Leonardo Renga

Quick Facts

Birth Date June,2006
Full Name Leonardo Renga
Father Name Francesco Renga
Mother Name Ambra Angiolini
Mother Profession Actress
Gender Identity Male
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Single
Siblings Jolanda Renga
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Leonardo Renga is a Starkid who is well-known due to his famous parents. His father, the famous Italian singer-songwriter Francesco Renga, is the author of songs like “Mille errori,” “La tua bellezza,” and “Sangue impasto.”

His mother, Ambra Angiolini, is also a well-known Italian actress in a similar vein. She gained fame for playing Madre di Dony in the film Fulgore di Dony.


Born in May 2006, Leonardo was nurtured in his birthplace by his parents and his sister, Jolanda Renga.

Childhood image of Jolanda Renga with his mother and sister(Source: Insta News)

He comes from a stable household, so he does not have to worry about having a nice life or the need of a good education.

Leonardo: A Rich Parent’s Child

Leonardo’s parents are Francesco Renga and Ambra Angiolini, as was previously mentioned. His father is a well-known singer-songwriter in Italy, while his mother is a well-known actress there.

Also unknown are the identities of his maternal grandparents, Doriana and Alfredo Angiolini.

Parents’ relationship with Leonardo

Regarding the relationship of Leonardo’s parents, Ambra and Francesco started dating in 2003, albeit it is unknown exactly when and where they met.

Jolanda Renga, the first of the former couple’s two children, was born in 2004, and Leonardo Renga, the second, in 2006.

They were a happy family, but over time, because of a variety of events that happened inside their relationship, they started to drift apart. The formal couple claims that there were many factors involved in their breakup.

Parents of Leo nardo are profiled on IMDb.

Francesco, the father of Leonardo, has eight self credits in addition to one acting credit and one writing credit on his IMDb website. Her brief biography, pictures, and some other private information are also included in his page.

Ambra Angiolini, Leonardo’s mother, has 45 acting credits listed on her IMDb profile.

Father of Leonardo

Singer Francesco Renga The well-known Italian singer-songwriter Francesco Renga, also known by his stage name Pierfrancesco Renga, has made a lot of people very happy with his songs. On June 12, 1968, he was born in Udine, Italy.

Father of Leonardo(Source: Camping Veneora)

He started off in his career as a solo vocalist after high school. With the song Angelo, he won the Sanremo Music Festival in 2005.

He sang the song “Stai con me,” which is an English translation of the Italian phrase “Remain with me,” in 2010. The song was written for and dedicated to Ambra Angiolini, a longtime love interest of his.

Held a surprise birthday celebration

On Francesco Renga’s birthday, Leonardo and his older sister Jolanda surprised him with a party. To give Francesco a small surprise, they both made the necessary preparations and proceeded to his flat.

Francesco posted a video of the entire episode with the following caption on his Instagram page:

The ideal gift! Thank you to everyone for the displays of love, the presents, and the well wishes. The years we’ve spent together are starting to seem like a lifetime away! Many thanks to everyone; see you later! @jolandarenga ❤️🎂🎉🍾🥂

He also expressed his gratitude to everyone of his well-wishers for their love and support along his trip.

Regarding Leonardo’s mother

Ambra Angiolini, an actress, host, and singer, was born in Rome on April 22, 1977. She received two Oscars for “Best Supporting Actress” for her supporting performance in Saturn in Opposition, for which she is well known.

Mother of Leonardo(Source: Lyrics Translations)

Speaking of Leonardo’s mother’s relationships, she broke up with her previous boyfriend, Francesco Renga, and started dating Massimiliano Allegri, a professional football manager and former player.

In 2017, the couple started dating, but they regrettably called it quits four years later.

Net worth & Source of Income

Leonardo Renga is currently concentrating on his education while taking advantage of becoming an adult. Additionally, he does not work in any vocation that would allow him to earn money.

But Francesco Renga, his father, who has a sizable net worth of $1.5 million thanks to his lucrative profession as a musician and songwriter, is the richest person in the family.

Ambra Angiolini, Leonardo’s mother, has also made a large fortune as a result of her acting debut. She currently has a $1.3 million total net worth.

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Leonardo: Career of the Parents

Leonardo is currently enjoying maturity and focusing on his schooling. He has not yet chosen a definite job route in his life. In the coming future, we’ll keep you informed on his professional career.

Leonardo’s father, Francesco, started his successful career in the music business with the band Timoria, which he founded while still a high school student. He had a disagreement with the other band members, though, and ultimately decided to leave the group.

His professional career as a solo artist in the music industry began in 2000 with the release of his debut album, “Francesco Renga.”

In a similar vein, Ambra Angiolini, the mother of Leonardo, launched her acting career in the 1996 film Favola by playing Teresa.

Following that, she played the part of Salomè in the 2000 television film Mary Magdalene. Following that, she made additional appearances in films and television shows, such as Eroi per case, Insultati Bielorussia, and Good Gals.

Is Leonardo A Social Media User?

Leonardo Renga is one of those persons who does not want any information about his personal life to be published in any media when it comes to his life on social media.

However, he can connect with his parents on a number of social media sites, including Twitter and Instagram. His father Francesco has 530k followers on Instagram and has a profile there with the username @francescorenga.

On Instagram, where she goes by the username @ambraofficial, his mother Ambra has 991K followers.

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