Lee Najjar

Quick Facts

Full Name Lee Najjar
Birth Name Lee Najjar
Profession Real estate developer, Reality TV Star
Ethnicity Puerto Rican
Birth Country United States
Gender Identity Male
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Married
Spouse Kimberly Najjar
No Of Children Two- Katelin Najjar and Jeremy Najjar
Networth 20000000

If you’re a longtime supporter of the Bravo TV series, Real Housewives of Atlanta, there’s no doubt that you’re familiar with the Lee Najjar. He’s played Big Popp, the mysterious sugar daddy of a cast member or his ex-girlfriend Kim Zolciak.

He is a remarkably American successful businessman and real estate developer. Further, he was born to Puerto Rican parents but his birth date is unknown. Stick with us to find more about him.


Lee Najjar is a very famous and successful television personality and businessman, who has managed to achieve some serious acclamation in his career so far. Lee has nor disclose any information regarding his early life. Although, some sources tells us that Lee was born in Puerto Rico, and was later moved to America with his family.

He has not disclosed his date of birth, so his age is not known too. Apart from that, Lee Najjar has kept details about his parents a secret is well. He has nor disclosed much about his siblings either. Lee Najjar started his work as a businessman and real estate agent. Later, after gaining a substantial success in that field he decided to work in television is well. Later, his television career also went high.


Lee Najjar has kept his personal life a complete secret, and so there aren’t any details available about his education profile. According to some sources he was born in Puerto Rico. Later he moved to America, and completed his studies from there.

A Happy Married Life With Wife, Kimberly Najjar

Yes, Lee, a real estate entrepreneur, is still a contented husband. He and his longtime wife, Kimberly Najjar, have a strong relationship. And although though this was covered extensively by online tabloids, the pair is still together.

Snapshot: Lee Najja, Kim Zolciak’s former boyfriend, is still wed to Kimberly Najjar, his longtime spouse.
Citation: Life & Style

Lee and Kimberly exchanged vows at a lavish ceremony. The multi-millionaire businessman and his wife are very private about the details of their wedding.

Even though we are unable to pinpoint the exact day of their wedding, we can affirm that the pair has been happily wed for a considerable amount of time. The couple experienced numerous difficulties throughout the course of their lengthy marriage, but they overcame them all together.

The rumors about Lee and Kimberly’s divorce quickly spread while Lee was having an affair with Kim. However, Kimberly has maintained her marriage to her husband, and their social media accounts show that they are still together.

Career and Awards

Lee Najjar has a very successful professional career, in which he has done plenty of work. Lee initially started his career as a businessman, who later got himself involved in real estate works. However, that really worked well for him, and he got quite a decent amount of success there. However, Lee was never satisfied with his work, as his love for acting always kept him distracted.

In 2008, he joined the most famous television show, Real Housewives of Atlanta. His work as Big Popp in the show became mighty successful and he got famous all around the world. Lee worked in the show till its last episode, which came in 2012.

Lee Najjar has not shared much about his awards or Accolades, although we can assume that he doesn’t have any till date.

How many kids does Lee and Kim have?

Lee and Kim had two children over the course of their protracted marriage, increasing the size of his family from two to four. Kimberly gave birth to a son and a daughter, both of whom are currently enjoying considerable success in their respective fields of employment.

Socialite Katelin Najjar is their daughter. Along with being a blogger, she also has more than 11,000 followers on Instagram. However, Jeremy Najjar, the real estate magnate’s son, is continuing in his father’s business.

Pictured are Lee and his wife, Kimberly and their kids, Katelin and Jeremy Najjar, and Lee and his wife.
Source: @jeremynajjar on Instagram

No, Jeremy is not a real estate agent, but he is a prosperous businessman. Smash Entertainment INC., which offers services in the amusement and recreation industry, was founded by him and he serves as its CEO.

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Kim Zolciak and Lee’s Relationship

It is well-known that Najjar and Zolciak dated for a while on the RHOA reality series. He started dating her even though he was still married to his wife Kimberly.

Picture of Lee Najjar with Kim Zolciak, who was once his girlfriend.
Straight From The Los Angeles

Their romance, however, did not survive as long. They have both now advanced significantly in their respective ways. Kim married Kroy Biermann, an Atlanta Falcons athlete, in November 2011 after ending things with him.

The vocalist of Tardy for the Party previously wed her ex-husband, Daniel Toce, from 2001 to 2003. She has six children to raise. The names of the individuals are Kane Ren Biermann, Brielle Biermann, Ariana Biermann, Kaia Rose Biermann, Kash Kade Biermann, and Kroy Jagger Biermann, Jr.

Why Lee Was Arrested in 2012 in Atlanta?

Lee Najjar Lee, also known only as “Big Poppa,” was detained after he missed a court hearing, according to TMZ. He claimed that due to his past obligation to upkeep the stormwater system at his property, he was unable to attend court.

He was fined $75,000 by the court for failing to appear. Lee experienced a number of arrests over his life. His arrest attracted greater attention as he was identified as Kim Zolciak’s sugar daddy in 2009.

Lee gave Zolciak all the resources she needed to lead a lavish existence.

How much money does Lee Najjar make?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Lee Najjar has a staggering net worth of $50 million as of early 2022. Through his work as a reality TV star and estate development ventures, he has proven himself.

He is well recognized for his role as a Bravo TV cast member of The Real Housewives. And He displayed his property and his support for Kim’s active lifestyle during the exhibition. He resided at a $25 million mansion in Buckhead, Atlanta, for the duration of the show. The Puerto Rican currently resides in Atlanta with his family in a mansion valued at $13.8 million. In addition, his ex-partner Kim Zolciak has a $3 million net worth.