Kyra Hendricks

Kyra Hendricks is an American artist and a miscellaneous crew who have worked in famous movies like Cowboy Dave and If Beale Street Could Walk. She is also the daughter of American producer and director Bruce Hendricks.

Quick Facts

Full Name Kyra Hendricks
Height 173cm
Nationality American
Date of Birth 1996/2/15
Birth Country United States
Birth Place California
Horoscope Aquarius
Ethnicity American
Father Name Bruce Hendricks
Mother Name Christine Cattell
Sexual Orientation Female


Kyra Hendricks is an Aquarius and was born on February 15th, 1996. She is an American because she was born in California, which is a state in the country. Her ancestry is Canadian and American.

Additionally, Hendricks turned 27 in 2023, and her weight was listed as 65 kg (143 pounds.) She is also 5 feet 7 inches tall. Her eyes are vivid black, and she has long brown hair.

What is the relationship between Kyra and Bruce Hendricks’ parents?

Bruce Hendricks, a well-known film producer and director, is the father of Kyra. Additionally, Christine Cattell, who is a professional actress, is her mother. Kyra and Bruce Hendricks are so related as father and daughter.

Kyra Hendricks’s mom and dad
Source: Instagram @christinecattellreally

Actually, Hendricks’ mother is a Canadian who immigrated to America, while her father is an American. Since Christine represented Toronto in the Miss Canada Pageant in 1980, she is also the recipient of the Yamaha Talent Award for voice.

Who is Bruce, Kyra’s father?

Bruce Hendricks, the father of Kyra Hendrick, is an American director, writer, and producer who is now employed by the Cook Company as an Executive Vice President.

Kyra Hendricks with her parents
Source: @christinecattellreally on Instagram

Bruce formerly served as the president of Physical Production at the Walt Disney Motion Picture Group. Hendricks Bruce is well recognized for directing well-known films like Pearl Harbor and Pirates of the Caribbean.

How much is KyraNet Worth?

Hendricks, Kyra Hendricks’ artistic contributions to a number of films, including Cowboy Dave and If Beale Street Could Walk, have made her famous. Barry Jenkins, who also directed the subsequent film, received nominations for both the BAFTA and Oscar awards. By 2022, her net worth is anticipated to be over $400,000.

Hendricks is still extremely young and will undoubtedly make more money in the future. The famous child can live a lavish lifestyle in the interim thanks to her parents’ reported net worth of millions of dollars.

What is Kyra Relationship Status?

Kyra is a reserved individual who prefers to keep her former relationships private. Because she is not extremely active on social media in 2022, it is quite difficult for the public to know who she is dating.

Who knows, she might be seeing her partner in secret and decide to come clean about it later. But as of right now, it’s difficult to say if she’s dating or not.

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