Lance Lepere

Quick Facts

Birth Date 1970
Full Name Lance Lepere
Birth Name Lance Lepere
Profession Fashion Designer
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Birth City Belleville
Birth Country The USA
Father Name Harold LaPere
Mother Name Dixie LePere
Gender Identity Male
Sexual Orientation Gay
Marital Status Married
Spouse Michael Kors
Sibilings Michelle Hewer, Nicole Sinn, and Scott
Education Belleville East High School

After the legalization of same-sex marriage in 2015, many gay and lesbian celebrity couple came out publicly. Similarly, the news of Lance Lepere and Michael Kors’ marriage news came out. Well, Lance is a prominent American fashion designer by profession. However, he is best known as the husband of Michael Kors.

The well-known fashion designer, Lance, was born in 1970 in Belleville, Illinois to Harold and Dixie LePere. He belongs to white ethnicity and holds an American nationality. If you are curious to know more about his marriage, then read the article until the end.

Family & Personal Life

Lance LePere was born in 1970 in Belleville, Illinois, to Harold and Dixie LePere. His father, known as ‘Hap’, was a noted architect who helped design Memorial Hospital in Belleville. He has a brother named Scott and two sisters named Nicole Sinn and Michelle Hewer.

His mother, who was diagnosed with breast cancer when he was only two, used to call her cancer medication “her beauty pills” and never talked about her disease and treatment in a negative way to him even after he was a teenager. His mother died in 2003 after battling with cancer for 33 years. Both his parents had served on the boards at Memorial Hospital. He completed his graduation from Belleville East High School.

Gay Couple, Lance Lepere And Michael Kors

Lance is gay and is currently wed to Michael Kors, who was once his boyfriend. Well, Kors is a well-known Project Runaway judge and sporty fashion designer who was published in ‘New York Magazine. On August 16, 2011, in front of their close friends and family, the two exchanged wedding vows.

Michael and Lance, a married gay couple
Adapted from Harper’s Bazaar

Mark Epley, the mayor of Southampton, officiated their outdoor barefoot ceremony on Dune Beach during their destination wedding in Long Island, New York. Same-sex unions were not permitted in 2011, so on August 3 they went to the City Clerk’s Office and obtained a marriage license.


Lance LePere came to New York at the age of 17 to build his career in the fashion industry. He found a foothold in the field after he joined Michael Kors’ company as an intern in 1990. The two shared “a certain level of taste”, “an American point of view”, as well as an interest in playing with Americana. In his own words, they dreamed together in a day-to-day process over the years, which gradually brought them close.

While working at the Paris outlet of the company, they began having meals together at Joe Allen restaurant and developed an intimacy. He has gained media attention ever since, with most leading news outlets covering their marriage in 2011 following a 21-year-long courtship.

First Meeting of Lance Lepere And Michael Kors

Lance and Michael, a gay pair, originally connected in 1990 when Lance started working as an intern at Kors’ firm. The couple actually had a 12-year age difference, but they put that aside and began dating right away after meeting. After two decades of dating, the couple decided to move forward with their union in 2011.

Lance and Michael, a gay couple, at an award ceremony
from PopSugar

The couple became engaged just weeks before being married, according to an interview with Kors.

“After many years together, Lance and I are thrilled to have the chance to get married in our home state. We won’t be getting married publicly; instead, we won’t be throwing a big party.”

After eight years of a happy marriage and 29 years together, they are still going strong with no divorce rumors or disputes over their extramarital affairs.

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What is the Net Worth of  Lance Lepere?

Lance’s net worth is anticipated to be similar to Kiya Winston’s in 2022, at about $1 million. All of his wealth was accumulated as a result of his prosperous work as a fashion designer. In the USA, a fashion designer typically earns $65,170 year. Not to mention, as a well-known fashion designer, he might be making over $100,000 annually.

Picture: Le Pere and Kors in their living room.
Architectural Digest, online

In addition to his profits and net worth, Michael, his partner, is worth somewhere about $600 million. As a well-known fashion designer who has created outfits for prominent figures like Michelle Obama, Kate Norley, and Jennifer Lopez, he made this large sum of money.

With his income and his wife’s staggering wealth, Lance must undoubtedly be enjoying an opulent lifestyle.

Charitable Works

In September 2016, Lance LePere and Michael Kors donated $750,000 to Memorial Hospital in memory of LePere’s parents. Lance, whose mother was a breast cancer survivor, has intimate ties with the hospital. Following the donation, the hospital’s foundation decided to rename the breast health center at the Memorial Hospital as the ‘Harold and Dixie LePere Breast Health Center’.

Lance LePere and Michael Kors, both self-proclaimed “lifelong theatre enthusiasts”, are fans of the Roundabout Theatre and love to watch plays at the theatre whenever they get the opportunity. In October 2016, it was reported that the couple had donated $1.5 million to Roundabout Theatre Company to felicitate the creation of a new VIP Patron’s Lounge at the Stephen Sondheim Theatre, which was to be renamed ‘Michael Kors and Lance LePere Lounge’ in honor of the donors. However, following mixed response from the theatre community, Roundabout clarified that the money will go primarily towards the 50th anniversary campaign of the theatre company, and also towards the Musical Theatre Fund, which will support the development and production of musicals. The production of plays like Kiss Me, Kate and Merrily We Roll Along benefitted from their donation.

In March 2018, the duo served as co-chairs at the exclusive fundraising gala hosted by The National Theatre and the American Associates of the National Theatre to celebrate the arrival of the National Theatre’s acclaimed production of Angels in America, A Gay Fantasia on National Themes on Broadway.