Leah Pinsent

A versatile Canadian actress, Leah Pinsent is best known for playing Diane in the television film Escape from the Newsroom. She is also a well-known filmmaker and producer.

On September 20, 1968, actress Leah Pinsent was born in Toronto, Canada. She is a well-known Canadian actress as well as a Christian model. She was born under the Virgo zodiac sign.

Quick Facts

Birth Date September 20,1968
Full Name Leah Pinsent
Profession Actress
Nationality Canadian
Birth City Toronto
Birth Country Canada
Father Name Gordon Pinsent
Father Profession Actor
Mother Name Charmion King
Mother Profession Actress
Gender Identity Female
Horoscope Virgo
Marital Status Married
Spouse Peter Keleghan
Net worth 1500000
Siblings Barry Kennedy, Beverly Kennedy
Religion Christian
Instagram Link Insta Link


Pinsent was born and spent her early years with her parents, Gordon Pinsent and Charmion King, in her native Toronto, Canada. She appears to be quite close to her family and was raised by her parents with a lot of love and care.

Leach with her parents and husband(Source: anneofgreengables)

Both Pinsent’s mother and father are well-known Canadian performers and actresses. She also has the benefit of two siblings: Barry Kennedy, a brother, and Beverly Kennedy, a sister.

Body Measurements

Leah Pinsent has lovely light golden long hair and pale blue eyes, which make her look stunning. She has a fair skin and a round face.

Pinsent has not provided much information about her height, weight, or other physical characteristics. She worries deeply about her appearance and health because she works as an actress.

Gordon Pinsent, Leah’s father

Gordon Pinsent, the father of Pinsent, is a well-known Canadian television and film actor. He was given the sign of Cancer at birth on July 12, 1930, in Grand Falls-Windsor, Canada. In addition to producing, he is a well-known filmmaker.

In addition to having five siblings—Harry Pinsent, Haig Pinsent, Hazel Pinsent, Lil Pinsent, and Nita Pinsent—Gordon was born as the oldest child of his parents. Gordon showed his siblings a lot of love and attention because he was the oldest.

In his professional career, actor Gordon has written more than ten, directed more than six, and starred in more than 150 TV programs and films.

He has also been nominated for and won more than sixteen accolades, including the 1980 Genie Award for Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role.

Charmion King, Leah’s mother

Charmion King, who was from Canada, was a well-known TV and film actress. Leo was her zodiac sign when she was born on July 25, 1925, in Toronto, Canada. In addition to being a famous model, she was also a director.

In her professional career, actress Charmion wrote more than five, produced more than six, and had significant roles in more than forty TV shows and movies.

She also received recognition and nominations for her outstanding work in a number of TV shows and motion pictures. Sadly, on January 6, 2007, Charmion, the mother of a talented actress, left this world.

Gross Value and Source of Income

Leah Pinsent’s principal sources of income include acting, directing, and writing because she is a successful TV series, theater, film, and stage performer. He has a successful career, and she has made a lot of money.

Pinsent’s overall net worth is thought to be $1.5 million. Finding Pinsent’s monthly pay or the contracts she signed with several film production companies, however, is a little challenging. She appears to live in a mansion with her family knowing both her whole net worth and her husband’s net worth.

We also know that Pinsent’s spouse, Peter, has amassed considerable wealth through his professional endeavors. However, he has not made any disclosures on his earnings or the terms of his contracts with production businesses. His overall net worth, according to marriedceleb, is roughly $1 million.

Leach Kennedy’s brother, Barry Kennedy

Barry Kennedy, Leach’s brother, was born in 1955 to Gordon Pinsent and Irene Reid, Leach’s stepmother.

In Canada, Barry Kennedy is a well-known actor who aspires to be like his late father. In more than twenty-five TV shows and films, he has portrayed outstanding roles.

Relationship Status

Leah Pinsent and Peter Keleghan, a Canadian actor and writer, have been married for some time. The couple has not, however, provided any details regarding how or where they met.

Leah Pinsent with her husband(Source: Married celeb)

However, both of them work in the entertainment sector as well-known performers and actresses; we may assume that they met while pursuing acting careers someplace in Canada. In 2001, they were legally wed. Few guests attended the ceremony, which was held in Pinsent’s hometown.

Peter Keleghan, Leach’s spouse

Peter Keleghan, a well-known Canadian actor in TV shows and motion pictures, is Pinsent’s husband. He was given the horoscope sign of Pisces when he was born on March 1st, 1961 in Montreal, Canada. He is not only a well-known producer, but also a writer.

More than 140 TV shows and films feature Peter in a significant part. In his professional career, he wrote more than three and produced more than two TV shows and motion pictures.

The “Canadian Screen Award” for Best Performance by an Actor in a Featured Supporting Role or Guest Role in a Comedy Series is among the more than twenty honors and nominations he has received.

Previous Partnership

The well-known American film producer, director, and writer Michael Capellupo had a previous relationship with the Canadian actress Pinsent. Torre and Martha, the previous couple, were legally wed in 1991.

Even though the couple intended to be together forever, there were several misunderstandings that prevented them from maintaining their relationship, thus they made the decision to get divorced.

Even Pinsent and Michael separated in 2002 after eleven years of marriage. On social media or in public, the pair hasn’t given a specific reason for their divorce, though.

IMDb Profile

From Grand, Big News Rock star Pinsent has 48 acting credits on her IMDb page under her name. Additionally, she has two credits as a writer and two credits as a producer.

Her profile also includes a brief biography, accolades, nominations, and other personal information. Her other contributions are listed as self, soundtrack, gratitude, and archive footage.

Social Media Activity

Leach Pinsent has an Instagram account, but she doesn’t have any verified accounts on Twitter or Facebook. However, some accounts bearing her name are extant there; they may have been made by her supporters.

Pinsent has more than 790 followers on her Instagram profile at @leahpinsent. The majority of the images and videos come from her personal life, studio work, and filming locations. Through her Instagram posts and tales, she enjoys sharing the images and details of her team.

She presently has more than 170 followers on Instagram and follows more than 50 individuals. This makes it clear that she uses her Instagram account more frequently.

Animal lover

One of those folks that has a great deal of affection and care for pets is the Canadian producer Pinsent. She consistently conveys affectionate feelings and emotions for animals.

The puppy Pinsent is raising with her also has a brown body and is quite adorable. She spends her free time playing with her puppy, which goes by the name of Flossieb.

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