Lawrence Faulborn

Quick Facts

Full Name Lawrence Faulborn
Popular For Husband of Kelli Giddish
Profession Businessman
Estimated Net Worth N/A
Age N/A
Birth Date N/A
Birth Sign Libra
Birth Place United States
Nationality American
Ethnicity N/A
Height 1.8 meter
Weight 86 kg
Body Measurement 44-34-15 inches
Body Type Slim
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black

If you are related to a celebrity, you come into the spotlight of the news and media. The famous superstar Kelli Giddish’s husband, Lawrence Faulborn, also falls under the same category. He became the headline of many topics after he became part of Kelli’s life. Professionally, Lawrence is a successful businessman.

This article will inform you about the personal details, net worth, career, married life, and many more details of Lawrence Faulborn.

Early Years of Lawrence Faulborn

American citizens gave birth to and raised Lawrence Faulborn there. However, he has not revealed any details about his upbringing or youth. His parents’ names and exact birthdate are still a mystery, as well. American citizen Fulbourn is of white ethnicity. Although Lawrence hasn’t given her a specific age, we may guess that he is in his late 40s based on his appearance. His academic credentials haven’t been disclosed yet, too. You may also  like to know about Collin Sexton.


One must strive and work hard if they want to become really popular everywhere. On the other side, a lot of people gained notoriety and fame as a result of their connections to well-known people. One of the members of the group is Lawrence Faulborn. Kelli, his wife, is a well-known American actress best recognized for her work on the legal drama television series “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.”

The world welcomed Kelli into it on April 13, 1980. She made her acting debut in the March 2005 season of All My Children as Di Henry. The following year, Kelli starred in the world premiere of the movie “Death in Love” at the Sundance Film Festival. After her part in Death in Love, she portrayed the main character in the movie. Kelli won millions of fans with her outstanding performance in that movie. For her outstanding acting abilities and traits, she received the Best Actress Award and the title of State Literary Champion in 1998. A number of websites, including Wikipedia, include her biography.

What is the Net Worth of Lawrence Faulborn?

Lawrence is a wealthy businessman who has made much of his income through his ventures. Lawrence is a wealthy businessman, but he also acquires riches from sponsorships and other types of commercial endorsements. By 2022, Lawrence will have a net worth of more than $300,000.

Lawrence Faulborn lives a lavish lifestyle with his family.
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In addition to Lawrence’s own riches, Kelli, who earns a salary of $400,000, has a net worth of $8 million. Kelli is an actress with a joyful spirit, and her acting job and social media marketing are her only sources of money. Faulborn lives a rich lifestyle in Los Angeles, California, with his beloved wife and their adorable sons. He is the spouse of a wealthy wife.

Lawrence Faulborn Marriage and Wife

Lawrence Faulborn married Kelli Giddish after dating her for more than a year. The pair wed on June 20, 2015, in front of their friends and relatives, at New Smyrna Beach in Florida. Only 12 people, including five family members and eight close friends, attended their modest wedding. In October 2015, Ludo Faulborn, the couple’s first child, entered the world. After a three-year wait, the couple’s third child, Charlie Faulborn, was born in November 2018. Kelli and Lawrence are doing a fantastic job of raising their kids.

Lawrence Faulborn

Although Lawrence spent almost two months in the hospital, the root of his ailment is still a mystery. However, his wife Kelli insisted that he was paraplegic. He currently enjoys good health and a happy home life with his wife and kids.

What is the Height and weight of Lawrence Faulborn?

Lawrence, who is 1.8 meters tall, is a handsome and tall man. He also has a weight of about 86 kg. Fulbourn enjoys working out and exercising frequently to maintain his physical fitness. His eyes are alluring, and he has black hair and complexion. The following measurements apply to Lawrence: 44-34-15 inches for the chest, 44-34-15 inches for the hips, and 44-34-15 inches for the biceps.

Brief Info about Lawrence Faulborn

Because Lawrence Faulborn’s well-known wife brought him into the public eye, most details about him are shrouded in mystery. There isn’t much to say about his personal life as a result. He was born in the United States of America, that much is known in the public. His family, his siblings, and other facts on his high school and college education are kept private.

Lawrence with his celebrity wife, Kelli.
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As far as we know, Lawrence has lived quietly with his family and was engaged to his loving wife, Kelli Giddish. Lawrence maintains a very low profile. As a result, there have been several allegations that he is a stay-at-home father because his wife earns a sizable income to support their requirements.

Only his wife Giddish’s Instagram posts about Faulborn are publicly available information about Lawrence because he preserves his privacy and is not active on any social media platforms. Kelli noted in one of her blogs that Lawrence loves dogs and that they had dogs in their family that they rescued from the streets and reared.

The Marriage of Lawrence Faulborn and Kelli Giddish

Lawrence, a well-known businessman, is wed to his stunning wife Kelli Giddish. On June 20, 2015, the charming pair exchanged vows in front of their parents in Florida. Only 12 people attended the wedding, including five family members and their closest friends.

Lawrence and Kelli are still wed to one another. The duration of them exceeds five years. The pair has been together for five years and has two kids, Ludo Faulborn and Charlie, who were born on October 6, 2015, and November 18, 2018, respectively.

Lawrence tied the knot with his wife Kelli Giddish in 2015.
Photo Source: Instagram@kelligiddish

One of the well-known and stunning actresses featured in the popular hit series “Law and Order: Special Victim Units” is Lawrence’s wife, Kelli. Lawrence has won over her followers with her superb acting abilities and sincere demeanor. You may also like to knwo about Amna Nawaz.