Lauren Blanchard

Quick Facts

Birth Date October 13,1990
Full Name Lauren Blanchard
Profession Journalist/National Correspondent
Nationality American
Birth Country United States
Gender Identity Female
Sexual Orientation Straight
Horoscope Libra
Marital Status Relation
Height 165 cm
Networth $500,000.
Education University of Michigan
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Lauren Blanchard is an American journalist working as a national correspondent for Fox News based out of Washington D.C. She was a 2016 presidential campaign embed and a Fox News multimedia reporter. Previously, Lauren has worked for WJBK-TV and WTXF-TV.

Blanchard is associated with Rupert Murdoch‘s broadcasting network since the beginning of her professional career. Furthermore, she gained wide recognition after covering Bernie Sanders‘ campaign during the 2016 presidential elections. Now, let’s know some exciting details about Blanchard.


On October 13, 1990, Lauren was born in the US. She is the only female among her parents’ three children. Matthew Blanchard, her brother, is a captain in the American Army. In August 2020, he joined the National Guard as an engineer officer after leaving active duty.

The University of Michigan awarded Lauren a Bachelor of Science in Communications in 2012. She was a house manager for the Zeta Tau Alpha sorority during her four active years at the university. She also took part in Young Life College’s programs at the institution, which are aimed at fostering students’ religion.


Regarding her educational qualifications, she graduated from her local high school and then enrolled at the University of Michigan. From there, she graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Science and Communication.

Lauren Blanchard soon to be a Married Woman

The 32-year-old journalist is not bashful about posting images on social media with her soon-to-be spouse. Lauren, however, hasn’t divulged any specifics on her engagement or her planned wedding.

On August 9, 2020, Blanchard confirmed her engagement on Instagram. She stated in the caption: “Mrs. has a charming sound to it. The easiest “yes” I’ve ever spoken (8/8/2020).”

As a result, it suggests that Blanchard proposed to her fiance, who has not yet been identified. The journalist and her partner posted a photo together on June 15, 2020, and ten days later they went to Bonobo Winery. The location is renowned for holding occasions, particularly weddings.

Lauren Blanchard, a journalist, and her fiancé are pictured.
Source: Lauren Blanchard News on Instagram

Although they haven’t disclosed the date, we can report that Lauren and her fiance will shortly get married. Blanchard is childless at the age of thirty. She is the proud mother of an Isabel the cat, though.


Blanchard started her career as an intern at LindyLazar Communications LLC from September 2007 to August 2009, two years before she graduated from college. She then went on to intern for WOIO/WUAB in the newsroom for two months.

In 2011, she served as a news anchor and producer for WOLV-T. She was appointed as a desk assistant and then as a production assistant at Fox News Channel. She then went on to become a junior reporter and eventually, a senior correspondent. And She was named a correspondent for the channel in August 2016. She has been a part of various shows such as Fox and Friends, Fox Report, America’s News Headquarters, and Fox and Friends First among others.

She interned at the office of Fox News in Washington DC as part of her university program before she graduated. Her internship was successful and earned her a job at the network. After graduating, she landed a job as a desk assistant in Fox News’ production room.

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The journalist worked in this position for four months before becoming a production assistant for Fox News Sunday. She did production, writing, and sometimes prepared video graphics for the show. She was then assigned as a junior reporter for Fox News and briefly moved to Iowa.

In 2016, she went back to Washington DC to work as a correspondent. She had been assigned a 2016 presidential campaign. And She covered Bernie Sanders’s presidential campaign up until the Democratic primaries.

She was also among the few journalists who covered the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. The couple tied the knot on May 19th, 2018. In 2021, she led Fox News Edge’s live broadcast of Kyle Rittenhouse.

She has contributed to many shows on the prominent television network. Some of these television shows include:

  • Fox and Friends
  • Fox Report
  • America’s News Headquarters
  • Fox and Friends First
  • Tucker Carlson Tonight

These shows have increased her popularity. In addition, she has continued to serve as the news correspondent for the network.

What is Lauren Blanchard’s earnings and Net Worth?

The estimated net worth of Lauren Blanchard is $500,000. She has almost a decade of professional experience as a journalist. As the director of WOLV-TV, the student-run television station at her university, Blanchard launched her journalism career.

Lauren received the WOLVies Rookie of the Year Award in 2010 for her efforts at the time. In 2012, she also took home the award for Best Package Production.

Lauren Blanchard, a national correspondent for Fox News, is worth $500,000.
Source: Lauren Blanchard News on Instagram

Regarding Lauren’s earnings, she has an annual average salary of $73,232. National journalists make an annual pay that varies from $54,334 to $202,323.

For your information, the NBC network pays its journalists the most. Adrienne Bankert, an ABC correspondent, is likewise extremely wealthy.

As a National Correspondent on FOX News

Lauren held a two-year internship with LindyLazar Communications LLC when she was a student. As part of the Fox News Channel University program, she also worked as an intern at the Fox News Washington, D.C. bureau at the same time.

Blanchard relocated to Washington after earning his degree from the university to work as a desk assistant in Fox News’ production room. She later worked as a production assistant on Fox News Sunday, where she oversaw the show’s scripting and production.

Picture: Lauren is presently a national correspondent for FOX News.
Source: Lauren Blanchard News on Instagram

Lauren started working as a national correspondent in 2016, and her first significant assignment was to cover a presidential campaign. She also covered the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on May 19, 2018. Lauren additionally made an appearance on the “Final Exam” part of Tucker Carlson Tonight.

Quick Facts

What is Lauren Blanchard’s Net Worth?

Lauren Blanchard has earned an estimated net worth of around $300 thousand as of 2021 from her career as a news correspondent for Fox News.

Is She Married?

No. She is neither married nor dating anyone.

How tall is Lauren Blanchard?

She is 5 feet 7 inches tall.