Leo Michael Taurasi-Taylor

Quick Facts

Birth Date March 1,2018
Full Name Leo Michael Taurasi Taylor
Birth Name Leo Michael Taurasi Taylor
Profession Celebrity’s Kid
Nationality American-Australian
Ethnicity Mixed
Birth Country United States
Father Name Penny Taylor
Father Profession Retired Professional Basketball Player And Assistant Coach
Mother Name Diana Taurasi
Mother Profession Basketball Player
Gender Identity Male
Sexual Orientation Straight
Horoscope Pisces
Marital Status Single

Leo Michael Taurasi-Taylor has gotten public attention since his birth. He is the son of Penny Taylor and Diana Taurasi. Penny was a professional basketball player from Australia who now works as an assistant coach for the Phoenix Mercury. On the other hand, Diana is an American basketball player who is currently a member of the Phoenix Mercury.

Moreover, Michael’s parents belong to bisexual sexuality. Let’s gather some extra information (personal and professional) about his parents in the following section.

Parents of Leo Michael Taurasi-Taylor (Penny And Diana) Family Life

Diana Taurasi, 39, and Penny Taylor, 40, have been together for a very long time. The two first connected at Phoenix Mercury in 2004. At first, they were just friends, but eventually, they began dating.

The parents of Leo Michael Taurasi-Taylor have been acquainted since 2004.
Sydney Morning Herald, cited

To be clear, both were ex-teammates who had served the club and had won every accolade imaginable. They exchanged marriage vows on May 13, 2017, in front of their family, friends, and loved ones, after having a long-lasting romantic relationship.

The husband-and-wife team has since enjoyed a lovely marriage and a child. The power couple also likes to keep their private lives hidden from social media’s prying eyes.

What is the net worth of Leo Michael Taurasi?

Leo Michael Taurasi-Taylor is too young to be working in any profession at this time due to his age. Because of this, discussing his financial worth is irrelevant. He actually has a good quality of life given his parents’ wealth.

Parents of Leo Michael Taurasi-Taylor are Professional Players.
Ecelebritymirror is the source.

As of the beginning of 2022, Penny had a net worth of around $2 million, which she acquired through her work as a player. She is currently employed at Phoenix Mercury as an assistant coach, where she most likely makes a big salary.

Diana, on the other hand, is thought to have a net worth of $1.5 million as of 2022. She acquired all of her wealth from playing basketball professionally. We’ve learned from certain sources that her team pays her a salary of $500,000 every year.

Family of Leo Michael Taurasi-Taylor

Diana Taurasi and Penny Taylor welcomed Leo Michael Taurasi-Taylor into the world on March 1. His parents are also getting ready to have a new baby soon.

Leo Michael Taurasi-Taylor and his parents are shown in the photo.
via Yahoo News

In addition, his grandparents are Michael Taylor (through Penny Taylor) and Mario Taurasi (via Diana Taurasi). His grandmothers are Denna Noble (through Penny Taylor) and Liliana Taurasi (via Diana Taurasi). Jessika Taurasi is currently his aunt.

Way To Becoming An Elder Brother

The son of Diana Taurasi and Penny Taylor is no longer the lone child of the couple. According to AZCentral, the couple will welcome their second child in October 2021. Diana said, “My husband and I had always wanted a big family so that Leo could have a younger sister and lots of cousins to play with.”

She also mentioned how excited they are to have their second kid. Leo will be a sister’s older brother, as Leo’s mother revealed in September. Leo has the potential to be an excellent older brother, and he and his sister will get along just fine.

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Taylor’s mothers, Diana Taurasi and Penny Taurasi, are both basketball players. Leo Michael Taurasi is one of them. Former NBA basketball player and current assistant coach Penny Taylor. Her whole basketball career was spent with the Phoenix Mercury of the WNBA.

Along with other nations, she has performed in Turkey, China, Italy, and Russia. Leo’s mother, Penny, has likewise amassed enormous success, celebrity, and wealth outside of the WNBA and has won multiple WNBL championships. When the Cleveland Rockers selected her in the first round of the 2001 WNBA Draft, her WNBA career officially began.

Following her retirement from basketball at the conclusion of the 2016 campaign, she worked as an assistant coach. Leo’s other mother, Diana Taurasi, is a well-known American professional basketball player. She now plays for the Phoenix Mercury of the WNBA.

She has gained considerable fame and wealth and is regarded as one of the finest female basketball players of all time. Throughout her basketball career, she received various accolades and prizes, which aided in her rise to prominence around the world.

Leo Michael’s mums are both active basketball players in the league. This image was found on social media.

Leo might become a well-known basketball player, much like his mother. We send him our best wishes for a happy childhood and youth.

Meaning of a Name

The Latin origins of the name Leo translate to “Lion.” Similar to this, Michael is Hebrew in origin and means “Who Is Like God?” For additional details on entertainment, celebrity children, YouTubers, and films and television shows, visit Biography Line.