Larron Tate

Larron Tate is a famous producer, writer, and actor from America. He has produced some well-known films such as Beta Test and Business Ethics. He is mostly known for some of his amazing films like  Across the Tracks (1990), Without a Pass (1991), and M.A.N.T.I.S. (1994).

Larron Tate was born on June 28, 1969, in Chicago, Illinois, United States. He was a very passionate and hardworking person mostly focused on his work since his childhood.

Quick Facts

Birth Date June 28,1969
Full Name Larron Tate
Profession Actor, Writer, Producer
Nationality American
Birth City Chicago, Illinois


His parents, Peggy Tate and Larry Tate, gave birth to Larron. He and his parents were raised in a safe and tranquil environment. Since he was a little child, his parents have always supported him in becoming a successful adult. Larron constantly appreciates everything his parents have done for him.

Larron’s family relocated to California from Chicago when he was only 10 years old in quest of better chances and a more comfortable lifestyle. It is unknown when Larry and Peggy got married and how long they dated before getting hitched.

Furthermore, there is no information on social media regarding their occupation or previous employment, but we do know that they are happy where they live with their family.


Larron, a Back to the Good Life celebrity, was raised in Chicago together with his two brothers, Lahmard and Larenz Tate. He and his siblings are quite close, and he frequently shares photos of them on social media. Like him, his siblings are well-known people who are also succeeding professionally.

They all currently live apart from one another with their own families, yet they still get along well.

First Brother Larron (Lahmard Tate)

Lahmard was born in Chicago, Illinois, on January 7, 1970. Like his brother Larron, he is also a producer. He is most remembered for his outstanding performance in the 1987 film Barfly. He also contributes to Barbershop Billy as a writer. Additionally, he had roles in a number of well-known films, including Jason’s Lyric and Across The Track.

Larron picture Lahmard and Larenz, his brothers, posed for a photograph with him (Image source:

Lahmard began his career at a relatively young age and received his first acting part when he was 17 years old. He had an appearance in the acclaimed 1987 criminal drama television series “Hill Street.” Also Read began to obtain more roles in other series after the popularity of the first one.

He also made TV cameos on well-known programs like Roc, Street Justice, and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

Second Brother Larron (Larenz Tate)

The youngest sibling and one of Hollywood’s most well-known actors is Larenz. He was raised alongside his other two siblings and was born on September 8, 1975. He has starred in a number of well-known films, including Dead Presidents, Ray, and Loves Jones. And he gained notoriety after playing Councilman Rashad Tate in Power and O-Dog in Menace II Society.

Larenz is also one of the most well-known online personas. His Instagram account, @larenztate, has a whopping 3.1 million followers.

What is Tate Height and Weight?

In terms of his physical attributes, Larron is gorgeous with his black hair and eyes. His short, curly hair and oval face further add to his allure, and he was born with a mole on his right cheek.

Additionally, Larron weighs 75 kg and is 5 feet 11 inches (180 cm) tall. His pale skin tone is what makes him who he is. Regarding his bodily measurement, there is no information available.

Twitter and Instagram

Like other celebrities, Larron Tate is nice on social media and uses these platforms frequently. Through his social media account, he typically connects with his fans and shares details about his everyday activities.

Larron’s photographs taken posing for a photo shoot (Image source: Instagram)

Additionally, Larron has over 16.9k followers on his Instagram account (user-ID: @laron tate). On his Instagram, he frequently shares images of his travels and horseback riding. His account is now not validated, but it might be in the future.

Larron isn’t currently active on Twitter or Facebook, though. Only his Instagram account sees activity from him.

What is Tate Education Level?

Regarding Larron’s educational history, he has been an extremely gifted youngster since a very young age. He is one of the smart pupils and has always had a desire for learning. Larron had already completed his studies and was now mostly concentrating on his career.

He received his degree from University of California, Los Angeles, one of the top-ranked institutions (UCL). His high school’s name and addresses, however, have not yet been determined. If any further details about his high school are revealed, we’ll keep you informed.

Larron is he married?

For the time being, Larron Tate is unmarried. He hasn’t yet disclosed any details about his current relationship or previous girlfriends on any social media network.

A photo of Larron Tate strolling down a street (Image source: Instagram)

Larron is not currently involved in a relationship of any type and is far more preoccupied with his job than he is with love.

Career and Professional Life

When it comes to acting, Larron is a very enthusiastic young man. Since he was a young child, he has always desired to be a successful actor. With the television series 227, where he portrayed the part of JoJo, Larron launched his acting career in 1987.

Later, he made numerous incredible television and film appearances. Some of the movies where Larron pleasantly surprised spectators with his outstanding work were Back to Good Life, Deuces, and Without A Pass.

He did, however, make his acting career-ending announcement in 1994. Its final project, M.A.N.T.I.S., marked the end of his performing career; instead, he began a career as a producer of movies and television shows.

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How much is Tate net Worth?

With his family, Larron Tate is currently leading a lavish lifestyle. Larron’s total assets and royalties earned up until the present are believed to be worth around $4.5 million.

His acting and producing careers are his primary sources of revenue. In addition, he does not engage in any form of brand or commercial promotion.

Because of his diligence and commitment to his career, he has been able to amass such enormous riches. But as of right moment, his yearly salary is unknown.

Career in Writing

After earning a degree in theater, cinema, and television from UCLA, Larron Tate started his acting career. After graduating, he worked as a writer for 20th Century Fox’s Diversity Writing Program and Warner Brothers Studios, where he had the chance to contribute to the popular television show Best Damn Sports Show.

Additionally, he began working on writing projects for Universal Studios and Warner Brothers Studio for movies. They later founded TateMen Entertainment, a thriving multi-media firm that provides top-quality material for television, movies, and digital platforms, with the aid of their brothers Lahmard and Larenz.


Larron has always been a reserved individual who prefers to keep his personal information to himself and refrains from posting it online. His affable disposition, though, keeps him out of disputes.

He has never engaged in contentious behavior that could get him into trouble. He places a higher priority on his work than on pointless burdens.

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