Kiya Winston

Kiya Winston is a celebrated name in the fashion and sports industry. More than that, she is widely popular for her high-profile marital relationship as she is the wife of Mike Tomlin.

Kiya Winston is an African-American fashion designer who operates a studio and runs apparel workshops.

Her husband, Mike Tomlin, is the former football player and present head coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers of the National Football League.

Owning to her hard work, Kiya is a successful businesswoman and cannot be assumed to be well-known just because of her husband.

Moreover, Winston describes herself as a mom of three kids, a wife, and an artist.

Mrs. Tomlin has a rejoiceful love life with Mike and the kids, simultaneously leading the clothing business, which is the career of her likeness.

Before we dig up more details about Kiya Winston, let us scroll through her quick facts.

Kiya Winston | Quick Facts

Full Name Kiya Winston/Tomlin
Birth Date January 13, 1974
Birth Place Morristown, New Jersey, U.S.A.
Current Residence Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Religion Christian
Nationality American
Ethnicity Black
Education Graduate in Designs, Arts and Architecture Planning
University University of Cincinnati
Horoscope Capricorn
Sexuality Straight
Known For Pittsburgh Steelers Head Coach Mike Tomlin’s Wife
Father’s Name Unknown
Mother’s Name Unknown
Siblings Unrevealed
Age 48 years old
Height 5 feet 3 inches or 136 cm
Weight About 60 kilograms or 132 pounds
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Build Slim and Toned
Profession Businesswoman & Fashion Designer
Active Years 1992– Present
Marital Status Married
Husband Mike Tomlin
Kids Dean Tomlin, Mason Tomlin, and Harlyn Quinn Tomlin
Net Worth $2 million
Merch of Mike Tomlin Tribute Card
Social Media Instagram, Twitter
Last Updated July 2022

Kiya Winston: Age & Relatives

The aspirational Winston was conceived on January 13, 1974, in the New Jersey hamlet of Morristown. Her zodiac sign is therefore Capricorn.

Winston grew up with her siblings, where she developed an early love of making things and sewing outfits. Unfortunately, information regarding Kiya’s parents and siblings has come through the media.

Additionally, Kiya’s mother raised her and her siblings alone after her parents’ separated while she was a junior in high school.

Kiya grew up wanting to help her mother and become financially independent since she saw how hard it was for her to raise her children.

The 48-year-old also has a family with the head coach, Mike Tomlin. They are married and have two boys and a girl as children.

Life in Childhood and Education of Kiya Winston

The lovely Kiya spent her early years in Morristown where she went to school, played, and began knitting and sewing.

Because Kiya was so small as a child, she had trouble fitting into ready-made clothes. She was unable to dress in stylish or current fashions.

When Kiya was ten years old, she requested a sewing machine for Christmas and started making garments for herself and coming up with her own clothing ideas.

In addition, the youthful fashionista started tailoring clothes, ducks, and cushions. Her baby costumes and baby clothes were worried about her friend’s prom and party.


Kiya Winston unexpectedly enrolled in the College of William & Mary’s college of medicine and joined the gym group.

Kiya was well-known in college for creating outfits for her friends and the gymnastics club members. Additionally, she prepared outfits for her pregnant gym coach at the time. Posted by Winston on her Instagram:

“My college coach was expecting a child one year. All of her pregnancy wear is mine. At the College of William & Mary, where Mike was a pre-law student and a football player, and Kiya was a pre-med student, is where Kiya met her husband, Mike Tomlin. The two thus started dating, which ultimately resulted in marriage.

Later, the fashionista changed her academic focus to the faculty of arts and transferred to the University of Cincinnati’s College of Design, Art, and Architectural Planning.

getting hitched to Mike Tomlin

When Kiya first met Mike at William & Mary, they were both injured and resting in the training room. The school’s football team at the time featured wide receiver Tomlin, who was in a higher class.

To support Mike’s ambition, Kiya moved along with Tomlin when he decided to pursue a career as a coach.

In 1996, they got engaged two weeks after Kiya finished her graduation. Mike had just recently finished his education during this time.

Mike was a graduate assistant at the University of Memphis at the time.

For a while, the couple enjoyed being single until welcoming Dean Tomlin, their first child, in 2000. Mason Tomlin was born in 2002, and Harlyn Quinn Tomlin, a daughter, was born in 2006.

Furthermore, for the first several years of their marriage, Kiya seemed to live a transient existence. Due to Mike’s pursuit of a coaching career at the time, the fashion designer relocated to numerous towns including Tennessee, Arkansas, and Ohio.

The couple currently resides in Pittsburgh’s Squirrel Hill neighborhood with their children.

Work Experience | Kiya Winston

As was previously said, Kiya was very interested in fashion, clothing design, and textile production. Her entire life was spent designing and tailoring, which prepared the way for her career today.

Winston’s professional career started when she completed her undergraduate degree and set out to make a name for herself in the fashion industry.

Kiya created a studio in 2012 and started making stylish clothing inspired by the drive and aspirations of today’s modern lady after working tirelessly to realize her childhood dream.

In order for busy mothers over 30 to be able to dress elegantly, she ultimately established her business in 2014 under the name Uptown Sweats. Kiya introduced a line of adaptable, stylish, and machine-washable dresses made from American-made bamboo textiles.

Due to the quality of her products and her customer-focused business model, Kiya’s sweatshirts quickly gained popularity in the market. Her fashion motto, “Comfortable. Confident. Beautiful,” made it inevitable.

The hardworking woman did not stray from her course, and now sports and Hollywood celebrities queue up to wear her designs, despite the fact that it took some time for the designer to become known among the population.

According to different web publications, the couturier sells designer garments to a number of high-profile celebrities.

Kiya Tomlin established a new retail location today to make her outfits available to everyone, not only famous people and models. In Pittsburgh, she has established the shop close to her workshop.

Kiya Winston’s body measurements

The mother of three has currently kept herself incredibly well-maintained even at the age of 48. She has a lean body, and her understanding of style and fashion enhances the beauty of her good health.

Unfortunately, the mother’s precise height is unknown, but by comparing her to Mike, we may assume that she is 136 centimeters tall. Having said that, the woman’s weight of 60 kg is reasonable given her age.

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In addition, Mrs. Tomlin has black hair, pale skin, and sparkling brown eyes that complement her charming smile.

Marketer for social media Kiya Winston

The stylist uses social media extensively because she uses it to advertise her outfit creations. Winston frequently publishes updates on her most recent practical knowledge and fashionable appearances.

Kiya has an Instagram account with the moniker “kiyatomlin,” where she posts updates on her new and current releases, and she has close to 9000 followers. You can stay up to speed on her newest accomplishments by following her on Instagram.

Likewise, she has about 6000 followers on Twitter (@KiyaTomlin), where you can follow her. She engages with other people and posts on this site.

Additionally, anytime Kiya has free time, she goes through Twitter, where she can be seen cheering on and retweeting the games of her husband’s team.

However, you won’t often find photographs of Winston or her family posted on her social network. You will see Kiya’s picture frequently as she advertises her most recent outfits.

Kiya Winston – Income

The businesswoman started sewing and designing at a very young age since she watched her mother work very hard and wanted to help her. Her success and notoriety are primarily due to her dedication to her profession and unwaveringly positive views toward it.

She now has a successful apparel business called “Uptown Sweats” that brings in close to $1 million annually, and she is thriving.

The NFL coach’s wife has a few expensive vehicles, including a BMW and a KIA SUV, and she and her husband share ownership of a $1.8 million home in a Pittsburgh area.

Kiya Winston’s current net worth is believed to be $2 million.

Winston’s income still seems insignificant in comparison to her husband’s income, which is currently $16 million in profit. Mike Tomlin is now ranked as the eighth-wealthiest NFL coach of all time and receives an annual compensation of $6 million.

The American couple owns more than $20 million in total, which explains their extravagant lifestyle and passion of owning opulent homes and cars.

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Does Kiya Tomlin work in the Hollywood industry?

Kiya Tomlin is a fashion designer who designs fancy outfits for several Hollywood celebrities and sportspersons. Although, she is not a hired professional of any specific star or group.

What is Kiya Tomlin’s net worth?

As of 2022, Kiya Tomlin’s collection of fortune is expected to be around $2 million.

In contrast to her husband’s worth, Kiya lags much further behind as Mike’s holdings are approximately $16 million.