepieces are produced by her company, “Bella.” Her company’s earnings are kept private.

In addition to this, she earned a lot of money through sponsored promotions and magazine photoshoots.

Juelz Santana, Kimbella’s husband, has achieved fame in the rap game. Her husband’s estimated net worth is $10 million. His musical contributions to both movies and records have brought him considerable renown and wealth, which has only served to strengthen the couple’s financial situation.

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Social Media

Kimbella is well-known on Twitter and Instagram, where she has a sizable following. Each platform has given her a verification tag. Kimbella promotes her company on Twitter (@kimbellasworld) and tweets about a variety of topics.

She spends much of her online time on Instagram and also interacts with her followers on the platform in a lighthearted manner. She updates her Instagram account @kimbellasworld with posts about her spouse, children, family, and friends.

On social media, her husband is even more well-liked than she is. Her husband also seizes any opportunity to express his affection for his wife and children. The usernames @thejuelzsantana (Instagram) and @thejuelzsantana are where you can locate Kimbella’s husband (Twitter).