Kristen Zang

Kristen Zang is one of the most well-known models and actresses in the American entertainment sector. She is renowned for her starring performances in a number of films, including Hollywood, Love and Sex, Opposite Day, and others. In addition, this actress has a distinguished career in the field.

Kristen Zang is an accomplished entrepreneur who, in addition to her talents in acting and modeling, launched Emma Lou’s Homemade Kitchen Company in 2007. Additionally, there are rumors that the actress had relationships with a number of well-known celebrities, including Michael HutchenceLeonardo DiCaprio, and Nicholas Cage. You may read in-depth information on Kristen Zang here.

Quick Facts

Who is Kristen Zang?

Kristen Zang was born on June 22nd, 1974 in Battle Creek, Michigan, to parents Vernon and Cathy. She is a citizen of the United States and is of Caucasian descent. Additionally, Kristen grew up with her four siblings. Sadly, their names have not yet been made public.

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Miss Zangs attended primary school in Michigan, where she spent the most of her early years. She did, however, continue on to Royal Oak Kimball High School in Michigan, where she pursued more education.

How did Kristen Zang start her career?

Zang does not come from a family of actors, but she had an acting worm in her blood. She involved herself in a number of TV and film ventures after graduating. As a result, Kristen’s debut appearance was in the 1998 film “Friends Are Cowboys” as Jenny. Similar to Savannah, she used the same tenacity and commitment to her second film, “Love & Sex,” released in 2000. Kristen’s performance as Savannah attracted a lot of interest and favorable public response, which motivated her to continue and earn a great position in the industry.

Kristen Zang with mother Cathy Zang
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She therefore made appearances in other more successful shows including Opposite Day, Hollywood, Raw, Deal, and many others. For her part in the TV series Dharma & Greg, she was featured in the Warner Bros Catalog in 1999. In addition to this, Kristen Zang is a successful businesswoman. In 2007, she founded Emma Lou’s Homemade Kitchen, her own business. They are also in charge of making handmade food products for animals like dogs.

Who is the spouse of Kristen Zang?

By 2021, the stunning American actress Kristen Zang will probably still be single. Additionally, there is no such proof of Zang’s relationship or dating history. She has had a lengthy history of relationships with prominent Hollywood figures, though. The actress and actor and director Nicolas Cage were said to be dating around 1993. They both desired a quick marriage and were much in love. However, despite being engaged, they ended their relationship and gave one other their engagement rings back.

Kristen Zang and Leonardo DiCaprio
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In the same way, Kristen is known for dating Titanic actor Leonardo DiCaprio in 1996. The two had just been in a relationship for a year, though. They therefore parted ways in 1997. Additionally, the recent spread of allegations regarding Kristen and Constantine Maroulis’ alleged romance has caused a massive uproar in the online media. However, they were resolved since there was no tension between them in 2005.

What is Kristen Zang’s estimated net worth?

With an estimated net worth of over $500K, Kristen Zang is able to pay for all of her expenditures, salary, and other income, but just from her work in the film industry. Additionally, she is the proprietor of a self-owned business that makes dog food items. She thus earns tens of thousands of dollars annually in the United States. Additionally, Kristen’s business has branches in several US states, including Eugene, Oregon, and Los Angeles, California.

How tall is Kristen?

Zang’s physical characteristics include her height of 5 feet, 10 inches, and her body weight of around 60 kg. Similar to this, the 48-year-old actress has gorgeous brown hair and eyes that are grey plus.

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