Leo Hazard

Quick facts

Full Name Leo Hazard
First Name Leo
Last Name Hazard
Profession Celebrity Child
Father Name Eden Hazard
Father Profession football player
Mother Name Natacha Van Honacker
Gender Identity Male
Siblings Samy Hazard, Santi Hazard, and Yannis Hazard
Date of Birth February 2013
Age 9 years
Social Media Instagram

The well-known son of Belgian professional football player Eden Hazard is Leo Hazard. The player’s second child is Leo. The name of his mother is Natacha Van Honacker. Eden, a winger or attacking midfielder for Real Madrid, is the captain of the Belgian national team. In 1995, when he was four years old, he started his youth career. After that, he started his senior year in 2007, and in 2006, he started playing for Belgium’s national teams.

How old is Leo Hazard?

Leo Hazard with his father and sibling(Source: Instagram)

Natacha Van Honacker, who was also born and reared in Belgium, is the wife of Eden. After several years of courting, the couple got hitched in 2012. Their four children are Leo Hazard, Samy Hazard, Santi Hazard, and Yannis Hazard. The oldest of the four kids, Yannis was there at his parents’ wedding as well because he was born in 2010.

Why did they connect?

Natacha and Eden have been friends for a very long time. When the two first started dating, Eden was just 14 years old. However, for a while, they had to be apart since Eden had to fly to France to attend Lille, a football school, and Natacha was too young to go with him because she hadn’t yet reached the age to leave home or move out.

Natacha stopped attending school when she reached 18 and moved in with Eden in France, where they started sharing housing.

the bond one has with their brother’s kids

Picture of Leo Hazard(Source: Instagram)

Leo’s father, Eden, has always put his family first and tries to spend as much time as he can with them. He feels that his children should get a regular childhood and get along well with the kids of his brother Thorgan. Leo, his siblings, and their cousin like playing together and are close.

His father’s communication with him

His father hates losing. Eden reports that his kids tease him when he gets home after losing. Eden gets annoyed when his kids say, “but dad, today you were very awful,” when he gets home after a terrible game. He also recalled an instance when his family was present to cheer him on as he played against Barcelona.

On his uncle Kylian’s lap was Leo. Eden was having trouble, but Leo was focused on the game and watching his father play. Eden was prepared to lose the ball to a Barcelona player when he first received it because he had no idea what to do with it. After the game, Kylian told Eden that Leo had started shouting across the stadium at that precise time, saying his father thought he was playing for Barcelona. He pleads with his son Leo to treat his father with more respect in the future.

Net worth & Source of Income

Since Leo is still too young to work, he does not yet have a net worth. According to estimates, Eden’s net worth is in the $100 million area. One of the largest transfer payments ever was made in 2019 when Real Madrid paid a total of 150 million euros for the player. In 2019, after joining Real Madrid, he received a weekly salary of 400,000 pounds. He received twice as much in compensation as he did in Chelsea. His salary in 2022 will be around 20 million British pounds.

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