Len Cariou

Len Cariou, a well-known Canadian actor, is regarded as a legend in the English-language film industry. To find out more about him, scroll down.

Quick Facts

Full Name Leonard Joseph Cariou
Height 175cm
Nationality Canadian
Date of Birth 1939/9/30
Birth Country Canada
Birth Place Saint Boniface, Winnipeg
Horoscope Libra
Father Name George Marius Cariou
Mother Name Molly Estelle Cariou
Sexual Orientation straight

Age and Family History in the Len Cariou Wiki and Bio

A well-known Canadian actor named Len Cariou was born on September 30, 1939, in Saint Boniface, Winnipeg. Cariou is currently 83 years old. His parents, George Marios Cariou and Molly Estelle Cariou, gave birth to him as Leonard Joseph Cariou and also parents and siblings’ identities are still a mystery.

His father is a Breton, and his mother is Irish. He has Canadian nationality because he was born and reared there. He has always been interested in performing and plays. Stephen Huszar and Yanic Truesdale are further Canadian actors to watch.

Cariou is a versatile actor since he excels in a variety of roles. Since entering the field in 1959, he has worked as an actor in a variety of settings. He is confident and direct, thus his acting has soul. He was a decent son and an all-around good student. Jude Speleers

What is your marital status?

The renowned actor wed Heather Summerhayes in 1986, and they are currently enjoying their union.

Producer and actress Heather Summerhayes. She had the opportunity to meet Cariou early in her career and, after several encounters, fell in love. They dated covertly before getting married.

Len Cariou with his wife, Heather Summerhayes

Prior to it, in 1975, Cariou fell in love with Susan Kapilow; however, their union was not at all happy. He divorced Susan Kapilow in 1978 after only 3 years. His daughter Lauriel Cariou was born when he was married to Patricia Otter. Regarding his union with Patricia Otter and subsequent divorce, little is known.


Cariou had a lifelong commitment to his job and had high aspirations for it. In his mid-teens, he set acting as his professional goal and participated in many collegiate theatrical productions. His performance during his college years improved day by day. During his stay at college, he made appearances in numerous Shakespearean plays. He began his career in 1959 at the age of just 20.

During his adolescence, Cariou became interested in drama. His friends and professors praised him for his acting. He used to take part in many theatre programs in high school and college, which led to the beginning of his local fame and also received a chance in a theater as a drama artist after doing more and more minor acting roles. He began his acting career with the play Damn Yankees.

After participating in theater, the artist began honing his acting abilities. He used to learn more the more he engaged. He performed in the ensemble of The Threepenny Opera the next year, which was presented at the Royal Manitoba Theatre. Charlotte Gainsbourg

He played Harry Townsend in Harry Townsend’s Last Stand at New York City Center in 2019. He portrayed the figure as Harry Townsend, a combat artist who served in World War I. The narrative was based on a tale written by Townsend himself and included in his book, War Diary of a Combat Artist.


Films were uncommon in those days when Cariou began his acting career. After a few years in his career, the popularity of his films began to rise. He was hired to play Jason Brady in the movie One Man. He began to take an interest in movies, so he began acting in them as well.

Cariou appeared in two films in 2018: Death Wish and Bumblebee. In Death Wish, he played Benn Gibbs, and in Bumblebee, he played Hank. He has appeared in more than 20 movies to date, including blockbusters like 1408 and Prisoner. He became well-known in both cinema and the world of theatre play.

Being a Director

Cariou also directed plays towards the start of the 1970s. In 1972, he made his directorial debut at the Guthrie Theater with Of Mice And Men. He also directed The Petrified Forest and The Crucible in 1974 since the project was successful. Later, he produced and directed Cold Storage in 1985, Death Of A Salesman in 1984, and Don’t Call Back in 1979.

Career in Television

Beginning with Quest in 1963, the Canadian actor began his career in television. At the time, it was one of Canada’s most well-known shows. Len appeared in numerous movies and television shows after 1963, including Festival, The Great Detective, Madame X, etc.

He portrayed Al Swift in 13 episodes of Swift Justice in 1996 and also portrayed Judd Fitzgerald in 10 recurring episodes of Brotherhood from 2006 to 2007. He has been portraying Henry Reagan, the show’s lead character, since 2010.

Recognition And Nominations

Cariou is a skilled and seasoned actress. For his outstanding efforts in acting, he  won multiple prestigious awards and numerous major awards. He received a 1970 Tonny Award nomination for Best Actor in a Musical. He received the Theatre World Award that same year.

Len Cariou is the winner of several awards

A former cast member of The Prisoner won the 1977 Canadian Film Award for Best Actor for his performance in One Man. For his performance in Sweeny Todd, he received the Tonny Award for Best Actor in 1977. He received the Drama Desk Award in the same year for his performance in the same play.

Gross Value & Source of Income

Over the course of his life, Len Cariou has made a sizable sum of money. His acting career and participation in numerous theatre programs have contributed to his net worth of more than $4 million.

When Cariou decided to work in the television industry, he began to receive a nice wage. Since that time, he has amassed enormous wealth. He previously utilized his money to live a life of luxury. For his daily life, he used to purchase pricey cars and accessories.

The man now takes part in charitable activities as well. He donates a portion of his money to trusts that watch out for the welfare of underprivileged youngsters. Geffen House, his charitable foundation, is a nonprofit organization. Lillie Price Stevenson

Interests and Habits

Cariou reads books, writes poems, and other things in his free time. He loves music a lot, and musical plays are his favorite type of music. He also enjoys seeing new locations, and for his plays and films, he has visited numerous nations in Europe.

When he was younger, the media celebrity enjoyed swimming a lot. During his time in college, he played baseball frequently. His former college classmates claim that because of his athletic tendencies and kind nature, he was popular with many girls at the time.

On Social Media

Cariou, who has achieved some fame in the Canadian film industry, still values privacy. There is still no official page for him on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc. He takes part in a lot of award ceremonies and programs.

Len Cariou is absent from social media

He most recently appeared in the 2019 Drama League Awards. He is solely accessible through his television programs. His devoted followers and the media frequently query him as to why he is not active on social media. There hasn’t been a response from Cariou yet. He also has positive relationships with everyone and stays out of disputes and issues.

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