Klaus Kinski

One of the well-known German actors with a career spanning 40 years and over 130 film roles is Klaus Kinski. Top actor Klaus Kinski gained recognition for his fierce and erratic performances in films and television roles.

Quick Facts

Full Name: Klaus Kinski
Born Date: 18 Oct, 1926
Age: 96 years
Horoscope: Libra
Lucky Number: 10
Lucky Stone: Peridot
Lucky Color: Blue
Best Match for Marriage: Gemini
Death Date: November 23, 1991
Gender: Male
Profession: Actor
Country: German
Height: 6 feet 1 inches (1.85m)
Marital Status: divorce
Divorce Minhoi Genevieve Loanic
Net Worth $20 Million
Eye Color Brown
Birth Place Zoppot, Free City of Danzig
Nationality German
Education Prinz-Heinrich-Gymnasium
Father Bruno Nakszynski
Mother Susanne Nakszynski
Siblings older siblings Inge, Arne, and Hans-Joachim
Kids Pola, Nastassja, Nikolai Kinski
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Klaus Gunter Karl Nakszynski, also known as Klaus Kinski, was born on October 18, 1926, to German Nationals in Zoppot, Free City of Danzig. Along with his three older siblings, Inge, Arne, and Hans-Joachim, he was born to his parents, Bruno Nakszynski and Susanne Nakszynski. His mother was a nurse and the granddaughter of the town minister; his father was a failed opera singer.

But because of their financial difficulties during the Great Depression, they were unable to support themselves in Danzig, so they relocated to Berlin in 1931. However, they battled to make ends meet and eventually found refuge in a flat in Wartburgstrabe 3 in the Schoneberg neighborhood. He is a citizen of Germany and is a German national. His zodiac sign is Libra, he has a heterosexual sexual .

Klaus Kinski posing in one of his childhood photographs (Source: digslogs.com)

In addition, he studied in 1936 at Prinz-Heinrich-Gymnasium in Schoneberg. In addition, due to the nation’s need that all citizens serve in the military during World War II, he enlisted in the German Wehrmacht at the age of 17. He therefore served as an Elite paratrooper for the German Air Force in or around 1943. Up to his transfer to the Netherlands and subsequent capture by the British on the second day, there was no movement in the early going.

Education Background

Only the sick captives were permitted to depart first as the war in Europe was virtually over in May 1945. He literally stands naked outside at that period, consuming smokes and urine. But after a year and four months in captivity, approximately 1946, he was regarded as healthy at the time of his return. Unfortunately, both his mother and father passed away during the War, his mother in an Allied air strike.

Height & Weight

About his physical appearance, Klaus is not particularly concerned. Details about his bodily measurements are available. He weighed 75 kilograms and stood about 5 feet 11 inches tall. He also has pale complexion and eyes that are brown in tone.

Relationship Status 

He was married three times and had kids with each of them. In 1952, he got hitched to Gislinde Kuhlbeck (a singer). Pola Kinski is their daughter together. However, after three years of marriage, they later declare their separation, which results in a divorce in 1955. After five years, he wed the actress Ruth Brigitte Toki, with whom he had Nastassja Kinski as a daughter.

Klaus Kinski posing with his ex-wife Minhoi Genevieve Loanic (Source: thestar.com)

In 1971, this union failed to promote diversity. In 1971, following the dissolution of his second marriage, he wed the model Minhoi Genevieve Loanic.  Then in 1976, Nikolai Kinski, their son, was born. Sadly, the marriage didn’t work out as planned, and it ended in divorce in 1979.

Professional Life

When he was a student at Berechurch Hall, he took part in several plays and played his first stage role. He then began his theatrical career and tried his hand at an acting career after returning to German. For the sake of his acting profession, he changed his name to Klaus Kinski. He has played a variety of characters in over 130 films over the course of the year.

His roles have been seen in a number of notable films, such as Winter in the Woods (1956), Decision Before Dawn (1952), Fear (1954), Ludwig II: Glanz und Ende eines Königs (1954), Children, Mother and the General (1995), Hanussen (1995), and Sarajevo (1995).

Klaus Kinski from his scene of Vampire in Venice(Source: wikiwand.com)

A time to love and a time to die (1956), The avenger (1960), The dead eyes of London (1961), The strange countess (1961), The curse of the hidden vault (1964), The secret of the black widow (1963), Traitor’s Gate (1964), The dirty game (1965), Killer’s Carnival (1966), and The cats (1968) are just a few examples of the other titles.

Additionally, his appearance in the television sector has raised the bar. He has performed in films such as Timestalkers, Faerie Tale Theatre, Deadly Nightmares, Die Kurve, Die Mondvogel, and Die Mondvogel (1961), among others (1987).

More on Career

He took on many roles and characters in a variety of other languages and genres. Aguirre, the earth of God (1972), Nosferatu the vampire (1979), Woyzeck (1979), Fitzcarraldo (1982), Cobra Verde (1987), and other films feature him as the major actor.

He and filmmaker Werner Herzog have a very unique kind of friendship, which has also helped him gain international reputation. He was also a man of many talents. And he has also recorded over 25 spoken word records, some of which have been made available on CDs.

Kinski Spricht Villon, Goethe, Rimbaud, Strindberg, Schiller, Brecht, and many others are a few of these. He had a talented personality and face, but on the set of the movie he was quite aggressive and disruptive. Because he was violent in the past toward his co-stars and directors. With the directors Werner Herzog and David Schmoeller, he frequently quarreled on the set.

Mental Illness & Sexual Abuse

He too suffered from a mental ailment. For three days, she was a patient in the Karl Bonhoeffer Nervenklinik. His first diagnosis was Schizophrenia, however it was later altered to Psychopathy (antisocial personality disorder). He also pursued his sponsor for the play and made an attempt to choke her. Furthermore, according to the source, he made two suicide attempts.

He attempted to sexually abuse his daughter as well, according to the records. His oldest daughter, Pola Kinski, authored an autobiography that included details from the records. She stated in her memoirs, which was published 20 years after her father’s passing, that he tried to sexually abuse her from the time she was 5 until she was 19.

His younger daughter Nastassja also said that when she was around 4-5 years old, their father would hold her in an impolite and sexual manner. However, he never had intercourse with her, and every daughter feared him because of his outbursts, temper tantrums, and unpredictable nature.

Autobiography & Bibliography

He wrote his autobiography sometime around 1988. He has written about his battle for survival, his capture by Germans, his court martial as a deserter, his death sentence, his history of escapes, his time as a prisoner, and many other topics. But in addition, in 1999, his close friend Werner Herzog published a documentary about him.

He stated that he believed Klaus had manufactured his memoirs, including the sexual assault of his mother, his childhood’s lack of resources, and incest. Additionally, in 1999, the director David Schmoller, who had collaborated with him on Crawlspace, published a short film with the working title Please kill Mr. Schmoeller. The hostile and violent behavior on the set is depicted in his film.

Klaus Kinski’s picture of his book All I Need is Love(Source: amazon. in)

He has written for a number of authors in addition to those listed in his bibliography,

such as Munchen:de: Rogner and Bernhard 1975 and All I need is love 1988. Paganini, Random House, New York. Munich: Heyne Verlag 1992; Kinski Unct: Klaus Kinski’s Autobiography; London: Bloomsbury; and so on. In the future, Christian David used the information already accessible, along with his own letters, interviews, and notes, to produce a thorough biography of Kinski in 2006.

Peter Geyer also released a paperback book of writings about his life, career, and accomplishments. The autobiography he wrote, All I need is love, generated a lot of interest at the time. It was his second daughter Nastassja who was moved to sue him for libel after hearing about it. But eventually, it died down. Later, his oldest child, Pola, published her memoirs under the same name as her father’s memoir, Kindermund.

Net Worth 2023

In terms of his net worth, he has lived a prosperous life his entire life. As of right present, his estimated net worth is $20 million. His earnings and expenses have not yet been disclosed in full. But with the money he made from his acting career, he might have led a luxurious life.


He has a distinguished acting career and a colorful past.  And he participated in the Cartagena Film Festival Award, German Film Awards, Sant Jordi Awards, and Telluride Film Festival in the United States. He has won awards for best actor, best actor in main roles, and best performance for his supporting roles numerous times during the course of the year.  And he has also been recognized among them with all of the honors and nominations.

On Social Media

Back then, he was not the type of person who used social media. But after his passing, there was no more information on it. At the age of 65, the actor passed away on November 23, 1991. He passed away at his Lagunitas, California, home after having a sudden heart attack. Nikolai, one of his sons, was the one to attend his funeral out of all his siblings.

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